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on 8 January 2018
Bought used, arrived on time and in the condition advertised.

My teen kids have taken a liking to the old Hollywood 'epics' ever since I told them the numbers of human actors/extras that were used in the big scenes - it came as a surprise to them it wasn't CGI - so they watch the large scenes in awe.

Cleopatra is, of course, a classic epic movie and this 3 DVD special edition is about as good as it gets. I'm not overly bothered about buying DVD rather than the higher resolution Bluray due to the age of the movie .... we have more DVD players than Bluray payers and the lower DVD cost, plus all the extras (no pun intended) that the special edition DVDs have, often make the DVDs a better choice for us.

Elizabeth Taylor's strange 'ancient Egyptian'/1960s fashion wardrobe aside, this is one of the best.
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on 12 September 2016
Like other customers have mentioned the 1st BR disc only plays the 20th century fox logo then stops.
But amazon were very quick to send a replacement that played without problem.
The colours are really good for a movie nearly 50 years old. So I.don't understand why some buyers have said the colours / picture quality is rubbish.? Must be their rubbish system.?
4hours & 11 minutes (movie) split between 2 BR discs. DTS high master audio 5.1 " the .1 could be better.? "
The BRS also include extras > premiers / making off / 2 hour documentary + more.!
Liz Taylor plays cleopatra very well.
Richard Burton plays " Mark Anthony " his performance is a bit wooden.
The film is a bit boring in places - but still a classic movie. And if you like ROMAN EMPIRE movies then this is a good movie for you collecting.!
Great price & service.!
Thanks to AMAZON SARL.!
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on 19 March 2016
OK... More has been written about the making of this film, than the film
itself. So, my review is on the film alone. Having said that, this has to be
one of the only movies that was a major hit with audiences, but a box office
flop, as the costs of promotion and over budget nearly broke 20th Century Fox.
Cleopatra did make it's money back by 1972, so it wasn't a complete

There are 4 great Hollywood Roman epics, those being Ben Hur, Spartacus,
The Fall of the Roman Empire, and this film. And Epic is the word I would
use here... Every thing is big! Epic acting, Epic sets Epic music this is
Hollywood at it's most... well, Epic.... Over the years, you can only look
at this movie as a piece of grand art, which it is... But I have to say, the
weakest part of this film, is it's script. A pretty dull script at that has little
in the way of humour, but that is overshadowed by the best thing about
the movie... and that is THE SETS! The film sets are AMAZING... If
the acting and dialogue are a bit wooden, you can't keep your eyes off
the set design. When they say, "they don't make em like that any more"
They are right!... No CGI or modeling here, the Roman and Egyptian
reproductions are in real life size, and are breathtaking... So much has
been said about the production of this film, and I can add little to it, but
only to say, if you have any interest in Roman or Hollywood history, you
have to see this movie before you die...
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on 21 April 2013
I enjoyed watching this... i was born just after all the Liz Taylor/Burton hype.. so this was 'new' to mine eyes....Interesting 'extras' revealing all the problems they had in making the film.. Liz's ill health etc.. she v much played the huge star.. .. i noted a few inconsistencies ... mayb this was due to editing of the film.. - the scene where Liz's outfit changes three times, in the blink of an eye, during one of her sentences ... the script was a mish-mash from different writers and this was evident. Some of the spectacular scenes were cut(again edited out) Mark Anthony appeared a weak character.. mayb, indeed, e was but i think most of the budget money was evaporating by the time it was his 'turn' to go courting Cleo n they had to 'wrap it up' speedily. I would say it was not worth the cost of making same... but then, i have hindsight and am not trying to keep a film company economically afloat. I would have thought that they could have saved a fortune and kept the company solvent for years if only they had used Liz's costume allowance on wages. Im glad ive seen it ... and at this reduced price... but would not define it as wonderous/epic etc etc.. ..
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on 24 May 2013
Was this film the end of an era in Hollywood epics? I think it may have been, and historically it's importance as that may outweigh the merits as a film. It is a film surrounded in movie legend; from lovely Liz's phenomenal salary, to the colossal expense that nearly closed a major studio down,the beginning of one of the most notorious and public celebrity parnterships - Burton and Taylor.

The film itself is gorgeous; the photography in every aspect epic and without digital tricks to conjure this lost world of majesty, cruelty and pre-Christian morality.
Lovely Liz is Cleopatra;a shimmering Goddess in gold and jewels and delicious outfits. She is a very pretty woman and by Isis herself she can act.Just as well because Burton as Anthony is on fire in this movie. He brings it. Poor Martin Landau who shares quite a few long two-handers with him gets blown off the set by Burton's raw intensity.
Only Liz can hold her own with that voice.

