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on 13 November 2012
In this WWE - Tagged Classics which have become a cult favourite amongst us UK/Europe Fans, the footage on hand being the original content and despite now WWE settling all WWF issues regarding the blurring of the scratch logo and saying WWF which they can say as much as they want now in the old footage finally.

You see 2 Guys/Brothers and 1 Lady make it to the very top of professional wrestling and becoming household names!!
2 Excellent Tagged Classics i must say, i have the original Hardy Boyz leap of faith wwf dvd but have never watched the lita it just feels right dvd, the original dvd goes for way to much and it is a great way to relive it here on tagged classic with the bonus that you get the hardy boyz dvd,

The fact that these 3 wrestlers were a stable back in the WWF days makes this tagged classic a good pairing and rightly so this must get just to follow their stories, All 3 gelled together nicely and the addition of lita joining up with matt and jeff hardy took hardy boyz to another level, she just fitted in perfectly because all 3 had the same personality.

The hardy Boyz dvd is really good, you follow their story and how they climbed the top, how intuitive they became once they got there, how the revolutionised the ladder match and took it to another level along with guys like the dudley boyz and christian and edge in some of their breath taking matches they all had together, how they just wanted to be wrestlers from the get go, you really feel it here and the desire to get where they want to and sticking by each other no matter what, I guess sometimes you are just born to do what you are going to do and both the hardy boyz were.

The Matches included are fantastic especially the tlc 2 match from Wrestlemania 17 2001 which i have on countless other sets but its always amazing to watch every single time,

Other matches include the 6 mixed tag match on Raw in 2001 between Triple h & Stephaine McMahon and Stone Cold Steve Austin vs Hardy Boyz and Lita which has a brutal ending with lita getting beaten so hard that it was never seen before, she was brave to take all those shots, just get this tagged classic to watch that match,

DVD Contents - The Hardy Leap of Faith

The Hardy Boyz - two brothers who climbed their way to the top, took a flying leap and changed the face of sports-entertainment. Learn first-hand how they set up and scaled their own a ladder of success. These guys are poetry in motion, a sheer joy to watch, sacrificing their bodies for the love of the sport and their fans. Their matches with the Dudley Boyz and Edge & Christian have earned standing ovations worldwide. These hard-working high flyers defy the laws of physics & physical extremes. If you look up "extreme" in the dictionary, there's a picture of these guys!

Leap of Faith

Similarly Different

It All Start...

Interest Begins

Long Hard Road


Tables, Lita & Chairs

No Fear

Their Favourites

What's Next?

WWE Tag Team Championship
Hardy Boyz vs. Acolytes
Raw - 05/07/99

Terri Invitational Tournament
Edge & Christian vs. The Brood
No Mercy - 17/10/99

Edge & Christian vs. Dudley Boyz vs. Hardy Boyz
SummerSlam - 27/08/00

Steel Cage Tag Team Championship Match
Edge & Christian vs. Hardy Boyz
Unforgiven - 24/09/00

Edge & Christian vs. Dudley Boyz vs. Hardy Boyz
WrestleMania X-Seven - 01/04/01

Intergender Triple Threat Match
Hardy Boyz & Lita vs. Triple H & Stephanie McMahon-Helmsley & Stone Cold Steve Austin
Raw - 09/04/01

Hardy Boyz Home Video Collection

Lita it just feels right: The title says it all, it just felt right for her to become a wrestler, she had the whole package and was a stunning women to look at not to mention taking risks and being very athletic for a female wrestler, Lita and Trish really defined the Womens division after it had died down a bit before the attitude era started, Sable as Hoot as she is, is not a level with Trish and Lita, Lita and trish will always be my favourite 2 divas along with Mickie James now!!

DVD Contents - Lita It Just Feels Right

One of the hottest women in World Wrestling Entertainment is inviting you along for the ride of your life-but we're warning you, it's going to be Xtreme. Lita is one of the hottest competitors in the sports-entertainment world. She had a couple of camera crews follow her and record her life as it happened. Then, she collected some choice clips from her personal collection, before she was a Superstar. The hypnotic eyes, the crimson hair, the fashion style and Xtreme attitude are all here - for you!

Who is Lita?

