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Customer reviews

4.5 out of 5 stars
4.5 out of 5 stars
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on 4 January 2007
I think its safe to say that most of us, know or have heard `Radar love` well good as it may be this Moontan album which the said single was culled from, is a overlooked tour de force in its own right. Released in 73 not sure how well it sold at the time!. But even today it still stands out in the crowd as a really fantastic Rock album . This red bullet version is missing one track , Big tree blue sea,and is replaced with ,Mental rock lunacy . No problemo` its still worth getting a copy. this dutch band have made at least 20 records but its this and only about six others that are Golden earring hard/prog/thinking mans rock! Buy enjoy love, wonder how you missed it 1st time round!!The full Moontan album is a reissue from MCA in the states with correct songs and different cover I own both and love equally!! They are a must in your rock collection!
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on 26 July 2005
Golden Earing are one of the greatest rock bands ever and they are not British or American, or even Irish or Australian; they come from a land where English is a second language. Moontan has got to be the Dutch "Who's Next"; the band has a pedigree as long as the Who and were well matched on their tour dates with the London band.
On Moontan the playing is distinctive, the songs are great and the sound is powerful. This is relentless rock n roll and I'm very happy that I have it in my collection.
If you like this get "Who's Next", "Argent In Deep" Free's "Heartbreaker" and Deep Purple's "Machine Head" - if you've got these albums you'll know what I mean.
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on 17 January 2010
I absolutely loved this album when I first heard it (1973) on 'Fluffs' Saturday afternoon radio show.
And after hearing 'Are you receiving me' and 'Vanilla Queen' I went out and bought the vinyl.

Years later, after getting bored with searching out new music, I decided to go back into my deep dark musical vinyl past, and lo iTunes had Moontan available for download. How disappointed I was to find out I'd bought the Netherlands/German version of the album by mistake.

If you buy this album try and get the first UK or US version. 'Big Tree, Blue Sea' is way better than 'Just Like Vince Taylor'and 'Suzy Lunacy' IMO.

This is rare, creative stuff from the Glam-Drag early 70's.
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on 11 May 2007
Or at least not that I ever managed to find (and I did buy quite a few of their other albums). This is the one not just with Radar Love on it but, as other reviewers have noted, is excellent from end to end, with nice long tracks and a feel of overall coherence and inspiration that they couldn't equal subsquently.

This latest reissue may have the original (excellent) cover pic, but what it doesn't have is Big Tree, Blue Sky ~ a crucial omission. The four tracks from the original album that are here are all in the wrong order, whilst two other hitherto completely unknown tracks have been added in place of Big Tree, Blue Sky. Why?

The first CD issue, though not badged as a digital remaster, is a quite respectable transcription of the original album, with all five tracks in the correct order, and is therefore the only one to have. Check out, for example, the elephant chorus on Vanilla Queen which rounds off what was S.1 of the original vinyl LP and the great bit of wah wah guitar on Big Tree, Blue Sky which opens S.2.

The only other significant shortcoming of the original CD issue is the virtually total absence of any sleeve data ~ all you get is a track listing and a note of the composers (all George Kooymans and Barry Hay, except for the closing track which was co-written with somebody called J. Fenton). The latter seems to have been a member of the band but what he played isn't listed, unlike the other four of them, namely Barry Hay (vocals, flute and saxophones), Cesar Zuiderwijk (drums, with twin kickers, and percussion), George Kooymans (guitars and second vocal) and Rinus Gerritsen (bass, moog and other keyboards). Guest artistes include Patricia Paay (vocals), Eelco Gelling (slide guitar) and Bertus Borgers (saxophone). Strings and horns were arranged by Job Maarse.

Also supplied with the original LP were full lyrics, though Barry Hay's vocals are sufficiently clear that these are pretty easy to follow as you listen.

Other useful information is that the album was produced and arranged by Golden Earring, recorded at Phonogram Studios in Holland by Peter Nieboer but mixed at IBC Studios in London by Damon Lyon-Shaw. Who did the CD mastering for the first reissue isn't noted, but whoever it was did a pretty good job.

