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Customer Reviews

4.2 out of 5 stars
4.2 out of 5 stars
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on 25 July 2004
When I purchased Red Dead Revolver, I wasnt really a fan of western type genres, but once the game was up and running I realised how mistaken I was. This game is simply awesome. There are so many enjoyable elements to it from the gritty enviroments, to the hard tough characters, this game has an intense western atmosphere thats so enjoyable I found myself wanting to jump out of my seat screaming YEE HAW! "Red" as all great westerns go, is driven by a story of revenge, a young boys parents are murdered and years later the once young innocent child, now brutal Bounty Hunter is tracking down the killers, along with taking out a few bad ass villans on the way. It has a great story line and allows you to play as many different characters including ranch babe Annie Stoakes, and fine english man Jack Swift, which adds a large amount of variety to the game. Speaking Of Variety theres loads of different play modes to the game, from riding on horses down rocky canyons, to the intense duel mode where you can almost hear your enemy whispering " do you feel lucky punk" , one flaw from critics is the compaints of the games bad graphics, which i honestly dont know why, ok well its set in the wild west and i suppose its not the prettiest of places, but like i said it has a great atmosphere to it, and its not all wild desert hunting, within the game you get to visit lush forests, wild ranches, and luxurious mansions. And I also may add that the game includes a typical cowboy town, with its on townsfolk which are all interactive. Armed with a range of weapons from pistols to the good old dynamite youll be able to make your way through many levels defeating villans, most of the levels have a typical western enemy at the end, but they all have their own abilities which makes the game a lot more interesting. The game does get tough sometimes and may drive you insane with frustration but the thing with this game is its not just mindless shooting, every level needs a certain tactic to get through ( not 2 forget the mindless fun shooting ;D ) the controls are easy to master and the game provides helpful walkthroughs, It didnt really take me that long to finish the game (because I couldnt put it down ), but i throughly enjoyed it while it lasted, and theres also an unlockable bounty hunter mode which gives you extra objectives, to top all that a good multiplayer is included. Overall Red Dead Revolver is a highly enjoyable game which is well worth your money all we need now is an equally as good sequel :D .
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on 25 June 2004
When a new genre of game is approached and written, you must always approach with trepidation. Wild West games do not normally do well, usually poorly programmed, poorly tested and generall slack efforts with gaudy graphics and linear play.
So Rockstar games get involved- whom have a pritty good pedigree of games to their name (grand Theft auto etc).
I am delighted to say this game cracked it for me.
A good old revenge story line- a good multi player function (I regard this as essential for any console game) and an interesting control system. Many people will damn this game purely on it's controls- not so- it makes the game very much more than a simple 'run round shooting' affair. The 'quick draw' faceoffs part of the game is done especially well- really drawing you into the gun slinging.
Downside? Well the 'boss' characters you have to defeat are sometimes quite bizarre- and it falls all to easily into the 'blast at them with your biggest gun' affair. Plus some levels just end up being a frustrating plod whereby enemies pop up and you nail them. Plus the lack of any 'sniper' type weapons mean some long distance rifle battles become annoying guesswork and straining the eyes to see them.
Overall it is a worthwhile title- you will not find yourself thinking it the 'best game' in the collection but definitely one to keep playing.
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VINE VOICEon 6 August 2005
There's nothing bad or ugly about this game - its all good! It's so refreshing to have a western on the PS2, I just HAD to buy this! It follows Red, a gunslinger who has travelled the land looking for his parents' murderers. Along the way, he becomes a bounty hunter for the sheriff of Brimstone, providing lots of oppotunities to take out the local heavies.
Red Dead is pure magic - the level design is marvellous, with alot of them being set piece shootouts and duels rather than spawling maps. The graphics are smooth and the scenary is stunning with terrific effects - looking like something Leone would be proud of! The controls are fiddly to begin with, but after a while, you realise that Rockstar have done a great job with the gameplay - allowing yu to jump, kick, punch, shoot (obviously) and roll over fences etc. like summit outa Magnificant 7! Plus loads of good weaponry and horses and bufalo that you can ride!
