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on 27 January 2018
If you were lucky enough to be little in the early 70's then you'll remember this absolute master piece of model /real life action "what life in the future will be like" this was Captain Scarlet only with real people instead of puppets.

It was a fast paced slick action serial with a brilliant mix of models and real life action to take you on an amazing trip in to the near future with earth 🌍 secretly battling to stop those pesky aliens taking over planet earth.

This is Gerry Anderson at his absolutely creative best... If your too young to remember this stunning programme or of a certain age where this holds a special memory then I urge you to make the small asking price to transport you week after week back to a time when Sci fi serials were truly special no cgi completely ruining the whole affair, just a seamless join of real action and models to keep you on the edge of your seat week after week after week when the ONLY way of catching up on the action was in the playground the next day.

If Amazon did a ten star 🌟 rating instead of just five then this climpse of the future 🔮 would be easily an eleven out of ten.

It truly is that good.
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on 3 February 2018
As a schoolboy circa 1970, UFO was probably my favourite programme, and having seen a couple of episode re-runs on 'Forces TV', I was delighted to see that Amazon had the box sets at a reasonable price (I must have been lucky, or more people have seen the re-runs and wanted to buy the sets - last week I bought the sets at £6 & £7- today they are £35 & £11). How times have changed though (1980 never did happen), and looking at the series now, one can see it as a swinging 60's 'Austin Powers' meets 'Carry on Thunderbirds', with the nubile lovelies dressed in skin tight uniforms being leered at by the male characters making occasional double entendres with the invariable glass of whisky and / or cigarette or cigar in hand (Reading the Wikipedia site for the show and characters - most of these same males however appear to have since died from cancer at quite an early age...). Back to reality though - UFO is a great series, and my son who is nearly the same age as I was when I watched it, loves it too. Takes you right back to a simpler age when boys wanted to be astronauts or fighter pilots, and people were not so easily 'offended'.
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on 30 July 2014
A lot has already been said of the quality of the transfer to DVD already so I won't go overboard here except to say that the quality is exceptional - good enough to read prop newspaper articles (see below).

Menu system is slightly annoying - for example toggling subtitles on/off - and the extras include footage to the same high quality as the restored original material but with no audio - so it is slightly bizarre to see the extended version where the video continues but the sound cuts out - but better than nothing I guess.

I watched this series when first broadcast in the late 1960's as an 11-year old (and the US had just landed on the Moon for real). Gerry Anderson setting this series only 11 years into the future.

It is very interesting to note several things now (viewing as an adult) that escaped me as a child but don't distract from the enjoyable experience of re-living my childhood TV. Things like the errant apostrophes "SID Space Intruder Detector - Maintaining scan for UFO's", spelling mistakes such as "Computor Display" in Episode 7 (The Dalotek Affair), continuity mistakes such as the same registration number appearing on SHADO Mobiles 1 & 3 (224579) in Episode 2 (Computer Affair) and a young George Cole (Roper) miraculously swapping hands carrying the rocket launcher and box of missiles between one shot and the next and the gold gull-wing car driven by Cmdr Straker (Ed Bishop) and by Roper having the same registration number (A21-384) in Episode 3 (Flight Path) - Straker drives this car later in Episode 8 Question of Priorities) - but hey, this show was made on a shoestring and was for kids - and when I was 11, I didn't spot them!

One very funny thing I spotted was two pieces in the Daily Express under the headline "Cabinet Minister Killed - Miracle Escape for US Colonel" which is actually about the launch of a new central heating system (the Servowarm Supreme which happened in January 1969) and the adjacent article "Resorts Face New Oil Slick Crisis" which is a story about a confession to a village priest which led to the rescue of kidnapped Maria - in Episode 4 (Exposed).

But oh how I remember the cool title music, the scantily-clad crew of the submarine SKYDIVER (seriously - string vests as a uniform - how did the male crew concentrate on their jobs), the sexy silver-clad women of Moonbase - I can remember it all now!

One thing I don't remember is that virtually every male member of the cast smokes - either cigars or cigarettes - in virtually every episode. Oh how things change!

As has also already been mentioned it is interesting to see the "futuristic technology" - computers being used for psychological testing for example - albeit on a single monochrome TV monitor several feet away from the candidates (and even then, they aren't computer graphics but a video of someone turning over pages on an IQ test)! Other technology includes video calls, wireless phones and gas-turbine powered cars with gull-wing doors (heaven help anyone who had a head-on accident in one though with those steering wheels and no air bags/safety belts in evidence)!

Still, being able to re-visit my youth (yes, I remember the TV21 and Countdown comics as well) makes it all worth while.

A whole-hearted thumbs up from me. If you remember this series as fondly as I do, you'll not be disappointed.

Buy it!

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on 3 August 2013
One of the most interesting children's TV series ever, because it was never intended to be one, but that's how it got scheduled.

I was indeed eight when it came out in 1970 and was thus exposed to episodes like the one where the main character, played by the wonderful Ed Bishop, accepts that his son - around my age! - will die if he allows the transporter that is carrying a life-saving antibiotic to be diverted, but doesn't do anything to stop it happening.

Divorce, murder, adultery, alien body horror, it was all there, and shown to the kiddies like me. Fortunately, the only lasting effect was a disappointment that the real 1980's fashions didn't match Sylvia Anderson's creations.

