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Customer Reviews

4.7 out of 5 stars
4.7 out of 5 stars
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TOP 500 REVIEWERon 12 December 2011
Other than a few forced silly moments, this is the sharpest, darkest, bravest,
most disturbing political satire out of Hollywood since "Network".

This is Beatty's career best performance by far, making his rapidly breaking
down liberal US Senator into a character simultaneously howlingly
funny, pitiable, admirable, wince-inducing, pathetic and horrifying.

Beatty has made a film that walks the razor's edge right along with its lead
character, using deliberately provoking racial and cultural stereotypes at the
same time it shreds them.

This isn't a polite "the system needs fixing" movie, it's an in-your-face scream
that the system as we know it is broken, perhaps beyond all repair. That idea
seems only more timely now.
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TOP 1000 REVIEWERon 22 December 2015
This 1998 political satire is set two years earlier and follows despondant Democratic Senator, Jay Bulworth in his bid for re-election to the senate. Losing support and trapped in a loveless marriage he wants out of everything and puts a ‘contract’ on himself. Followed by a documentary crew, he begins speaking his mind and telling it as it is losing his financial backers along the way but his popularity begins to rise and he relishes his new attention, but what of the contract on his life? And is he temporarily insane or playing everyone just to win?
Full of offensive and derogatory remarks, racial stereotypes and absurd moments, it crosses the line so often it erases it, highlighting numerous social issues in the process as Bulworth becomes the hero and saviour of those he derides.
The single disc loads directly to main menu offering play, chapter selection, language selection [spoken English only, but 13 subtitle languages] and special features [cast & crew, trailer].
However much you dislike Bulworth at the start, you can’t help but like the honesty amid all the corruption as it goes along and there are some very funny scenes and some hard hitting lines. Not for everyone, but its intent is well meaning and deserving of an 18 rated ***** score.
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on 5 December 2002
Who can say that motion pictures are not a mirror of the society ? When Frank Capra, during WW2, presented MR SMITH GOES TO WASHINGTON or MR DEEDS GOES TO TOWN, it wasn't necessary for this director to give an explanation of the deep motivations which lead his heroes. Gary Cooper and James Stewart were idealistic guys whose actions please the audience's thirst for social justice. Now when Warren Beatty desires to shoot BULWORTH, he has to present a comedy if he doesn't want that the public considers his movie as a Disney product destined to the 10 years old audience.
Jay Bulworth is going nuts because he hasn't anything to lose anymore. So why not tell the truth to the californian voters. BULWORTH is a public confession : Warren Beatty confesses to the world that he has always lied, that politics are made of this. BULWORTH is a bitter-sweet comedy : american people don't care. BULWORTH is a tragedy : he will be reelected.
For sure Warren Beatty has had a great time writing BULWORTH. Who wouldn't have ? To tell, under the veil of a comedy, what you have kept hidden in your mind during years must be a real pleasure. Just think of the scene at the Hollywood moghuls' house. In my opinion, BULWORTH deserves to be considered as the best american movie of 1998 for his critical vision of a society looking for a lost ideal.
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VINE VOICEon 18 March 2004
Bulworth is one of those films that leave you thinking "wouldn't it be great if people did that in real life?" In this case, politicians who rediscover their sense of morality and integrity, tell the truth at all times, behave like human beings and stop trying to kid us they're somehow superior to the rest of us - UK and US alike.
I'm not normally that keen on the Warren Beatty didactic school of acting, but here he's totally delightful as a politician with a crumbling facade, discovering that he really likes the person underneath - the warm, witty and engaging fellow who went into politics for all the right reasons.
Combining this with a farcical auto-assassination plot and tacking on a range of black issues was risky, but works better than several other Beatty epics. Its heart is in the right place, and wins points also for the passion and sincerity with which the disadvantaged in American society are portrayed.
Among many splendid supporting roles, I particularly love Paul Sorvino's stone-faced insurance industry lobbyist, who having set up a $10m life insurance policy for the senator finds his man making a series of outrageous statements on the culpability of the insurance industry in blatant profiteering within the healthcare business.
Perhaps the film isn't quite as funny as its ingredients suggest it ought to be, but it will leave you with a smile on your face and nodding sagely
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on 19 March 2009
This film is an excellent one. It is one of those rare films that manages to mesh satire, drama and message in a way that makes you feel you've watched something with a purpose, yet still you have been entertained.

Warren Beatty performs admirably as the senator that has nothing to live for, and who stirs up a hornet's nest by breaking out of his assigned political role of telling lies to the public and bowing to the will of big business, thinking that his life will end. His struggle to regain his life makes the story come alive with stark drama to balance the wit and cleverness of the comedy, and without spoiling the ending I will say that it is a masterpiece.

This may not be the best movie EVER, but it is incredibly well put together, which easily makes it top of the class of political satire.
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on 15 February 2012
I'd read quite a bit about this movie over the years and finally jumped on the chance to pick up a cheap copy and give it a watch. If I'd have known just how funny this was I would have picked it up years ago. Warren Beatty directs and stars as Senator Bulworth who signs himself up to a $10m life insurance policy and then gets a hitman to kill him. Before he is killed he decides at a church meeting in a predominantly poor black area that he will tell it like it is and that the politicians don't care about them. He suddenly finds himself gaining popularity and he starts rapping about everything and even takes drugs at a club whilst trying to cancel the impending hit. Halle Berry is very good as Nina, who helps him on his campaign but is also being paid to kill him, unbeknown to him. Bulworth is a funny political film that actually brings up some valid political points and is definately coming recommended from me. 4/5
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on 30 July 2014
Why goodness fails
Too true, to make the world a better place, you gotta "be a spirit boy, you can't be no ghost!"
Basically about a politician who tells the truth and the consequences lol
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on 20 August 2002
Together with "Wag the Dog" this is the best politcal-satyre ever made. Warren Beatty rapping disturbingly honest about everything that is politically incorrect in the USA, in what propably is his best performance.
Great supporting roles from Halle Berry, Don Cheadle and Oliver Platt.
Best scene is when Warren raps about the black-struggle using arguments, he heard from a drugdealer.
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on 21 October 2006
Someone really ought to do a 2 disc special edition set of Bulworth. If far lesser movies got this treatment, this gem certainly deserves that. Besides I've worn my regular edition DVD from multiple viewings and would like to buy something better this time!
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on 28 May 2000
Warren Beatty plays senator Bulworth, but life is no longer meaningful to him, so he sets off on a "truthful" campaign and to have a good time in the process, much to the disbelief of his aides and opponents. Incredibly witty, most of Beatty's lines are in rhyme.
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