The story follows the Shakespearian arc; historical fact or fiction who can say and frankly it matters not.
It's a love story on a grand stage and contains all those elemental ingredients that we seek in our quiet recumbent lives but whose sweet and sour delights we never taste
Well worth the 4 hours or so. There is never a point when you think, Oh God hurry up and die.
Now for the bluray. It's fabulous and well worth the extra few pounds.The cpours and clarity are amazing
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on 5 August 2013
This is undoubtedly the best restoration and enhancement into Blu-ray that I have seen. The original film has been remastered and enhanced with digital sound which when played through stereo speakers is awesome. The cinematography is spectacular and the costumes and garments worn by the cast and the attention to detail of Elizabeth Taylor's many costume changes are incredible. Considering the film was plagued by early failures of filming in England, the first director was sacked, then financial mismanagement which nearly bankrupted 20th Century Fox followed by the transfer of filming to Italy, then the devastating illness of Taylor which nearly killed her, it's a wonder the film ever got made at all.
It truly is a triumph for all the cast and production team with new director Joseph L Mankiewicz that his insistence for Cleopatra's entrance into Rome had to be a spectacle unsurpassed in any film before. It probably is on a par with the chariot race in the Roman arena in Ben Hur but much more colourful and full of grandeur.
If anyone has not seen this film before they are in for a four hour spectacle on such a grand scale the like of which has never be seen since in any production since the making of Cleopatra fifty years ago.
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on 3 October 2013
Who could fault this product in this format? Great images and pin sharp. Of course the film is a bit old now and the stars are now shining in the firmament permanently but they still twinkle here. Rex Harrison is great, Burton is full of wonderful diction and bluster and Liz Taylor perfect as the femme fatale. I enjoyed revisiting these ancient monuments of cinema history.Films today aren't what they used to be- big, bold, magnificent and breathtaking. Cleopatra's entry into Rome has yet to be matched in my opinion. Imagine what it would be like if someone took the trouble to stitch together all the footage that was shot for this film and discarded [ the follies that almost brought Twentieth Century Fox to its knees financially] I'd buy a copy of this Blu Ray if I were you- just for the satisfaction of snuggling up on the settee with a suitable companion to enjoy Liz, Rex and Richard together for several hours.
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on 18 October 2012
I never was much for Hollywood epics and when the papers were full of the carrying-ons of Taylor and Burton during the filming I decided to skip seeing the film. From what I read now the regular run of the film was cut to 3 hours from the original "road-show" version of 4 hours, which was a cut from the original 6 hours, so that was probably a good choice. At the good price for the Blu-ray edition I figured "what the hell" and ordered a copy. The 4 hour version is not bad, certainly not the stinker reported in the reviews at the time of the film's release.
I can understand why it was the most expensive picture ever made as it was suppose to be TWO 3 hour long pictures and the sets are UNBELIEVABLE as are the costumes. Thousands of extras in some scenes (before CGI clones were invented), it is reminiscent of the silent era epics only multiplied by ten. There is some great acting, by Harrison, McDowall and even Burton in some scenes as well as other actors. All in all not a bad picture, but loooong, it should have been left as two pictures. Some of the history is not up to snuff but mostly it is good and interesting to see it presented in a palatable fashion. The overemphasis on Cleopatra's seductive powers to me was the draggy parts of the film. I would like to see the original two pictures as Mankiewicz had done them if ever they are found and restored.
The Blu-ray version is great, BEAUTIFUL picture and great sound, well worth the price.
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on 4 October 2012
Apparently originally conceived as two films; Caesar & Cleopatra and Anthony & Cleopatra. Escalating costs forced an amalgam of the two films into one long blockbuster. Six hours of shooting was compressed into a four hour time slot, but even that was thought to be too long for the theatrical cut and further compression reduced it to just over three hours. This was the version that was screened at the cinemas at the time. The current blu-ray version was restored to the earlier four hour duration. The cuts were largely battle scenes and it does show. This remains the most expensive film ever made, well over $400 million at today's costs. It is somewhat patchy in production quality, probably owing to budgetry constraints, but the overall presentation is one of sumptuousness. The colour and costumes are amazing. The acting is generally very good the direction is first class. The blu-ray quality is quite stunning in both sound and vision. Recommended!
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HALL OF FAMETOP 500 REVIEWERon 1 February 2008
With more than $25m in advance bookings in the kitty before it even opened, 20th Century Fox's notoriously out-of-control nightmarish production of Cleopatra is far from the biggest flop of all time but is certainly the most notorious. Indeed, it only has one major problem. Unfortunately, it's Elizabeth Taylor. When she's off the screen and Joseph L. Mankiewicz concentrates on Harrison's Caesar (the screen performance of his lifetime) and the events surrounding the death of the Republic, it becomes a different class of film altogether: intriguing, witty and absolutely riveting. And then the Queen of Hollywood comes on speaking Americanese ("I've done nothing but rub you up the wrong way.") and ruins it all.

Burton's Marc Antony is also a major problem. We have to take his greatness entirely on trust - we see him win no battles, nor does Mankiewicz attempt his own take on his famous oration at Julius Caesar's funeral. What we do see is Burton at his hammiest, flagon of wine constantly in hand, giving us a petulant drunken schoolboy much given to breathy intonations and snorts of outrage. His love scenes with Taylor, the odd well-written exchange aside, strike no sparks but all too-often come across as a camp rehearsal for Virginia Woolf. Still, he does at least get better as he goes along. The same cannot be said for Hume Cronyn, who is simply inept beyond belief here.

Unfortunately, when Harrison dies, so does the film, or very nearly, only showing signs of recovery in the last half hour as Roddy McDowall's superbly realised Octavian takes centre stage. There's still much to admire - the sombre opening, some beautiful writing, North's score, the lavish production design and some fine supporting performances from the likes of Martin Landau and George Cole (yes, George Cole) - but it is definitely a case of taking the rough with the smooth.

This is the uncut four-hour roadshow version, and the restored sequences, among the best in the film, really do make a difference. However, if you're getting it on DVD, be sure to get the three-disc edition for the excellent two-hour documentary on the making of the film not included on the two-disc set.

Fox's Region A, B and C Blu-ray release is even more splendid, offering a beautiful transfer of the four hour versiuon, the two hour documentary, trailers, original newsreel shorts and some new extras as well - a featurette on the futile search for the lost footage and studio correspondance and a profile of the historical Cleopatra among them - though the second disc seems to take an eternity to load.
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