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on 20 May 2004
For its type this is still the best. People who haven't played it find that hard to believe, but its true. It is one of the best gaming experiences I have had. Its impossible to compare to Vice City or Zelda or games from different categories, but it is king of the FPS. The AI of the enemy is brilliant and I have yet to find it in any other game. The environment is perfect, with the drop ship adding to the atmosphere. The game has to be played to be appreciated. I finished it a long time ago, but it is the only game I have never traded, and still go back to. I hope Halo 2 lives up to the hype, but at the end of the day if it is the same as Halo with only slight improvements it will be something great.
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on 7 December 2003
There are games where there are limits to the things you can do. Can I steal that Alien cannon that has been pounding me for the last minute? Some games the answer is sometimes, no. In Halo it is usually yes. Yes you can steal that tanks and drive it off a cliff. Yes you can get survivors to jump in the passenger seat of your buggy. And yes you can drive through that gap.
Halo is a massive step forward for the first person shooter. You can only carry two guns at once. (For those of you who always wondered how Gordon Freeman fits a Rocket Launcher down his trousers this will be a huge pay off). The energy system is new, innovative; the guns themselves are just supremely brilliant and alter the game completely. Taking enemies out with a sniper rifle is so very different from going in with an assault rifle. The game gives you choice and enemies never predictable patterns.
Is this state of the art shoot-em-up truly combat evolved? The answer to that is again yes.
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on 7 December 2003
This game is a beautiful game, action packed and full of fun. Some negative reviewers say that it is a simeple killing spree and levels are quite repetitive. This is true. It is certainly a killing spree, because you are a carnage causing genetically modified supersoldier. This game is not for the 'tomb raider liking', puzzle craving people of this world. It is simply kill kill kill, on foot, in jeep, in hovercraft, in tank and in Banshee(flying thing).
Fantasic single player campaign. Too short though. Also the same structure of room was re-used again and again, that was an annoying cop out for the level designers. Also you get to play some amazing battles, really fun, but on one of the later levels (library) you are trapped inside constantly fighting through corridors of annoying bad guys, going from outside awesome battles to inside dark corridors that were sparse of detail was the dull bit of the game and i just wanted to get through it to get to the next level.
Multiplayer - 2 player co-op obvioulsy always gonna be a laugh, fantastic fun and replayability. Deathmatch and CTF and so with 2 or more people is fun but you need at least 4 preferably more with system link. As there are NO BOTS, it really does make multiplayer only for those organised enough to get enough people round their xbox. My first and second years of university are remembered by player 2 0r 3 player perfect dark on the N64 (Goldeneye with bots), and we played for hours on end. Halo had the potential, but didn't use it.
Graphics are fantastic, full of colour and lighting. What halo does better than any other game is have huge open, outdoor levels beautifully detailed but with one great difference, their during the day. So many games cop out of graphical detail and make the background black by making any outdoor levels at night. Halo does it properly, nice bright backgrounds. Seeing the land of halo stretch out into the distance and over the top of the sky was fantastic and greatly original. pity about the library level.
Sound, flawless, its won some award so must be good really, but the effects are so cool, but i give full credit to the music, its original and its brilliant, it has become as cool to hear as the soundtrack to Gladiator and the rock (which are the same, and the same as pirates of the carribean - same writer).
Generally i put this game at the top of the xbox games (with knights of the old republic and gotham racing 2, but these are 3 different types of games). Its just it didn't make use of its full potential, hopefully halo 2 won't make the same mistake, however do not be fooled into thinking that the makers must genuis's. Look at the wachowskis, everyone thought the matrix was amazing and the writers and makers were gods. I think this is very wrong, so don't put all your faith in halo 2
Great game:
gameplay engine
campaigns (except library level)
bad game
repetative use of some rooms designs (graphical cop out)
no bots in multiplayer (you'll need at least 4 or more to get the best out of multiplayer, if your that organised with your mates)
Potential that sequel could be the best game ever made ever, ever: pretty darn high, lets hope they don't scew it up, let them have as much time as needed to perfect it.
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on 24 March 2002
3 years development of Halo has really paid off. The story plot is deep and unprecedented, action packed and gamer gripping.As a cyborg human Spartan II soldier, you must defend the existence of humanity against a cold blooded alien race - The Covenant who declare a holy war against mankind to rid them of the universe. Alongside truly realistic marines and an arsenal of powerful weapons and vehicles you battle through the ring world - Halo and discover the horrific secrets of the alien world.
