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Customer reviews

4.0 out of 5 stars
Jump Leads
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on 23 September 2015
Personally I loved it! It shows their ability to create a variety of sounds even though they are still underground. If there are touches of soul and other influences thats cool as long as the quality and style is there. When I listen to Black Market Gardening compared to Power clown they are different animals but still distinctly the FB eccentric flavour. It's just another great asset to their skills if you ask me to be able to manipulate sounds and inject touches of this and that. As long as they don't sell out although their last album nearly did as 'The life and times of Phoebus Broomal' (excuse the spelling) had touches of general hip hop which annoyed me greatly but it was still sweet enough.
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on 8 July 2017
This offering is like so much fifth rate modern music, simply a bore to listen to with a minimal content which can only be appreciated if one is in a coma. This is a shame because Fila Brazillia are talented guys and have clearly displayed proof in other recordings that they are capable of so much better than this feeble effort!
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on 5 February 2016
Sometimes an album comes along that fulfils all criteria demanded by any music fan of any denomination...This is it...

Simply stunning...Play and be amazed...
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TOP 1000 REVIEWERon 28 February 2002
Fila Brazillia, being 2 guys from North-east England, present their eigth studio album.
Most acts dont get past one album, but not only are Fila heading for double-digits, they have done so with a beatiful suite of downtempo electronica sounds.
As you may have guessed already... I love Fila!
But I dont love this CD :-(
What went wrong?
Im not anti-vocal, far from it, but Fila *are* vocal-free downtempo electronica. They define the genre as much as Tosca do.
It has occurred to me during the 4 weeks I have owned this CD that it may be snobbishness. Would I feel the same about this CD if it was by another artist? After lots of reflection and listening, the answer is yes. This CD just doesnt click with me.
But it might with you. To give you some clues as to my Fila taste, I wasnt huge on "Old Codes, New Chaos". There were slightly too many samples for me. Kinda like vocals in the end. So if you 5-starred Old Codes, then you will probably like Jump Leads more than I do.
Not that its all bad. Im not handing out 4 stars out of loyalty. The vocals are only on 4 or 5 tracks. The instrumental tracks are worthy of any Fila release, but just when I get comfortable the vocals return. Maybe it the voice itself that is bugging me. Kid Loco's vocalistic "Kill Your Darlings" hits the spot wonderfully. Hmmm, I dunno. Turmoil.
So... to summarise:
- Its a mixture of classic Fila, and Fila doing *gasp* SONGS
- If you are a big Fila fan you are going to buy this CD anyway!
- If you are a casual Fila fan, then its more Old Codes than Maim That Tune
- If you are new to Fila and have stumbled across this CD, then I reckon you should buy a couple of older releases first. Try "Maim that Tune", "Power Clown" or "Touch of Cloth".
I will now return to my turmoil, and if I change my mind on this one, will let you know!
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on 18 August 2014
Very fast delivery, item as described
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on 15 April 2015
Thank you A+
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on 17 September 2014
Good tracks, on a good album.
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on 11 January 2002
These boys deserve a knighthood for services to music. As usual Fila present a wonderful array of styles and flavours from soul and funk to techno and latin leaving them virtually impossible to pigeonhole...
4 tunes feature the vocal talents of Steve Edwards who brings a dimension to F.B. not previously evident and meshes seamlessly with those trademark Brazillia grooves.....
Invest and believe!
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on 9 February 2002
Far from Fila's finest work, I really wanted to like this new album but I feel badly let down. Somehow Hull's finest non-mainstream duo have let down their guard over their unconventional but fantastic grooves, and let in the twin evils of cheesy-listening and banal lyrics...
On some tracks it's hard to believe it this is the same Fila B responsible for such unique records as... well... their whole back catalogue (uniformly excellent, one or two dodgy tracks in EIGHT fine albums).
There are excellent tracks on this album - 4: DNA, 6: It's a Knockout and 8: Percival Quintaine show plenty of the old spirit - but they are the exception rather than the rule...
Earlier albums were filled with peculiar samples, driving basslines, finely honed tunes and quirky rhythms. This one... the old imagination seems to have gone, replaced with bog-standard jazz-lite rhythm tracks, noodling guitar... and the singing! My god... Vic Reeves' pub singer would have been preferable...
Basically, there's two mini-albums here. One of good, but mostly non-vintage, Fila B grooves (****). The other, a very poor collection of uninteresting generic jazzy chillout (*) - like there isn't enough of this already?!
It's a sad relinquishment of the proudly unconventional streak that used to keep Fila B head and shoulders above everyone else in the downbeat arena... very sad...
If you've heard this album and quite like it... get their others quickly! You'll wonder if it was the same group... but the old albums are by far the better, you won't regret it.
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on 13 February 2002
After discovering Fila Brazillia back in 2000, I realised I'd been missing out on one of the finest musical acts ever. So as soon as they announced Jump Leads, I eagerly awaited the day of release. With seven previous masterpieces, a fantastic double-CD remix album and their recent "Another Late Night" chillout album, I couldn't have dreamed this would be anything other than yet another piece of perfection.
Tragically I was wrong however. The album starts well enough - Bumblehaun's opening organ music certainly gives you the impression of the funk to come and after a few plays this piece has cemented itself as a favourite of mine.
But the problem starts with the tracks with vocals - something never before seen in an original FB track. It's not really something obvious; the tracks are by no means unpleasant in their own right, but they detract from the album as a whole.
A friend of mine who also got the album suggested playing it without any of the vocal tracks, and whilst this makes it somewhat shorter, it gives you an indication of what Jump Leads could have been if the Fila boys had stuck to the old vision.
So where does it stand? Bottom of the playlist for FB in my book, but by no means worthless. Tracks like "Motown Coppers", "DNA", "It's A Knockout" and "Percival Quintaine" are of the old calibre, so you FB fans out there should probably get it for these alone. For those unacquainted with FB, I'd recommend starting your journey into enlightenment with Power Clown, A Touch Of Cloth or Maim That Tune.
Come on Steve & Dave.....you are capable of better work! Here's to a new album before the end of '02...
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