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Customer reviews

4.6 out of 5 stars
4.6 out of 5 stars
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on 3 December 2001
The biggest accusation levelled at Hoobastank is that they sound how Incubus now sound.
True, on some tracks, you'd be forgiven for thinking Brandon Boyd was guesting. But this is the only nag about what is a very accomplished album.
The awesome single "Crawling in the Dark" kicks things off and sets the precedent for an album full of energy, emotion and good tunes.

Pigeon holing them would be doing them a a dis-service. For references sake, they probably sit in the nu - metal category, but Hoobastank are different from alot of the more modern metal acts currenly flooding over from the states.
The guitarist has his own style, the songs are written from a more basic punk origin and combined with metal stylings.

Basically, Hoobastank are a very good rock band.
They're not the most original and certainley aren't breaking any new ground, but check them if you like nice, unpretensious, uncomplicated, well written, sometimes well heavy and always tuneful contemporary rock songs.
An ideal pick me up for those long winter nights or a soundtrack to next summer.
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on 5 February 2002
I first hear about this band when I knew they were supporting incubus. As I was going to see incubus I wanted to hear some songs by the support band. I was really impressed with what I heard and even more so after I saw them live (obviously they weren't as good as incubus) I started to listen to the album again after seeing them live and realised how good it was. All the tracks are good with the standouts being the single "crawling in the dark", "pieces" "up and gone" and "remember me" If you like incubus you should like this album
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on 21 December 2003
In a world full of repetitive choruses and recycled riffs, the music industry has been long in the waiting of a band such as Hoobastank. With their eponymous debut, this album is certainly not one to be missed, with such hits as "Running Away", "Ready For You", and the released single "Crawling In The Dark", this album is complete from the effects-ridden guitar to the rhymthmic bass lines, and Doug Robb's powerful catchy lyrics. In essence, buy this album!
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on 31 January 2002
I bought this album after having heard them live at the apollo, during their european tour with incubus. There isnt a song on it that i dont like, but in particular i like 'running away', 'up and gone' and 'pieces' and obviously 'crawling int the dark'. For htose of you who are familiar with Incubus, their style of music on this album, is like a mixture of 'Make Youself' and 'SCIENCE', melodic and yet quite loud. I guarentee Hoobastank are going to be big, and i cant wait to listen to their other albums.
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on 5 November 2001
A couple of months ago I read the name Hoobastank on a rock/metal web page and decided to find out more about this band...boy was that a good idea!
First listen to their latest material (their self titled album) may well conjure up hasty similarities to Incubus and I suppose you'd be right (especially vocally from Doug). This is not so surprising as they both come from the same music scene and are good friends. This similarity though is definitely NOT a bad thing, and they certainly stand their own ground here. One big difference is that Hoobastank don't have a DJ in their midst which again is certainly not a bad thing.
The opening track "Crawling In The Dark" is a good choice...energetic, good harmonies and a great groove. You can't help but get a big smile on your face listening to it, knowing exactly how it would look and sound in the live environment. From there on in the album does not disappoint the listening. Unlike some bands that have come out as of late (mentioning no names) the tracks on this album do not just follow the same formula over and over again. There is good variety and diversity throughout, from the faster "Pieces", slower moments on "Too Little Too Late" & "To Be With You" and all out groove/funk on "Crawling In The Dark", "Better" and "Give It Back".
This is a very good album and comes across to the listener as a very positive, uplifting experience. You can tell that these guys have been together a long time (since 1994) and it will be a crying shame if they get overlooked as a simple "Incubus-a-like" cheap imitation - this they certainly are not!
Buy this album...NOW!
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on 13 April 2005
Hoobastank have long been a favourite of mine. I bought the reason first, and lo and behold, it was wonderful. I don't know anyone else who liked it. Then, I heard Pieces, and knew this was for me.
Crawling in the Dark is an excellent song, and one of the greatest openers of all time, excellent tempo and an intensity that rivals System of a Down among others. You listen to it and think 'maybe Hoobastank will be the band to make Emo into a credible genre'.
Remember Me is my favourite song on this album. It drops the albums pace wonderfully without making it so totally different you can't like it as well as Crawling in the Dark. Lyrically, it's wonderful too.
Running Away is good, it seems to drop tempo even more, and you begin to worry that the album is calming down and the rest of it will be acoustic like this. Really, they're lulling you into a false sense of security, because Pieces will blow you away. Siren guitars and a screamalong chorus makes you wish you were in a mosh pit every time you hear it. One of the greatest songs of all time, perfectly sang, played and worded.
Alas, after that, no song is worthy of mention. The album trails off into oblivion, and I'm sad to say Hoobastank may do the same.
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on 22 January 2002
Hooberstank are amazing but people try to knock them down with saying they sound like Incubus. Incubus is one of my favorite bands and before Hooberstank there was only one Incubus but now there are two so being an Incubus fan i think it's great someone has gone out and updated their sound. Great Music!!!!! BUY IT NOW if you love Incubus and if you don't buy it anyway cause it is a brilliant album.
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on 6 March 2002
What are Hoobastank like? Well, imagine punk is a big hole, similar to the grand canyon. The sides are made out of indieish rock and the man made of nu-metal is parachuting down it. I was fairly impressed with the album, and found it quite entertaining and some nice original lyrics in places and a few musical twangdoodles that deserved a nod of admiration, however the main let down is a slight lack of originality within itself. After a while the songs mush into one and it takes some listening to define the difference. It's not an edge-of-your-seat listening, but still worth the while. And the parabolic rumours about them being like Incubus are a bit unfounded. Perhaps a little, but from a different direction, maybe.
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on 9 May 2002
Hmmm not sure where to start. After all the comments from people saying it sounds like Science or it is the album that incubus should have released is a load of tomfoolery.
Hoobastank are good in their own right. Their vocalist may sound a great deal like Brandon Boyd, this merely means he is good singer and perhaps also related to the fact that they are friends. This album is not amazing. The songs are good with catchy riffs but the song writing is not inspirational, and the album fails to have the same impact on myself personally as for example Science or Enjoy Incubus. Stylistically this album has its own space, and is not comparable with any other works inparticular. The album is good and worth buying if the genre already appeals to you. If not it does not make the best introduction and I would recommend you looked elsewhere.
I can say nothing of their showmanship as I have never seen them but would like to. Overall though these songs may be catchy, they will never inspire to a great degree.
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Absolutely incredible!!! My friend informs me about this new up and coming band, Hoobastank. So I decided to check them out. I first heard "Crawling in the Dark" and I was amazed! it rocked! Minutes later I'm off to buy the album, and I was basically blown away by it's quality! There isn't a bad song on this album. people may say that they are an Incubus rip-off, but who cares? This album is incredible! it has definitely found its place in my favorites. If you are a fan of Incubus, you must buy this album!!! Now!!!
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