Not only does Halo come through as being one of the most well thought, detailed and action packed first person shoot em ups but it also delivers non stop co-operative play and 4 screen multiplayer battles aswell as 16 fighting through a system link together.
However, not every game is perfect and whilst Halo is outstanding to watch and play, the developers (Bungie) have really limited the gamer to the range of weapons but this is overshadowed by the interaction 'Masterchief'(you) can have with both human and alien vehicles and weapons. My favourite vehichle being the Warthog (all terrain buggie) which is capable of supporting 3 marines, one at the back tearing through enemies with the electric powered anti-aircraft gun. Nice :D
The detail in Halo is amazing. From the actions and personalities of the marines, the detail and graphical amazement in the environments and fighting. This game is a definite buy for all gamers who love 1st person shoot em ups and plot twisting action to gamers who crave to see the potential the X-box can perform up to.
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on 15 September 2003
This game is the best.Buy it NOW. NOW. Believe me my friend had an Xbox way before I did and this game is the only thing I played. I bought an Xbox for this game. This the reason you own an Xbox. You play a cyborg human called a SpartonII. You play through fantastic levels with amazing graphics and lighting effects. You play alongside marines from your ship. Driving Warthogs a type of jeep with a massive machine gun on the back. The beauty of it is the teamwork involved as the marines help you out when your in trouble. They use the gun on the back of the Warthog or go in the passenger seat. There are other veichles as well. The weaponry is really special. The basic pistol is great as you can take on anybody with it because of the scope. you can pick up the covenant weaponry aswell which is a great feature. the multiplayer has got alot of laughs in it. Get 3 mates round and do 4 player for an all out frag fest. you can team up or do link up with 3 other Xbox's to make a total of 16 players on one map. I'll repeat myself again BUY THIS NOW.
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on 16 April 2003
Did anyone else play Unreal 2 (PC) and feel disgusted with the state FPS's are in? Well, if you did, and you've yet to play Halo then here's your chance to repent.
I've been trying to avoid buying this for so long now, I kept telling myself to wait for the PC version! Anyway, after over a year of torment I've finally bought myself an X-box to see what all the fuss was about, and only now am I beginning to see what an idiot I've been.
First, let me say I'm notoriously difficult to please, this game was going to have one very large Everest sized mountain to climb if it was going to impress me and meet my expectations.
Of course you've seen the five star rating I've given it, so you know it must have met with my approval? Right, here's why:
The game is a good ol' fashioned shoot-'em-up at heart, most of the action takes place in the mazes of corridors found on your ship "The Pillar Of Autumn" and in various alien bases on "Halo" itself, usually this would be a negative thing, I for one am fed up of the endless repetitive corridors full of uninteresting enemies so many games spew up. Not so with Halo. The pace of the game is masterfully split up into segments of indoor and outdoor action to keep things varied for the player, you'll rarely, if ever, feel like you've been left stranded in a generic base with the simple goal of fighting from point A to point B. The outdoor areas usually allow you to control some sort of mechanised military hardware - alien and human - with the freedom to move about as you please. This adds a whole new dimension to the game and makes for a refreshing break from the fighting on foot. Fighting in vehicles is all very well, but fighting on foot is what you'll mostly be doing most of, and despite an ever so slight lack of innovation here the game still excels. First, let me get the negative stuff out of the way. I do wish Halo's makers, Bungie, had spent a little bit more time on the indoor sections, many of them are completely identical in layout and lazier still, later parts of the game are spent visiting areas that you've already been through. It does come across as a bit of a fly attempt to lengthen the game - why create whole new levels when you can retrace old ones? Grrrr.
So what makes this game so damn enjoyable that you barely notice these faults? Well, there's the enemy AI for starters. They jump, dodge and roll away from grenades, attack in packs - then split up and retreat under fire, man vehicles and turrets of their own accord, and will look for cover while popping out from different sides to give you lethal doses of plasma death. Now you've got me started on the AI I could be here all day! What ever you do, please try the game on the Hard and Legend settings at least once, the AI is quite frankly frighteningly good!
The two weapons only system is clever addition too. It forces you to think about your situation and what enemies you're likely to face, all the weapons (except maybe one) are suited for use against certain types and subtypes of enemies. Don't worry about what weapons to choose, the right one for the job is always close by - you get plenty of opportunities to swap and swap back.
