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4.9 out of 5 stars
4.9 out of 5 stars
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on 26 January 2002
Ok, this is the greatest album i have EVER heard. heres what i think of all the tracks
Dont Stop Movin'- 4/5, very good funky dance song. Its great. but after a while it can start to get old.
Show Me Your Colours - 5/5- awesome pop ballad! Its great to listen to when you have your girlfriend or boyfriend over. AWESOME.
You - 5/5 - This has a definite 60's feel with a remarkable S Club twist to it. Very good pop tune!
Have You Ever - 4.5/5 - Very good song. Jo on lead vocals. Wonderful vocals and lost love song, love it!
Goodtimes 4/5- Paul on lead vocals! Very light funky mid-tempo tune. Awesome.
Boy Like You - 4.5/5- They re-did this song! Its even BETTER than before. Great tune!
Sunshine - 5/5 - Now THIS is a GREAT song. Best ballad on the album. One of my two favs with jon on main vocals.
Dance, Dance, Dance - 4.5/5 - I LOVE this song. Hannah on lead vocals! Sounds very much like Dont Stop Movin' with a faster beat.
It's Alright - 4/5 - This is a good song. But I have to say that it is my least fav on the album. Very good though mid-tempo beat.
Stronger - 4/5 - Well, this is new. Its electronic dance!
Very good club sound. Love it. Tina on lead vocals.
Right Guy - 4/5 - Brad on leads. Great tune. But he didnt quit cut the line wiht this song. He's tryin to hard to be R&B.
Summertime Feeling - 4/5 - Great funky tropical tune. Good for hangin out on the beach.
I Will Find You - 1000/5 - This is THE GREATEST song i have ever heard. Jo and Bradely on main vocals. Very good rhythmic beat. Once you start you cant stop listening to it! Best song on the album!
Never Had A Dream Come True - 4.5/5 - Very good song. Always loved this love ballad. I dont know why they put it on two differenet albums though. Oh well its a great filler.
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on 4 January 2002
Well I've liked S club 7 for 3 years now (despite actually being 17 myself!!!!) and this is undoubtedly their best album yet!!! Here's what i thought of the individual tracks...
1. Don't stop movin' 3/5. You know the score here, you've all danced to it before!
2. Show me your colours - 5/5 Rachel on lead, and doesn't she do it well?! An up-tempo ballad with a gorgeous tune.
3. You - 5/5. 60's pop style song, reminds you of their previous hit record 'Reach'. Rachel on lead with Jon and Jo. Fantastic.
4. Have you ever - 4/5. A bit of a sad one here, brilliant though.
5. Good times - 3/5. Sung by Paul, easy to listen to but not as good as some of the other tracks.
6. Boy like you - 5/5.Fantastic, very lively with a melodic tune, summery.
7. Sunshine - 2/5. With Jon on lead here, he doesn't sound his best, remeniscent of some of the weaker '7' tracks.
8. Dance dance dance - 5/5. Hannah sings this song well, it has strong tones of 70's disco and will make you want to do exactly what it says.
9. It's alright - 5/5. A personal favourite of mine, this is very up-tempo with lots of lead changeover for an interesting feel.
10. Stronger - 3/5. This is also, very disco influenced, sung by Tina. Not as good as Dance Dance Dance.
11. Right guy - 1/5. Written and sung by Brad, yet definitely lacking something. Only bad track on the album.
12. Summertime feeling - 4/5. Like it's name suggests, a laid back summer tune to relax to.
13. I will find you - 3/5. Touching lyrics, also written by S club 7. A fantastic first attempt at song writing.
14. Never had a dream come true - 5/5. You all know this one.
15. Don't stop movin' (Jewels and Stone radio mix) - 2/5. Slightly dull remix here, don't know why it's included really.
You also get a video of Never Had A Dream Come True taken from the S Club Party Tour. Well worth the money!!!!
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on 20 November 2001
For their third album the S Clubbers have put together a polished collection of feelgood tunes which will please any pop lover.
From the very outset the formular of the first two albums is there but with added extras.
Sunshine is an appropriate title for the album as all the songs have a summery feeling to them and would be perfect as the soundtrack for a pool party in July.
If you liked the disco vocoder pop of "Don't Stop Moving" then you'll love "Dance, Dance, Dance" and the electro disco sound of "Stronger".
"Goodtimes", "Show me your Colours" and the aptly titled "Summertime Feeling" all take you back to those long summer days and nights and make you forget that you're in the middle of winter.
There are strangely familiar sounds to some of the tracks with the intro to "Boy Like You" sounding very much like En Vogue's "Don't Let Go" and "It's Alright" showing hints of Tom Jones' "It's Not Unusual."