Big Break

Lita Teams Up


vs. Stephanie

Bumpy Road

vs. Trish

vs. Chyna

Love & Hate



Bright Future

Hardy Boyz & Lita vs. T&A & Trish
Fully Loaded - 23/07/00

Strap Match
Trish Stratus vs. Lita
Raw is War - 24/07/00

Edge & Christian vs. Hardy Boyz
SmackDown - 31/08/00

Lita vs. Jacqueline
Raw is War - 09/10/00

Bra & Panties
Lita vs. Trish Stratus
Raw is War - 23/10/00

Hardy Boyz & Lita vs. Dean, Eddie & Terri
Armageddon - 10/12/00

vs. Radicalz
SmackDown - 04/01/01

vs. Dean Malenko
Raw is War - 19/02/01

vs. Molly Holly
Raw is War - 26/02/01

Jeff Hardy vs. Big Show
SmackDown - 05/04/01

Special Features

Home Vid Clips


I See London

Spring Break

Chef, Girl, Hardyz

Freeze Frame

Fantastic 10/10 Buy it Now!!
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VINE VOICEon 7 November 2002
Im no longer a massive Hardy Boyz fan, and at the time of buying this, I wasn't even remotely interested in them. However, I found this DVD going cheap, and when I saw the original tag-team ladder match from No Mercy '99, I had to own it.
The DVD is one of the WWF/E's better ones, because it covers quite a lot of the Hardy Boys careers, and a lot of thier childhood and life outside of wrestling, which many DVD's from the WWF fail to do. There is a good reaosn for that however, which is that the Hardys haven't been in the business as long as some others deserving of these feature presentations. There is no WCW/ECW footage that they are missing out on, although small, and I mean small, amounts of independent show footage is shown. The rings they use look like old sagging gym mats, its no wonder Matt and Jeff were willing to throw themselves around so much!
The main feature is, as I said, very well done, and you dont get the feeling youv'e missed out on something. We see around a bit of Jeffs home, and his wierd, model, alumnis, or whatever he calls them. They have to be seen really to know what im trying to talk about, as does Jeff's minature volcano in his front yard, which is part of a giant dirt track for motorbikes. Interviews with Lita and their dad, along with other WWF Superstars, all add to give an overall picture of what the two brothers are like, in and out of the ring. A good part of the DVD, which I enjoyed, was Matt and Jeff talking through some of thier more famous matches, pointing out stuff that you or I never spotted first time watching the match.
The extras are good, although I would have liked to have seen thier Tag Table match from Royal Rumble 2000, and the triangle ladder match from Wrestlemania 2000. But other than that, the extras are good. I must point out though, that the intergender 6-way tag match on the extras, was the match where Austin and HHH beat up Lita. Sorry if I spoilt that for you, but this match was heavily edited on its Sky broadcasting, so has never been seen in the UK before in full. Just thought I should point that out, as it is a good match, and it's nice to see its proper ending.
All we need now is an Edge and Christian DVD.
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on 7 March 2003
The whole point of autobiographical DVD's is that you get to a little something about the perso(s) on the DVD, and get to know them a little more personaly. For whatever reasons you wish (within limits)My reason for watching was the above and to see if i could relate to these guys espescialy jeff. It really does let you do that, they let you into their lives, and are quite open. You don't just get the boring interview. You get matches interviews with other people, home video, you get to see where they live and about their life pre wwf. It shows them as people not just wrestlers which is what a lot of fans forget. I enjoyed this for all of the above and the fact that they were themselfs not big wwe superstars. They are Matt and Jeff Hardy, and make no apologies for it.
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I bought this DVD because I'm a huge fan of the Hardy Boyz,and I am pleased to say this DVD lived up to my expectations and more.
The DVD is 172 minutes long over-all.There's a kind of documentary that last 1 hour,and it takes us to the boyz' home town of Cameron,North Carolina.Here we get to meet their dad and get an insight as to what their life was like when they were younger.The boyz tell you all about how they got to the level they're at now in pro wrestling,and they also watch a few of their WWF(WWE)matches and talk you through them.You also get to see Jeff's excellent house,and he shows us his huge dirt bike track in his garden.I have to mention the volcano he made himself that's part of the track.You've got to see it to believe it.
Also on the DVD is a few of the boyz' home video footage,and 6 of their favourite matches(which the boyz themself chose to put on the DVD)The matches are.....
1)vs.acolytes(their first ever tag title match from may '99)
2)Terri invitational tournament(from "No Mercy" '99)
3)T.L.C(from "Summerslam" 2000)
4)cage match(from "Unforgiven" 2000)
5)T.L.C 2(from "Wrestlemania 17")
6)intergender triple threat(from september 2001)
All in all this is the best wreslting DVD you'll come across for a long time,and for almost 3 hours of footage the price is a bargain...
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on 27 January 2002
This video would make any Hardy Boy fan happy! it goes into a lot of detail about there personal life, and how hard they tried to get into the WWF when they were younger. It also has there best matched on such as TLC1. There dad is shown quiet a few times througout the video, and so is Amy Dumas<Lita>. There is also shots of jeff on his dirt bike jumping the volcano he made. I very much enjoyed this video just like any other Hardy Boy fan would.
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on 14 October 2005
This DVD was absolutly rockin'! I thought it was really good insite in the Matt and Jeff and there matches. i'd recomend to any of you Hardys fans out there.
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on 21 January 2002
A must for all hardy boyz and wwf fans,
great matches chosen by the boyson the dvd and interesting insight into the lives of a wwf superstar
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on 9 March 2004
A complete must have for any true Team Extreme, Matt or Jeff Hardy fan. There are some similarities to the other must have companion, the Hardy boyz book (released 2003), whereby we basically are taken on a journey of discovery with the Hardyz and get to see their life and great matches.
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