The multipayer allows up to four combatants and is also a real good laugh, and each character has their own special weapon. But the icing on the cake (aside from a wonderful soundtrack, pace and replay value) is the DEAD EYE mode. During gameplay, you build up your DEAD EYE and when activated, it provides a slow motion target display - in other words, you can target all six bullets on various limbs etc or multiple enemies and take them all out at once! COOL!!!!
You have to buy this game - it reminds me of the type of action that used to be good in Syphon Filter 1 and 2. Get it now!
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on 20 May 2005
Red Dead Revolver, is a shooting game that takes place in the wild west. Different and unique to many of the games currently on the market.
You play as Red, a stone cold mercenary who's a sharpshooter, and doesn't really care what the mission is, as long as he's paid at the end of it. Storyline wise, there's not much there, but its no worse than most of the action games out there.
The graphics are unusual. Grainy, almost like your viewing them through sand. Deliberately done to give you an old western video sort of feeling. With that in mind, its certainly a nice refreshing change from the typical. The wild west looks beautiful and shows off in sections such as the town and the old home ranch.
The gameplay is what sets this apart. There is a fast action pace, requiring you to eliminate all the baddies, and trust me, there are a lot of baddies. This is in the usual shoot and duck sort of mode. However, there are a nice range of weapons to unlock throughout the game, which are brought with ransom money you've earned. The game also has unlockable characters which you can also use. It takes you accross train jouneys, to deserted towns, to the rocky mountains and back. However, one of the nicest features is the showdown option, which is the equivalent of a quick draw contest, where you will need to use the right analogue and aim quicker than your opponent.
With all this in mind, the sound could be neglected, but all it does is casually follow a Western theme whilst voice overs of your enemies can also be heard. This is a good game, and certainly one worth owning, but if you cannot stand the wild west (i mean really cannot stand) then this may not be the game for you.
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on 16 August 2005
This is by far and away the greatest western game ever made. If you're a fan of the genre in film, you will appriciate and revel in the atmospherics, freedom and sound, taking elements from classic films such as 'the Good, the Bad and the Ugly', 'the wild bunch' and 'the outlaw Josey Wales'. A noticable feature is the town that can be explored, with its own saloon and a number of different shops where goods can be purchased. While the action can become repetitive at times, it never becomes dull with a vast amount of different enemies to conquer and landscape to explore. From jumping onto trains to tracking indians through woods this game has it all with long lasting appeal. Well worth spending your hard earned on.
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on 13 July 2005
There's nothing I can say here that hasn't already been said, but I feel I must make some comment on this superb game.

It's definitely the most authentic-feeling western based game I've played, and although games in this genre are few and far between, Red Dead Revolver sets the standard for others to follow. And what a high standard it is!

The gameplay is fast and smooth and although the controls may seem difficult to come to grips with when you're reading about them in the manual, believe me, once you get into the game, you'll pick it up straight away.

I would recommend this game to any western fan and also anyone who likes a highly addictive, playable and enjoyable action/adventure game.
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on 10 May 2004
Red is supposedly the main character in the game, but Red Dead Revolver takes regular sojourns into short side-stories by putting you in control of various supporting characters (not all of whom are on Red's side), including the tough-minded independent farm owner, Annie Stoakes; the English dandy sharpshooter, Jack Swift; the merciless General Diego; and Red's Native American blood brother, Shadow Wolf. These episodes offer a bit of variety, though all the characters play roughly the same as Red. More importantly, the fact that these characters continually take center stage over Red contributes to his weakness as a central character. All of these characters, along with just about any other characters worth mentioning in game, show up in Red Dead Revolver's multiplayer game, though the mode itself, which offers a handful of deathmatch-style games, seems kind of tacked-on. In all honesty, an extra mode where you could engage in a series of duels would've been a far more interesting addition.