Watching it now, I can have fun spotting the science howlers - full Earth gravity on the Moon, no delay in radio / links between Earth and Moon, using jets on the Moon etc etc. One episode has the speed of an approaching UFO given as 1.4 million miles a second. As that's 7.5 times the speed of light, spotting it on radar must have been fun.

The 1969 view of the future is fascinating, all gull-wing door cars, a mix of imperial and metric measurements, and big computers with lots of flashing lights. "Is it a man's world?" asks Straker in one episode. Duh, yes, look at your command structure - you only have a woman commander of Moonbase because the actor originally cast was dumped.

Overall, a still highly watchable series with some genuine intelligence in the scripts and fine performances. As it says in the Amazon description, as a bonus, the visual and audio quality is wonderful. It could have been made today, and it's much better than most of the stuff that is.
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on 24 November 2016
Bought along with volumes 5 to 8. Packaging is pretty good: the 4 disks are housed in a plastic case with 2 attached to the inside front and 2 on the inside back. This means that the disks overlay each other and to get at disks 2 or 4 you have to remove disks 1 or 3 first, which is slightly irritating but nothing I can't live with. My only slight niggle is that since the 2 boxes essentially form a set it's a shame they didn't design the spines to look uniform on the shelf - but that's nitpicking.
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on 26 February 2012
I watched U.F.O. during my child hood and watched it with great delight, I was a Thunderbird fan and i thought U.F.O. was FAB and really grown up !. Every week i was glued to the screen and really thought the moon base babes were out of this world with their sexy silver skimpy skin tight outfits and purple hair, Oh and the stories and plots were good as well !. Speaking of which it had it all, A secret base hidden under a film studio, A base on the moon (But strangly it had gravity ) But it did not seem unusual at the time, Or was it because of the distraction of those sexy moon base babes !, Intercepters to defend Earth on land, By sea, Air and space, An ex military commander leading a force of intercepters to prevent the evil aliens from coming to Earth and kidnapping our people and using their body parts for organ transplants !. Every week was a different story and you really felt part of it, Each week the episodes just kept getting better and the moon base babes just seemed to ouse sex appeal. I think the series was way ahead of its time and should never have been cancelled (In my opinion ) Now with this excellent box set you get the chance watch it all again ( And a second box set is also on sale with the other episodes of this series ) After all these years it is still as fresh as back in the 70`s, The plot and costumes have not aged and the quality is fantastic, The colour and quality of these dvd`s could not be better, They really have done a fantastic job and seem better than when i first watched them on tv !.
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on 16 March 2015
Brilliant and well ahead of it's time. This is the guy that did Fireball XL5, Stingray and Thunderbirds. He also did Journey to the far side of the Sun, a feature film with real people that is thoughtful. Gery Anderson always wanted to make real films but never had the financing, so he made puppet, and then later mixed model/people films to get the backing. In the process he made som e of the best puppet series ever.

UFO is simply very good, and the plots are not the 2-dimensional predictable things you get from the USA.
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on 23 March 2014
As with all Gerry Anderson productions there is a certain amount of fandom to your love of them. UFO (and Space 1999) was slightly different to the earlier SuperMarionation offerings in particular the peerless Thunderbirds as the mix between the models and the live actions scenes does give a disconnect sometimes. That said, the stories are much more adult occasionally covering subjects like racism and infidelity while battling aliens, there's also a hell of a lot of smoking and drinking. The series has held up well to the test of time and the casting and acting is well done and able to shoulder more weighty story lines. The transfer to DVD is very good with the program being offered in the original TV format rather than cropped to widescreen, it looks odd at first but your brain soon adapts. Playing it back on a modern player with HDMI cable and a good TV gives detail that I never saw the first time around.
The boxed set is really good value with hours of enjoyment and nostalgia.
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on 24 November 2016
Looked for this for along time, eventually at a price for a new version I thought reasonable, under £10; just brings back great memories, fantastic show, memorable sound effects and miniature set designs. If you like SiFi this show to me is where it all started, even after watching Star Trek the original series, only bettered by Space 1999; would highly recommend both volumes of UFO, on my second viewing since purchased.
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VINE VOICEon 18 August 2007
Of all the Gerry Anderson series I watched (from Supercar to Terrahawks) THIS one is my favourite (my son loves it too!) and it's regularly played on the DVD player. The story telling and production is so good one forgets the "High Sixties" fashions and other quirks which may have severely dated this series otherwise.

To be honest, UFO, to me, was a bit off beat even for 1970. At that time, we were treated to some wonderful, slightly off the wall fantasy drama series like The Avengers, Danger Man, The Champions and the the most surreal one of all, The Prisoner, but UFO gave it another dimension in my opinion. It could almost have been believable back then in a way that The X Files could have been in the nineties...

This series appeals on so many levels it's hard for me to be specific. Most of the stories had a more adult tone (the ending of A Question Of Priorities still sends shivers down my spine and I still get freaked by Mindbender...), although there was always something there for younger viewers -the effects were absolutely superb, combining live action with amazing model sequences - . The followup series Space 1999, went straight back to "kids TV" level (ugghh!) and was a far safer bet as a series for the TV networks to show.

I'd love an updated version of the series to be made now, not like the brightly coloured campfest of Doctor Who today, but a bit "dangerous," something to make the audience think a bit just like these episodes often do, when Straker and Shado don't always get it right...

A MASTERPIECE of a series; one to watch in the early hours of the morning in almost total darkness....

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