As for the story, it's interesting, tight, and keeps you intrigued till the end, it's very good as far FPS's are go. My only complaint is that it would have been nice to have a bit more insight into your own characters (Master Chief's) background, then again maybe that's just me being picky.
No game now, or for the foreseeable future is perfect - what ever anybody tells you. Halo has it's own share of annoyances. There's a few cases of the previously mentioned repeating level syndrome, and then there is (cue scary music): "The Library". I won't spoil it for you, but the game suddenly takes a bit of nose dive into the pits of FPS hell. Don't worry, it regains it wings and halo (haha geddit? Err...sorry) quite soon after.
So yes, this game does actually live up to the hype. Which makes a nice change! Does it revolutionise FPS's like "Half-Life" did five distant years ago? Well, I'm still undecided on that. Rest assured that by buying this game you are getting one of the finest, most polished and most compelling titles of recent times. I feel like this review has only scratched the surface of a truly landmark game, don't worry about my complaints, that's just me, the good by far exceeds the bad. Now excuse me while I go and beat myself over the head with a large stick for not buying this a long time ago. And so should you if you haven't either!
Roll on Halo 2...
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on 6 October 2004
This game blows Half Life out of the water!!!
PC Gamers....perhaps it's time you bought a console because Halo is better than anything that the PC could churn out!
If its one game that stops the Ps2 dead in its tracks, then its Halo! The game is absolutley stunning!
Firstly the graphics are AMAZING, not that you will have much time to stop and smell the roses with the amount of action in this thing!
Secondly the AI is perfect, the enemy soldiers run away from you when their numbers are depleted, the more inteligent of them form strategies and battle plans meaning you cant just run in ans shoot, you need a plan!
Thirdly, you can ride in vehicles! Tanks, Jeeps, weird alien thingy magigy's!!!
But best of all is the multiplayer factor, when playing with 4 mates there is absolutley NO slowdown and the frame rate stays high at all times!
You can invent your own multi-player games and also play through the entire game in two player co-operative mode!
So to summarise....BUY THIS GAME NOW!!!
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on 26 April 2002
ths game brings a brand new standard to the words first person shooter. the gameplay is the best ever seen in an fps. from the very first playable scene, you are captivated as you battle you way through the mother shipto the drop pods. and then down on the planet surface, the hordes of aliens flooding towards you and the attack buggy (warthog). if you decide to even play for one minute, you will be convinced that this game has style. the only bad thing about this game is it is addictive
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on 8 April 2002
Being an avid games player and particularly a fan of first person shooters, I feel I must slightly dilute the five star reviews this game has been receiving. Don't get me wrong, it is a brilliant game, but it is flawed. The graphics are good, though in the months to come the X-Box will show it can do better, the A.I. is excellent and so is the multiplayer. The use of several vehicles adds to the gameplay very well. The main flaw I feel is some of the level design. Although some of the levels are extremely well done, as you progress through the game you will notice that many of the structures are repeated. This only seems like a minor annoyance compared to all the pluses the game has until you come to level seven. The same corridors and more open areas are repeated again and again and again. And after finishing the level, quite a chunk of enthusiasm I had for the game had gone. This may seem over critical to some people, but to those of you out there who, like me, are big fps fans (e.g. Half-Life, Deus Ex, UT, the Quake series etc etc), I just feel that to buy the game thinking it will be perfect may set you up for a bit of a let down. Having said that it is a very good game and definitely worth buying.
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on 16 July 2008
I got my XBOX 360 just before Xmas 2007. I was keen to join the HALO fraternity so decided to start at the beginning and purchase this via the XBOX Originals downloadable games.

I have to say that despite its age it is a superb game and its obvious why the series has gone stratospheric.

The game is colourful with plenty of detail. The graphics stand up to scrutiny yet. Its a big game with about 8 levels involving roughly 4 missions each. The music and sound effects perfectly compliment the game.

The game is simple to play with an intuitive if not easy to learn control system and is quite forgiving to the gamer. You might find this makes it easy but there are still a few good challenges which are difficult but not insurmountable.

Overall, I enjoyed playing this as much as COD 4 and recommend that you take a trip back in time [to the future!] and try this out. You won't be disappointed.

Roll on HALO 2.
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