The components that make up the visuals in Red Dead Revolver are fairly modest. The environments are generally pretty small; the characters are chunky; and some of the animations are kind of awkward. Though it's not the most visually advanced game we've seen, Red Dead Revolver gets a lot of mileage out of heat-wash blur effects, dusty particle effects, and gritty film-grain filters, giving the game a purposefully worn-in look. The color palette is also very thoughtful, relying heavily on earth tones and deep hues of red and orange, though this doesn't mean that all the environments look identical. This is a case where personality supersedes technical merit, though there are moments where Red Dead Revolver is too absurd and self-indulgent for its own good. The most egregious of these transgressions comes in the form of a pack of midget clowns you square off with early on in the game. These Wild Wild West moments aside, Red Dead Revolver is the best-looking and most authentic Western game we've seen.
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on 2 September 2004
First off, for some reason in all reviews Red Dead Revolver is shown to be some sort of arcade shoot-em-um.Well it aint!
Its a third person RPG/ACTION game that kicks ass. Basically i could go on about the graphics and such, but all you need to know is the blood looks great, you can upgrade + buy wepons, ranging from Revolvers to Flaming arrows. And the multiplayer is superb. Buy this game!!! Oh and just for the record the graphics are better than any other rockstar game.
One Minor prob with the game is that you can buy a poncho, but you can not wear it! if you could wear a poncho this game would have got 5 stars.
If you are a fan of western films this is the game for you, even if you cant wear poncho's!
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on 15 February 2006
I bought this game with great gusto and when I started to play it, I was not dissapointed. The gameplay is exceptional and very good, helped by the in game graphics; and the story is great for a video game.
Of course, this being a Rockstar game, there are some of the developer's touches: the blood, although nowhere near as horrid as GTA (which I am ashamed I ever played) is reminiscent of it in a vage way. For example it is watchable (and I am very sensitive when it comes to gore) but when you shoot someone in a "Showdown" it sort of spurts/dissipates out in front of the victim before dissapearing in to thin air.
In game however it is no worse than Timesplitters 3.
There are also some almost supernatural elements eg. Circus Freaks, Grizzly and the "boss" wearing the coffin.
But despite how this sounds this is a fantastic game.
There are some wonderful locations, controls, settings and even music! (tracks from Ennio Morricone)
It succsesfully portrays the feel of a spagetti western and the cut scenes are really atmospheric.
All the levels are really fun and some are more than excellent; especially where you get to ride a horse!
At the end of the day my overall summery would be that this is the first of it's kind and more will follow (hopefully they won't all be 18s - Gun) and they will hopefully become more sophisticated and will end in perfect quality. Maybe a Dollars game?
Having said this, it seems to me that, because this game captures the Western feel 90% (at numerouse times 100%), someone would have to come up with a really ingenuitive game to surpass it. Otherwise games may feel just a cleanup of this one.
But I am excited about the prospect of the Western genre in video games, especially after this.
This is almost perfect and I give it 5 stars. A "Must Have" and it holds the feeling that you get when you first spot the cover.
Retrospect is good but it is also a shame when you finish this game.
One last thing: I can bet the makers of this have seen "Death Rides A Horse"!
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on 31 March 2005
Red Dead Revolver was a good game, it wasn't as good as I had hoped, but Rockstar managed to do a good job of the western game genre, considering it is not the most common of game settings.
The player controls are quite good, the violence is as you would expect from a Rockstar game, thick and fast. The weapon selection is also good and the fact you can upgrade weapons is a great feature.
One of my main problems with the game was the difficulty level, considering it was set to normal mode (hard mode and bounty hunter mode are now unlocked after completing it) the game was incredibly difficult. The bosses at the start of the game are harder than the ones towards the end of the game. There are also too many baddies and not enough health bonuses within each level. I found myself having to start some of the levels again because of the mass of baddies that swamped your character. This is a game for the experienced gamer, and even then it can be quite frustrating.
Also another problem I had with the game was I found the graphics not up to much (a few too many glitches and the characters faces looked terrible). That said the scenery graphics of the game are very good.
Aside from that this is a really good game and is worth buying to try a different setting. Plus there are unlockable features for the showdown mode - which is also good. And I forgot to say the story is good, but let down at the end.
Worthy of 4 stars.
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