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4.5 out of 5 stars
4.5 out of 5 stars
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on 14 September 2002
The first time i listened to this record i was slighty dissapointed for about 10 seconds wen i realised my predictions had come true and realised this is not going to be another life on a plate.
But then i realised tht this kicks major league ass, the opening track man or mouse a somewhat more rocky attempt than its predicesors manages to place almost any dumb lifeless creature into a frenzy of foot tappin madness with a chorus of 'yeah yeah yeah' being heard a mile off!
The album moves up another gear at the start of fingers crossed as you get to hear some of the more humble punk millencolin that i grew to love.
One of the main strenghths of this album i feel is that it is a cd that u can listen to all the way through with no weak songs.
This album is by no means life on a plate, its takes the direction of pennybridge pioneers on to the next stage, more rocky, more upbeat but sadly less punk.
Tracks that must be heard on this album include Fingers Crossed, Botanic Mistress and the Home From Home!
Its been an amazin 10 years for millencolin my only hope is that they can carry it on and progress even further without forgeting their past!
My advice as a huge millencolin fan would b to buy it if u r a millencolin fan and if your only just getting into millencolin then buy life on a plate first followed by pennybridge then you will b able to find millencolin at the biggest peaks of their carrers up 2 yet!
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on 15 March 2002
Firstly this album is not as good as Life On A Plate (but frankly what is?) but it's hard to grade it along the same scale. It achieves what it sets out to: be a powerful anthemic record able to compete in todays fairly unchanging punk rock market. Cetain lessons are learnt on this cd from other burning heart bands like Samiam and the Hives in the melodic Black Eye,and energitic Man or MOuse, as well as the psuedo-politico number Afghan. Other highlights include Kemp, happiness For Dogs, and Greener grass (and for those of you who are big fans of pennybridge's one great song - Battery check will throw a few memories in your direction. All in all Millencolin have created a mature, well produced, and nicely balanced record, showing that Pennybridge Pioneers was just a blip in the continuing uphill path of the Swedish punkster's career.
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on 21 October 2002
well after buying every single album these guys released i knew to expect something good, but to hear a different style to what they have done kind of left me in two minds but after giving it a longer listen to i realised this is absolutely brilliant, 'hapiness for dog's' is the stand out track of it all, but also is 'blackeye' in my opinion not there best album but some class individual songs, for the best introduction to millencolin at there peak buy 'life on a plate' it has there best songs and shows everything they stand for, but just buy everything they've done.
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on 2 February 2002
Of course its brilliant, I mean come on its by Millencolin! The album starts out with Man Or Mouse, which has a sound not disimilar to old Swedish label mates The Hives, and the album just gets better. the next track Fingers crossed has the classic Millencolin pop-punk sound to it, Black Eye, still sounds good (it was a track on the U.S e.p No Cigar), Montego has a really good riff on it, Punk Rock Rebel is an okay track, it doesent stand out though. Kemp! I cant get over how good Kemp is! im not going to bore you with the rest of the details as you should buy the cd and listen for yourself, an excellent 5th album by the Swedish masters. I just hope that they can pull it off as good live when they tour the UK at the end of April!
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on 12 September 2004
Millencolin all over are an amazing band, each album being better than the last... and Home From Home is absolutely no exception. Their incredible fusion of power skate punk with emo and angst creates 13 tracks all geniusly created in their own unique ways. The album kicks off with Man Or Mouse, which immediately sets the tone for the album... powerful with irresistable sing-a-long lyrics. Fingers Crossed demonstrates the emo that Millencolin have incorporated since thier classic Pennybridge Pioneers. Black Eye (Millencolin's favourite song they've made) and Montego show the raw power and emotion of their talents, and could easily be not only the best songs on the album, but the best they have ever made. Punk Rock Rebel shows that they have not lost their roots, and show the funky ska punk they made back when they released Same Old Tunes and Life On A Plate, but with a more modern feel. Kemp, their first single they released off the album, is a huge power surging crescendo and must be played at full volume at all times. Botanic Mistress again demonstrates their funky-pop side until Hapiness For Dogs and Battery Check come on, both strong, passionate punk songs. Fuel To the Flame shows again their irresistable sing-a-longs, until Afghan, probably my favourite song, begins, and shows the incredible emotion that a band can show through fast guitar riffs, and Sarcevic's voice really emphasises their demonstration. The album ends with Greener Grass and Home From Home, two equally sensational tracks which bring an emphatic end to an absolutely emphatic album. This CD really is truly superb in every manner, and all punk fans must, MUST own it. Brilliant!
