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on 23 April 2002
This game is fantastic! it's as simple as that. every thing from frequent training reports to actual match highlights.It's not as indepth as champ manager but the job they have done is excellent. brilliant graphics, excellent gameplay, most clubs you wanna be are actually available and overall it is a very easy game to play if you know exactly what you want. the only thing that is disappointing is the highlights. sometimes a player will look at the ball when right at his feet and then won't take control ( unbelievebly frustrating ) and also the players can look a bit similar. these are minor discrepencies for which should not get in the way of buying this game.
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on 25 April 2002
this is by far the most realistic management sim on any console, its catching champ manager fast. not only can you manage outside of england and scotland,more players with latest stats. best of all is the large drop in load/save time this is what has improved along side the layout and the imensely detailed graphics and view of the game. BUY THIS NOW!
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on 24 July 2002
Bought the original on PSone - didn't like it. It was too difficult to see why your Team had won or lost and thus difficult to make any educated decisions other than buying the best players your could.
This PS2 incarnation is different. Whilst the match playing is still below-par in terms of graphics (as with most management games), it's a big improvement over PSone. You can now better see what is going off and the players act differently on the pitch accordingly to their stats. You can therefore make educated decisions about players and team tactics to improve your Team's performance.
You tend to understand why you won/lost - defended too deep, kept getting caught on the break, particular player(s) played badly, etc. etc. And this makes the game far more enjoyable. It also makes everything come alive - you are looking at players as people, not just a group of stat bars. Indeed it is not uncommon to have a weaker overall player in your team because he does a particular job well.
The same 'open ended' gameplay as previous versions is here - be a top Team in the Premiership or learn your trade at the helm of Macclesfield Town. You can even go abroad!! It's up to you. The game can provide specific challenges if your prefer - something for everyone.
Down points - the game still crashes on occasion so regular saves needed. The post match highlights are pointless - you'll turn them off after a couple of days. Only other down side - it will take over your life.
I play this game alot. I highly recommend it. If you bought the PSone version and found it frustrating, don't be put off - this version plays much much better.
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on 22 April 2002
There is nothing dazzlingly new with this rehash of the player manager genre. Admittedly it is better thant the other Alex Ferguson one that was out but still not amazing.
I don't know about anyone else but when I play player manager games graphics is not the final word. Sure they look pretty and all that but how about not cramming the system full of flash graphics and spend a little time thinking about how to make the game faster. When the PS2 was released we were promised amazing processing speed and the time the console takes to load will be halved. "This would be great for Football manager games" thinks I, not so. The people who made this have still insisted on putting together loads of really flash stuff that I personally don't watch.
Apart from that major gripe the gameplay is good, challenging but not impossible. With selection and persistence you can sign players although you may not get the one player you really want there are loads more to choose from. Selling players seems to be an issue. If they are decent enough they will sell like hot cakes, if they are useless and will never make your 1st team then they reject every approach made.
The scouting in this game could also do with a rework. In some of the PC games you can set the scouts to go out and look for players in africa, asia, eastern europe. Now, unless you already know who you want to scout then you can't look at them, which kind of takes away the point of it doesn't it. Oh, and you can't scout outside europe at all.
I have only played this game for one night,(and it was quite hard to stop) so I may be overlooking some good points, but overall I am a little dissappointed. After all the massive leaps and bounds made by other game styles on the PS2, football managers games haven't changed much at all.
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on 15 February 2002
This game is absolutely fantastic.
For the 1st time you can manage clubs accross
Europe (Including:English,Scotish,Spanish,Italien
and German)You can build your own stadiums.Scout
players.Watch the match.Watch the highlights afterwards listening to what the commentators say to pick up useful comments.You can even watch them train.
If you don't like the high leagues but your a fan of a lower league club Division 1,2 and 3 with the conferance are all available.
You can spend all your money on players or sponsers if you like.
The graphics are fantastic and the gameplay is hooking.
I was lucky to play this game early and I am pleased to have taken the oppertunity.It is SO realistic.With up to date stats and teams and players.
This definatly deserves *****(5 stars).
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on 13 November 2002
Initially this game might seem a bit of a turn off. There are tons of options and activities for you to do, so it will take some time before you know exactly what's going on. Apart from that though, the game is sheer brilliance, and really does either make you scream in triumph or kick the TV over in frustration, as I'd imagine what football management is like as well.
Obviously the fact that you only control the tactics and not the players' actions is why this game hasn't been hyped to death like the vastly overrated Pro Evolution series. But a game like this is for people with a bit more attention span and brain power. You can however, watch the games as they are played so you can see what tactics to change and which players to substitute.
It's very hard at first. For example, I started at Liverpool in season 2001/2002 with lots of injuries and very low morale, and hence did pretty lame in the league (4th). But then I started to realise that I was playing some players out of position (eg Djimi Traore plays left and centre, not at right back) which is why I wasn't doing so well. The helpful chart in the top right of the screen tells you exactly what position the player should be in when you highlight their name on the team selection screen.
Another highlight is the frenetic transfer activity. Sometimes you can get some real bargains, and can sell your own players for ridiculous amounts of money in order to strengthen your team. The obvious drawback is that it's not very realistic. Another plus point is the extensive scouting systems, which are highly informative and allows you to base your tactics around them. Players can also improve (for example John Arne Riise had a very average rating but with repeatedly consistent displays at left back and in left midfield he is now an excellent player on my team).
Once you get into it, you won't stop playing it. Brilliant.
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on 11 May 2002
Finally, The CM series has been defeated. I was hesitant before I bought LMA Manager. There it was surronded by classics like Metal Gear Solid 2 and FIFA 2002 and I splashed out on a management sim. I was kicking my self on the way home but when I was played it, I was fascinated. It is absolutely amazing. CM3 tired old formula has been defeated by brilliant graphics and initiative.
Well Done Codemasters
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on 7 March 2004
Its a five star game for all you football fans, it is amazing because it combines the brain of the mastermind champion and the discipline of a man in the SAS. I thought it was brilliant because once you get a good save you cant let go of it. if you like championship manager this is just a simplified more playable version.
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on 29 April 2002
Absolutely Fantastic, Can't get enough. Will probably be lossing the girlfriend due to the amount of time I spend on it not her. The management struggle, having limited wage resources and having to get a strong squad. Looks good while playing, frustrating, annoying and brilliant.
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on 22 April 2002
Fan-tastic, as a follower of Italian Club Football this is just what the doctor ordered. The same would apply if you followed Spanish or German soccer likewise, and you can stick with the ususal English Leagues too if you so desire. The graphics are superb throughout - colourful, and the matches well-animated. Teams are mostly up-to-date, with correctly rendered kits. This time around ( as against the PS1 versions ) the highlights actually marry the match, although some commentary is generic, it is generally accurate and mercifully short, a definate improvement on previous ( PS1 ) versions.As well as full-season you can participate in shorter challenges, beat the drop, win you League / National Cup / European Cup, and various other shorter-than-a-season options. The ultimate Soccer Management Sim, it looks very nice too! GO OUT AND BUY THIS GAME NOW! - you will NOT regret it!!
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