If you're looking for the new "Reach" then "You" is the best bet, it's the title track to Hollywood 7 and like "Reach" is a big bouncy affair guaranteed to make you dance.
There's a bit of latino pop on "Right Guy" and "Sunshine", one of the slower tracks, gives Jon a chance to prove his worth. "I will find you" is a mid tempo love song, but manages to keep the summertime feeling of the album at the same time.
Put all of these tracks together with previous hits "Never Had A Dream Come True", "Don't Stop Moving" and the new single "Have you ever" and you've got a bright shiny package of pop that any band would be pleased to call their own.
A great third album and a must for all pop fans.
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on 25 December 2001
Ok, I'm not a huge Pop Fan, but after the constant annoying Sclub Videos and songs on the radio/TV, I've been bitten by the S Club bug so it may seem.
So I gave in and bought the Album.
And wasn't I glad I did!
SUCH a great album! REALLY great tracks.... and just to bore you, this is what I thought of them all!
1) Don't Stop Moving - my rating 3/5 Great dance track, you WILL be shaking your funky stuff to this!
2)Show Me Your Colours - 5/5 Beautiful funky kind of song - grown up pop - Rachel singing on it - FAB.
3)YOU - 4.5/5 Dancy pop with a 60's kind of feel, uplifting and happy, again Rachel shares lead vocals with Jon and Jo. And the next single.
4)Have You Ever - 4/5. Jo on lead vocals on this ballard - think; Never Had a Dream Come True but on the next level.
5)Good Times - 4/5 Surprizingly good, Paul on Lead vocals and a "boyzone" type feel, but surprisingly it's not all that bad. Paul does a good job and it's a very "happy" song.
6) Boy Like You - 5/5 A very American feel to this funky Britney type track sung by Rachel (again)
7)Sunshine - 1/5 Jon on lead vocals, sounds like an old country singer and has a bad 80's vibe to it, which can't be a good thing. Not very good at all.
8) Dance Dance Dance 2/5 - BeeGee's Night Fever feel/70's. I think Rachel is on lead again - it's very Euro-Pop but bearable.
9)It's Alright - 3/5 It's alright. (like what I did there?!)
10)Stronger - 1/5 very clubby feel! you could imagine this in a club in ibiza - stick to the pop Sclub this track doesn't cut the mustard!
11) Right Guy 1/5 - Latino Feel with Brad on lead vocals - he's trying to be Sisquo and it don't work. Oh, and "call the phone in the early morn'" is SUCH a bad line BRAD!
12)Summertime feeling - 4/5 Definately got the summertime feeling! I Can imagine pumping this one up with the roof down! BO! (If only I HAD a roof that went down....)
13)I Will Find You 3/5 - Again a bit of an american feel, R&B-ish... it's ok, but not brilliant.
14)Never Has a dream come true 4.5/5 - you know the score on this one. one of my faves.
15) Don't Stop Moving - 2/5 funked up version of the first track - don't really see the point, but it's ok. I suppose you get your money's worth!
Oh thats it, no more tracks on the album! except a video of a live version from one of their concerts that, if you've got the technology, can watch it on your PC - now isn't that clever?!
Thats 10 good tracks out of 15 - can't be bad!
All in all, I'm pretty chuffed!
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on 19 March 2002
This CD is exactly what you'd expect; happy, tuneful, get up and dance kind of music. The album is for all ages - young and old, it's just what you want to put on loud on a sunny afternoon. It hasn't got any deep and meaningful songs but you wouldn't expect it off this group anyway. One that the kids will love and the adults won't have to worry about bad influences or bad language. Not the best album out there but definately one to have in your collection for the summer.
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on 12 December 2001
This album really is a ray of sunshine. Just when it's getting cold and everyone is getting a bit down, SClub come along and cheer you up, which is just what good pop should do.
I love this album, particularly because it shows off SClub as a brilliant group. I'm fed up of people saying SClub are simply just another manufactured band, and I am glad they have done this album so well, because it proves everyone who has had that opinion wrong. They are a cut above Hear'say and Steps.
From beginning to end this album is full of vocal and songwriting talent that you won't forget in a hurry. My favourite has to be the brilliant Don't Stop Movin' it fills you wth energy every time you hear it, and really deserves its Record of The Year award.
My least favourite though has to be Stronger. This is Tina's lead song and it does not impress me. I don't doubt that Tina can sing, but this song really doesn't flatter, you only have to listen to I'll Be There and Stand by You on SClub7's previous album 7 to notice this.
Another thing that needs congratulating though is SClub's songwriting skills -in particular Mr. Bradley McIntosh. His song Right Guy is quite amazing, I first heard it as a B Side to Don't Stop Movin' and felt it deserved more, so I'm glad this latino stylee remake of it features on the album -I also think it would stand up well as a single and i hope they release it.