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on 13 March 2002
Millencolin's new album is quite simply a punk rock masterpiece. Okay, they've all but lost the ska elements of their older albums - see life on a plate - but who cares when they've got such amazing songs as Man or mouse, kemp and montego? Like pennybridge pioneers, every song is amazing and the cd packaging is particularly snazzy. Buy it - these swedes are amazing!!!
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on 18 April 2002
The first Millencolin song i heard was Kemp (1st single off the album) Anyway I bought this album and i was blown away!! I'm always looking for new bands to listen to and i found these and now their my fav. band just because of this album! With rocking tracks like "Fingers Crossed", "Kemp", "happiness for Dogs" and "battery check" (highlights) even the less kick ass like "Montego" and "Black Eye" make you wanna dance. The album is filled with perfect 3min rock songs that you can sing along to and their isn't a weak track on the album! U gotta buy! if u like this then i also recomend 28days "Up Style Down" it also rocks and i slightly similar!
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on 18 June 2002
the first time i heard "home from home" by millencolin was when my friend played "man or mouse" to me, and before i knew it everyone in the room was dancing and singing along "yeah yeah yeah yeah!!!" to this truly infectious track which even my punk hating brother has grown to love! i had previously heard "no cigar" from pennywise pioneers album and wanted to know more about the group. highlights of the cd are "fingers crossed" with its harmonius vocals and dynamite drumming, "happiness for dogs" and "battery check". i personally dont reccomend the single "kemp" as one of the best songs on the album, so people buying this cd on the strength of this track will be pleasantly surprised. Millencolin haven't exactly brought a new style to the punk scene, although the vocals are unusually harsh for such a group, but all songs of theirs that i have heard have been well structured so as not to disappoint. the band blast them out in true punk style, so even if you're not a fan of the genre you will almost undoubtedly be captured by the energy of this group.
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on 18 March 2002
It's hard not to get disappointed after such a great album Pennybride was. On first play I can safely say that although it's not the same as Pennybridge it is indeed a worthy follow-up. Make no misstake, this time out Millencolin are an out and out rock band, with only a couple of tracks which hold some of the old ska style. Stand out tracks for me are Happiness For Dogs, Battery Check and the unusually political Afghan. Although being a more rocky album, they prove there is a sense of humour left in them with Botanic Mistress, which is somewhat similar to Fox from Pennybridge only the object of Nikola's desire this time appears to be a flower.
Man or Mouse is a classic opening rock track that'll get you singing "yeah yeah yeah!" and is quickly followed by probably the best track on this album Fingers Crossed, which is the finest example of Millencolins blending of their old style in with the new rockier style.
In conclusion, it is a damn fine rock album that is only not as good as Pennybridge because Pennybridge was one of them excellent one-off magic moments that many bands fail to repeat.
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on 17 November 2004
Millencolin, they started out with Same Old Tunes which was good then came Life On A Plate which was better, next For Monkeys, good but not their best! Penybridge Pioneers blew me away! Then i can't say what Home From Home has done because it's the best album they've ever produced and i look forward to their next one! It starts with Man or Mouse, before bringing back a bit of what they achieved on Life On A Plate with Fingers Crossed! Black Eye is one of the best on the album as is Kemp, Battery Check, Afghan and Greener Grass! Millencolin have achieved something here and it's a big something! It's like they've grown up and become more serious with what they do and it's made a better album! Their best yet by a long long way! I look forward to the next one!
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