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2.5 out of 5 stars
2.5 out of 5 stars
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on 6 September 2002
This movie really made me angry:
It is a cheap "direct to video"-production with bad actors, a very weak script, low budget, bad directing and no good ideas at all!
The story about a girl, who kills Patrick Bateman, later goes to collage and wants to become an FBI-agent with the help of an ex-profiler (and now collage-professor), but has to kill off all who stand in her way, ist plain stupid!
Even if you let it stand alone, it is a bad film, but compared to the superb original, this one can't stand a comparison for a second! It made me angry to see that the filmmakers didn't even care about what the ending of the original was about...
"American Psycho" was a great satire about the eighties, Christian Bale was perfect in his role, and the entire movie had style - all this isn't to be found in the sequel.
Avoid at all costs (unless you want to see William Shatner at the end of his career, or are going to filmschool and want to look at an example how not (!) to make sequel or a movie in general...)!!!
Do I sound too negative? Believe me: After watching this picture, you'll understand (so better don't)...
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Sadly American Psycho 2 is yet another example of a good idea being milked for all its worth. Wheras the original was a clever satire on the 1980's "Me" generation, its sequel descends into a straight slasher movie with a pale suggestion of black humour. The writer of this film clearly didn't understand the ending of the first one and merely wanted to cash in. Worse still the film tries to achieve some credibility with information on serial killers. This is badly researched and only added to my annoyance.
William Shatner is the most memorable of the actors in the moive, but you kind of feel sorry for him as he slumbers through the role of the FBI trained professor, which a lot of the plot revolves around.
The "American Psycho" is a girl this time, killing off all her competition through college so that she can obtain her career goal in the FBI. We see her as emotionless and quite flawless, lacking both the charm and sophistication of Hannibal Lecter and the amusing faults of Patrick Bateman from the original film.
In conclusion "American Psycho 2" earns its place in movie history alongside many other sequels from genre-breaking films. Hopefully few people will let this film tarnish the excellence of its predecessor.
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VINE VOICEon 19 June 2002
Sadly, the clever adaptation of the original "American Psycho" seems lost on the makers of this very inferior sequel. Whereas the first film was a clever satire on the 1980's "me" generation yuppies, American Psycho 2 is a dry but clumsy slasher horror-cum-black comedy.
The twist of the first film is completely ignored in favour of going for the film's lowest common denominator. We have seen this happen far to often in sci fi and horror catagories as producers rush to milk their product for all its worth.
This time we have a female "American Psycho", who wipes out her competition at college in order fufill her planned out career aspirations. In an effort to give the film some creditability, there is some badly researched information on the crimes and psychological behaviour of serial killers. The film makers don't seem to have a clue what a serial killer is. William Shatner is also brought in to try and save the film as the FBI lecturer on serial killers, but he appears to care as little for the film as we do and consequently sleepwalks through his role.
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on 12 June 2003
Oh deary me. American Psycho was the funniest and best film i've seen in a while. A brilliant satire of the yuppies of the 80s, in which Christian Bale excelled himself as a truly magnificent Patrick Bateman. The manner in which the original was made was simply perfect, it fitted the script and the subtext of the film precisely.
Now on to the sequel. Sequel is a term that must be used very VERY loosely with this film since it bears no resemblance to the original, either in satirical subtext or in out-right haunting. Some may say that the subtext of this film is the stereotypical all american girl gone mad. This is an attempt but does not rival the many many satires that the original brought about, nothing close and, in my opinion, does not deserve the "American Psycho" title. To convey how poor this film was at following the first is impossible. To liken it to a film, I would choose Scary Movie, this film is that obvious.
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on 29 February 2016
Most sequels to major films never tend to do well, but this is just absolutely awful.

It bares absolutely no connection to the previous film, except a single reference to Patrick Bateman. I couldn't even watch the whole thing. I watched the opening scene with the baby-sitter and after I got a good idea of where this disaster was heading, I simply switched it off. It's that bad, seriously.

Whoever rated this film at 5 stars has got the worst taste in films ever. Why are films like this even still in production? I can't understand the logic in putting a film like "The Hitcher" (which is an excellent film I might add) out of production, but keeping this garbage in the film industry. Take this garbage off the shelves!
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on 27 August 2008
I'm not a big fan of sequals..they never live up to the original, and im afraid this one was just like all the rest...dissapointing
However, I do like Mila as an actress and i love her sweet and innocent on the outside charcater and the inner strong driven, deterrmind and evilness that lashes out when she needs to get her own way.
The plot could have been better but the slow script and some of the characters (Shatners for example) could have had more depth and development.
I would at least rent it and give it a watch if you cant't find anything else
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on 25 December 2003
Truly one of the worst films Ive ever seen. I thought the first didn't do the book justice, but this seems to wish to insult the very name of the literary 'American Psycho'.
Fundamentally it doesn't make any sense. Instead of following Bateman, it moves to the story of some female college student who killed Bateman as a girl, and now wants to make it to the FBI. Amazing heh? How did that pitch get through.
It's acting is excruciating, only outdone by writing so offensively embarassing, it makes you squirm. The highlight has to be the music, which continually confuses you as to whether it's a serial killer horror / thriller or a slapstick comedy. American Psycho 2: Uh oh Spaghetti Ohs
In a genre particularly overdone, this is an exercise in unoriginal cinematic agony. The only frightening thing to arise from AP2 is that there's people making this thinking it's acceptable.
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on 30 July 2014
ANGRIER...DEADLIER...SEXIER...WHATEVER. This film is so bad,i can't begin to tell.This should never have been produced.what the director and writers were looking to achieve from this only god knows.This heap of steaming trash should not even bare the name of its great predecessor.I'd like to write about an obscure good point of this feature,but...there simply aint one.
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on 8 August 2011
A very poor sequel that didn't do any justice to the original... more like a comedy, and even that did not work.
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on 11 November 2004
Do not confuse American Psycho 2 with American Psycho. The only thing linking it is the name. It has no merits whatsoever. It is a utter waste of time, & money. It is not based on the book in any way other than the main character gets killed in the first five minutes, with the filming done from behind so they did not have to hire an Actor. The rest of the Acting remind me of Crossroads. The worst british Soap. The Storyline is simple, the ending is not worth waiting for.
This film is the worst part 2 Ever, it is worst than An American Werewolf in Paris.
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