Thank you SClub for cheering me up, when I'm down. Keep churning out the sunshine, even in winter it's sunshine that we all need. Thank You too for Have You Ever -an important song for me that reminds me of a cousin that I lost. It's a very special song to remember a special little boy by.
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on 2 April 2002
Wow! third album! I guess when these guys say they've worked hard, SUNSHINE proves it ! Three #1 singles Don't stop movin, Never had a dream come true and Have u ever. If you liked Reach you'll surely adore You ... Rachel's still giving us those really cool R'N'B songs as in the last Album with Show me ur colors and Boy like you. Dance Dance Dance is another track that won't keep ur feet together ... And if you like those romantic duets between Bradley and Jo you will love I Will Find You ... Plus let's not forget Jon's fabulous voice singing Sunshine !And one thing's for sure this album is definitely gonna be on my Cd player !
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on 20 February 2002
Pure unadulterated pop! Guarenteed to lift your spirits whatever your mood. The best tracks have to be You and Don't Stop Movin' which are total cheese but thats what S Club are all about- they will definitely get everyone up and dancing! I LOVE IT!!!!!!!
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on 12 January 2005
Time goes by...but this remain INVINCIBLE.
This album by S Club 7 is absolutely excellent. I worked hard like never before to get it, because it wasn't be released in Italy. If you can be really happy with simple and mellow songs, this will sure become your life's album. My experience with it...have taught me that. Let's look at the songs...
1. Don't stop movin' - The song of the great summer 2001. It's a Classic and a poster of their style...and it's really, really catchy! 10/10
2. Show me your colours - Nice, nice and absolutely NICE! It can bring up the atmosphere for the following ones...9/10
3. You - Nothing to say: I think that is the most memorable song of S club 7. I LOVE it and I will love it forever. It's a big-bag of memories for me and it can be the same for you, if you want. 2005/10
4. Have you ever - Another Classic, this is for the ballad-type. It's beautiful and intense like nothing, really nothing. 10/10
5. Good times - Really an S Club song, quiet and funny. It's really nice. 9/10
6. Boy like you - Like the one reminds me "These days" from Jennifer Paige! 9/10
7. Sunshine - It's beautiful. Lyrics are simply excellent. The the rest. 10/10
8. Dance, dance, dance - ...CATCHY ! It's really fast ! Why not? 9/10
9. It's alright - The best song, like "YOU". This is S Club 7...and me too. God also like it!!! 11/10
10. Right guy - r'n'b one. But it can be a good alternative. 9/10
11. Stronger - Another dance track, really catchy and fast like the others. 9/10
12. Summertime feelings - The title say everything. A relaxing song. 9/10
13. I will found you - This is also relaxing. The rhythm is good! 9/10
14. Never had a dream come true - Like "Have you ever", it's an historic ballad with a divine melody and sweet text. 10/10
15. Never had a dream come true (Live from "S Club party") - This is the last point of this album and is a pleasure bonus!
Well...from the 2001 until now, this is the most famous album of my life. It's also the most famous album of S Club 7 so...why don't you come to take a part of these many victories? The "Sunshine" is waiting for you.
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on 25 January 2002
Sunshine is the most professional sounding album that they have released, so far. The music and voices sound more mature this time around.
1.Don't Stop Movin' - a funky disco track that takes the listerner back to the late 70s/early 80's -hard to sit still to this one.
2.Show Me Your Colours - When I heard this on the TV show, I didn't like it, but now I love it. Rachel does a great job.
3.You - a catchy melody, that reminds me of a commercial jingle. It so much fun, that it ends too soon.
4. Have you Ever - A great melody, Jo does an incredible job.
5.Good Times - I love Paul's voice on this one - a great summer song.
6.Boy Like You - My favorite song on the album, right now. Once again Rachel does well on this fun, great pop song.
7. Sunshine - At first it seems like it will be boring, but it has a nice melody. Jon's voice seems more suited to Broadway than pop though.
8. Dance Dance Dance - go Hannah! A great club song.
9. It's Alright - reminds me of Bring it All Back and Reach - a happy song about self-confidence.
10. Stronger - A nice dance beat - but Tina's voice seems a bit off, it sounds like they used computers over it.
11. Right Guy - no, no, no - the weakest song on the album, nice guitar melody, but sorry Bradley, the lyrics are not that great.
12. Summertime Feeling - another great summer song, with a Fleetwood Mac bass line. Nice work Paul.
13. I WIll Find You- a great r&b flavored song that sounds like the r&b sound out of the early '90s.
14. Never Had a Dream Come True - a great song, but how many times are they going to release this?
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