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3.9 out of 5 stars
3.9 out of 5 stars
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on 20 December 2002
I consider this film a missed opportunity to bring the original concept back on track. The villain of the story line - Mario van Peebles - was to similar to Clancy Brown in voice and mannerisms of the first "Highlander" story that after another scene where he does more gymnastics with his tongue while talking (why do they do that????) that after a while you stopped believing in him in the character. Another incident in the final sword fight where he is cut in half along the waist and the bottom half walked along to join the top half reminds you of the "Tom and Jerry" cartoons, this scene had no place in this movie. It has been often said - with some justification - that Christopher Lambert walks through his movies without putting to much emotion into the roles, this I'm afraid is another one. Having said that the script was so dire that even Lawrence Olivier would be hard pressed to do anything with the story----that more than anything was the main culprit. On the plus side the film is saved by it's "moments" between Christopher Lambert and Deborah Unger while he prepares to meet Mario van Peebles, the Celtic music running through the movie especially "Bonny Portmore" by Loreena McKennitt which was played through a good part of the movie (it even made me buy the CD "The Visit") and the Scottish scenery which made this an okay film rather than a total washout.
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on 4 July 2013
Highlander will go down in history as a cult classic, flawed but still a great watch (even with Lamberts awful Scottish accent) Highlander 2 is about the worst film ever made, so this was an attempt to fix the problems with the series and get it back on track by basically using the same storyline as the original (evil immortal who killed a mentor of Macleod finds him in New York while female scientist works out who he is) and pretending the second film didn't happen (a feat that any of us who have watched it wish we could pull off), it's just a shame they made such a poor attempt.

So what is wrong with this film, Lamberts accent is still awful, 8 years and 2 sequels (and the first episode of the highlander series) after the original he still hasn't bothered to at least try and sound Scottish, Mario Van Peebels tries his best to bring the same threat as Clancy Brown did but just seems to spend his time growling and being evil for the sake of being evil, his powers as a sorcerer at least bring something new but how illusion can make you turn into a bird and fly off into the distance is never really explained, flashbacks to revolutionary France add nothing apart from the new woman in Macleods life looks like someone he used to know then (and an excuse for the mandatory cheap nineties sex scene)

So overall a film that tries to live up to the original but fails in nearly all it tries to do, but it's still surprising worth a watch just for the few moments when it does something right but these are few and far between.
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on 29 November 2001
Ignore Highlander 2, it didn't happen (need I say any more). An MVP's character has been trapped in a cave for century's so CL's character has not won 'The Prize' and is therefore not mortal. Roll on a similar story to Highlander 1. If you enjoy Highlander you'll enjoy this movie, which is far better than Highlander 2.
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Years after winning the prize at the end of the first film, Connor Macleod finds himself hunted by the immortal Kane who has been trapped buried under a mountain in Japan for 400 years who is now free and wants revenge. Ignoring the events in Highlander 2 completely pretending it didn't happen was probably a smart move and the film has some nice continuity and references to the original. Christopher Lambert is good as an ageing Connor Macleod while Mario VanPeebles hams it up completely as the villain Kane. The tv series which had started and was well established by time of release is also completely ignored and the film at least feels like a proper sequel to the original with good action and effects and is the first film in the series not to star Sean Connery.
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on 31 May 2014
now old and tired of life mc cloeds immortality is fading as he waits to die and join his first true love heather.but an enemy from where he came arrives and makes him a young man again after defeating them,this time he goes to a high mountain in china to find another immortal,friendly ,a wizard who remakes his sword,teaches him and after three Chinese find them mc cloed must once again fight though with the help of the wizard he gets away and the the Chinese warriors are buried alive in side the mountain to be dug out by archeologists and go searching for mc cloud, after defeating them he goes back to where hi first true love is buried and is put with her,but does it end there............... a good film,recommend all the highlander films
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on 16 March 2002
For God's sake, is it too difficult to get the balance right? Highlander was a tremendous film, brilliant, Higlander 2 was pants. Highlander 3 looks like someone has just said 'let's remake the original, eh? that should be profitable'. Mario Van Peebles even tries to sound like Clancy Brown's Kurgan, but is nowehere near as loathsome. There are lots and lots of camera shots, and even some lines (I'm not talking catchphrases here, I'm talking DIALOGUE) which have been lifted directly from the original. My feelings on the series are seriously mixed, but as far as the film series is concerned, scrunch your eyes up tight, bung Highlander (the original) into the DVD player and convince yourself that no other sequels were made. This is the only way to stop the anger and disappointment rising.
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on 30 September 2014
Worth watching more than once, a bit dated now but still a cracking film, if you watched the original film dont watch the second pure s***,this one seems to carry on from the first film but alas no queen music.would have been nice!
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on 29 July 2013
Having watched the trilogy years ago when they first came out I felt it was about time to educate the next generation who are brought up on modern day electronic imaging on most movies. Oh, The Sorcerer is a very good sequel and better than Highland 2. Family had a Highlander Movie night - great fun - plus the popcorn!
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TOP 1000 REVIEWERon 14 June 2012
Where are the heads? There's hardly any fighting in this one! It's ok as a movie and manages to rise above the level of one of the TV episodes, but only just. A curio piece for fans of the francise only.
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on 26 September 2012
Being a Christopher Lambert follower in role of the Highlander, I had to add this to my full collection of Highlander.
Great story if you not watched any Highlander films, and a little 'here we go again' if you have.
Recommend this film for good sound entertainment.
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