In its original five track form, this is still an excellent album and well worthy of strong recommendation. In fact, it remains one of my most played seventies albums (along with, coincidentally, Focus 3). Alongside Robin Trower's Bridge of Sighs, Moontan is one of 1974's great albums and an essential slice of the era. Definitely the zenith of Golden Earring's long career, following on from Seven Tears and Together.
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on 10 June 2005
This album will always be timeless for me. I bought a cassette off an old mate from way back and have since bought it again on vinyl and recorded it for my car when the original tape got worn out!
Everyone knows and loves the track 'Radar Love', but this album is so much more than a one hit padded album. No sooner has Radar Love finished when you are carried along into a series of brilliantly written tracks which flow into each other. It makes you sing along, stamp your feet, drum your palms and rock your bod!
It's a masterpiece. I've played it to many and never heard a disapproving voice. How this album is not revered and better known is beyond me.
Trust me - buy it!!
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on 16 November 2007
Some people know Golden Earring only for their best known song,"Radar Love", which I've always found slightly odd because they have plenty of other songs that are as good or better, on this and other albums.

This is guitar driven rock, not heavy rock, I'd call it melodic rock with a nod towards the progressive rock end of the spectrum as many of the songs have more complex structures than is usual.

I've always found them very enjoyable to listen to. On this album for instance, you have "Candy's Going Bad", "Are you Receiving Me?" and "Vanilla Queen" that are certainly up to "Radar Love" standard if not better (my personal favourite for instance is "Vanilla Queen").

Granted that "Suzy Lunacy" is a weak song, but I disagree with other reviewers that this means the album should be downrated; the remaining songs make up for it - my advice would be to not spend hours searching for a different version of an album like this, which being from the 70s we're lucky to have on CD at all, but instead snap it up (and others form the same band) and enjoy!!
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on 14 July 2012
Caveat Emptor is Latin for "Let the Buyer beware" and is very appropriate for this fantastic album as there are several different track listings. The track listing is dependant on the region you lived in and of course the version you heard first is the 'genuine' version to you.
My 1973 UK version lists the tracks as so : (side1) Radar Love(long version), Candy's Going Bad, Vanilla Queen (side2) Big tree blue sea , Are you receiving me.
Some versions however delete 'Big tree blue sea' and replace it with 'Just like Vince Taylor' and 'Suzy Lunacy'. There's even a vinyl collectors version that doesn't have 'Radar love' on it, which to me is like releasing Seargent Peppers without 'Lucy in the sky with diamonds', but then thats marketing men for you. There is a band called Moontan and other musicians have used the name too.
Whichever is your original version, this is one Rock album which has stood the test of time and is still as fantastic sounding as it did back the mid seventies. The Dutch band managed to create a fantastic multilayered sound, tracks that hang together to tell a story plus one of the worlds best driving songs ever. You don't have to buy my version, but you should buy one of them.
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on 10 August 2010
Please beware that this item is not a cd of the original (issued on vinyl) Moontan album, but some of the tracks from the album in a different order, and with one track removed and replaced by some other tracks by the band. Don't know the rationale for this corruption of the original but the seller was very helpful in refunding the money for the cd. Prospective buyers please check the track listing. I understand, however, that there is a version on CD which is faithful to the track listing on the original vinyl.
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on 2 March 2009
I have had this LP since 1973 in it's original form.6 tracks - Candy's going bad.Are you receiving me?.Suzy lunacy.Radar love.Just like Vince Taylor and The vanilla queen.I bought the remaster on CD from amazon but was intrigued by an apparent US version with an epic track called Big tree blue sea, that everyone was raving over.After seeing this version sort of cheap recently,i decided to see what the fuss was.I was dissapointed.Big tree blue sea is a Who/Tull hybrid that sounds dated and dull,also this version of the CD has an inferior sound quality to it.
For me the so called "inferior" tracks on the european version are both excellent and add a light touch to the more serious longer tracks.Suzy lunacy has music that perfectly matches the lyric and a superb acoustic guitar solo towards the end.Just like Vince Taylor is a 50's Chuck berry pastiche that would sit well on Zeps "physical graffitti".As a whole this album is up there with the best 70's classics.
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on 19 October 2002
Golden Earring’s “Moontan” would be one of the early seventy’s most obscure albums if it were not for “Radar Love” hitting as high as number 5 in 1973. Although this song is catchy, meet with great commercial success (thank goodness we still hear it played today, a sign of a true time will tell success of a song), put Golden Earring briefly on the map, it is the remaining album of just four long songs that flow and intertwine, contain some of the greatest jazz/rock fusion, psychedelic swaying from orchestration to the sweetest guitar riffing, and blow your mind away (without drugs) lyrics and lacing of intrigue. Although the four accomplished musicians hail from Holland of all places and produced ten odd albums, toured with The Who, it is “Moontan” that they truly excelled for 40 minutes that lasts forever. If you are reminiscing for some out of this world, one time creation psychedelic album that gives this genre the recognition it deserves then you will be amply rewarded with this beautiful, dreamy and searing record.
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