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4.8 out of 5 stars
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on 8 December 2001
This is a great episode were the guys are on their way to germany to start work and unfortunatly there is only room for 2 brickys so one of them has to pretend to be a carpenter. It all tuns out horribly wrong when the time comes for them to start work and he chops is hand because he knows nothing about carpentry.It's a good episode so if you are thinking about buying this just do it . I won't tell you anymore just get it.
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on 20 February 2001
even though the programme was made nearly 20 years ago it is still as good as when first released. it has a good mix of characters and shows all the stresses and stains, aswell as all the laughs of working away from home. This video shows the boys leaving for home and i feel as much as them how it is the end of an era. It shows how some people couldn't wait to get back to their families but how some people have to leave relationships they have made in there time away. but mainly how it changes peoples lives, in a funny but real way. truly a brillant programme.
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on 26 February 2002
This is one of the finest drama series ever to be broadcast in the united kingdom. This episode follows the group as the building work draws to an end
In the words of Ozz a "monumental piss up" ends in a dramatic fire at the hutt.Excellent acting from a superb cast the second series is just as strong when the "wild bunch" travel to deepest Derbyshire and later to Spain.Twenty years on the series still feels fresh. Clement and La Frenias at their very best.
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on 4 November 2001
Simply the best British comedy of all time, nothing more needs to be said. Buy it, watch it, enjoy it, love it. Sadly, the Series 2 videos have been subject to several copyright cuts and also suffer from some bad editing around the commercial breaks, but that doesn't spoil the enjoyment too much - maybe the cuts will be restored (my fingers are well crossed) for a DVD release. For the moment these video tapes are the only format option. Still well worth the price though.
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on 8 May 2004
For ages i only had my dads video of the first series of Auf Wiedersehen pet and watched it to death (im too young to have watched it on TV). I never really bothered to give the second series a viewing because to be honest, how could it match the first series which is the greatest comedy series ever.
I bought the first half of series 2 out of curiosity. The first thing that i noticed is that it takes longer than the first series to get started and the first episode is just the lads getting reunited. I like seeing what the toon was like back in those days like (i live there).
As the episodes went on i found myself almost crying with laughter, there are so many priceless comedy scenes that i can't remember them all. There is the hilarious scene with the fella who tells barry he's in his seat, the scene where dennis is trying to persuade the barman to allow them back in the pub and funniest of all, barry kicking the gangster whilst he's down. The two most recent series havent been a patch on the original two.
Pure comic genious.
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on 19 September 2003
These 3 episodes in my opinion are the best of series 2. We've seen the lads renovating the country house in England and these episodes see them embarking on their journey to spain.
'In Marjorie doesn't live here anymore' Oz discovers fatherhood 10 years late. He learns that his ex-wife is planning to move to Italy with his son and Oz is less than impressed. Its a touching episode that balances drama with humour brilliantly. Hasta la vista sees the lads prepare for the trip to spain only for Ally Frazer's dodgy business dealings to mess it up for them. Scoop sees the lads eventually land in spain only for them to get caught up in the world of 'costa del crime.'
Series 2 is interesting as it shows the lads a few years later as older and wiser yet still keeps them altogether. The laughs run as thick and fast as the first series yet introduces more storylines and we learn more about the individual characters.
A must for anyone who loves british comedy and the observational humour of working class people.
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on 12 November 2000
A excellant video that continues the first series of Auf Wiedersehen Pet, telling the stories of a group of bricklayers in Germany and all of the loves and tribulations that go along with this. Once you start to watch the video it brings back all of the memories of the original airing of the series, and is just compulsory viewing. I have bought all of the first series and have spent most of the day watching this helerious program. I cannot wait until they bring the third series out next year, or to buy the second series on video. A must to see and watch over and over again !
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on 25 January 2001
well i own all of these videos and watched it the first time round and second time on the tv and although it is old hat now,it hasn't lost its sparkle and is still really funny it is great british comedy at its best, most of the boys now have gone on to do other things now and can be regularly seen in there own tv series buy it is good all round entertainment. denise is my favorite as barry says he is after all the anchor man that keeps them all together
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on 17 January 2001
Being out of work and sitting on you're butt. This brings you back to life. Funny and real, this is back to basics. ESCAPISM and getting "owt" the way. Give me a trowel and level anyday.....
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on 20 March 2012
Class is Class, and this is without doubt the greatest TV ever made. I loved the programme, and this was excellent. The supplier sent it quickly, well packed and at a reasonable P&P rate. Thank you
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