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on 5 June 2003
If your're into quality gaming, and wish to be entertained for hours on end, then do yourself a favour and get an X-box! Also, get the following games to go with it, all 5 star ratings in my opinion .....Halo, Jet Set Radio Future, Splinter Cell, Rallisport Challenge, and Panzer Dragoon Orta. The only drawback is that the thing is so damn heavy! I almost sprained my arm carrying it home from the shops!
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on 3 March 2005
I was a proud owner of Sony Playstation 2 for four years with a game collection of over 100 games.
Then after recommendation from a good friend I bought the xbox as second game system wich I decided I would only use when certain games such as Halo 2 were not being released on PS2.
So I connected the xbox to my hifi system so that I had 5.1 sound, the same way I had connected PS2. I now personally though that the xbox had much better graphics and sound than the PS2. The other advantages being that you do not need a memory card, and also you can copy your favourite music cd on the xbox hard disc, and playback your recorded cd on certain games as backgroung music which is really cool, and it does not have sharp edges graphics like PS2 simply because xbox has a more powerful graphics card than the PS2.
The only disadvantage's the xbox has that it is larger and heaveir than the original, and in order to play DVD's on the xbox you need to purchase a DVD remote/DVD Playback unit seperately from the system.
I have now been a proud owner of xbox for four month, now,compare that to four years of the amount of hours that I must have spent playing the PS2.....I'am now selling my PS2 in order to build my xbox collection.
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on 9 January 2004
The Microsoft Xbox is the most powerful home console in the world, as it contains only the best hardware made by the best manufactures.
The first time I played on an Xbox was at my local Electronics Boutique store (now changed to Game), I had a go Project Gotham Racing, and like pretty much everybody else, I was simply amazed by it, and then knew I had to get an Xbox. I got my Xbox on 14th March (UK release date) at 7:30am. I was one of the first people who got their Xbox's that day in my city. I bought Halo, Project Gotham and an extra controller. when I got home I quickly plugged it in and played Halo, and I was gob smacked. I couldn't believe how good it was.
NVIDIA make the graphics card for Xbox which is based on the popular GeForce 3, but is essentially a GeForce 4. This Xbox graphics card has been named the x-chip. NVIDIA also make the sound card for Xbox, which supports Dolby digital. This is standard for all Xbox's, but for developers who wish to make a Xbox game, it can have 64 audio channels, which is the more than any other console. It also has 3D audio support, which basically means that even if you don't have surround sound, the Xbox will simulate surround sound even in stereo mode.
DVD Drive
The DVD drive in the xbox lets you play DVD's, with the assistance of the DVD remote. The playback quality of it is reasonably good, it's about the same as a mid-range DVD player, but importantly it is alot better than the PS2 playback.
Design: I think it does look quite nice but i can see why other people might disagree with me.
Usability: The dashboard is very easy to use looks nice to.
Cost: As it's £130 now roughly, that is a really good price for it, much better than the starting price of £300!
Summary: Fact - its the most powerful home console in the world and for £130 that's not a lot to pay.
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on 15 September 2012
The X Box is still the best on the market! The console itself costs less than a game does on the new fancy systems! I will have many happy hours with an XBox and with the country in the state it is, lower your budget and get an XBox original.. Hours of fun for a lot less money!!
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on 22 November 2003
Here is the proof that Microsoft can and Have moved into future of games and consoles.To Start off we have an Intel Pentium 733Mhz Processer, built-in Broadband adapter, 8 Gigabyte Hardrive, 116 Polygons per second and four controller ports.
Some may say it is bulky but XBox owners are not going to care because of the Amount of Technology that is here.
This gives the XBox the graphics of a 2 Gigabyte PC and enables the games to look better and play faster.
Speaking of games the XBox has a large line up of exclusives with playibility like Halo:Combat Evolved, Project Gotham Racing and upcoming sequels like Project Gotham Racing 2, Halo2, Half-Life2 and Doom3 which XBox fans will also enjoy exclusivly.
Overall, the XBox is gathering a following of games enabling it to become more and more popular.
The controller takes some getting used to but once remembered never forgotten.A True MasterPiece Of Technology!
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on 12 August 2003
The Xbox console is simply the best thing since sliced bread. Together with Pentium 4 processing technolagy, NVIDIA Gforce graphical technolagy and the support of a wide range of sound features including 256 channels and surround sound compatabilty up to 5.1 digital, the gaming experiance gets more exciting every time it is used. One thing I simply love about the xbox is the fact it has a Hard Drive giving you almost limitless saving space. There is no longer any need to mess about with memory cards and wasting money needlessly, A strength not shard by the PS2. True, it is expencive to buy any offical accessory for this amazing console, however, I have never regreted spending any money for accesories or games as they are simply too good to be true for this gaming age. Extra accessories include DVD playback contaning an offical Xbox DVD remote control and ultra high quality playback. A highly versatile Xbox steering wheel that opperates well above the standard of a wheel for any other console and is simply the best tool for mastering Xbox driving games such as 'Sega GT 2002' and other high name games only for Xbox. An Xbox offical link cable for connecting two Xboxs together through the high speed network interface card installed on the Xbox for increadable multiplayer action. The latest release however, Xbox Live, is simply better than the best allowing you to play other players from around the world, download extra content to add to your games, and make friends with the Xbox live friends list, Not to mention the Xbox offical audio microphone-headphone headset giving you the ability to talk to other players during Live games. On the whole, the Xbox is worth is weight in gold, there are many more features I was unable to mention and im sure new technolagy is being created as you are reading this. To put it short, THE XBOX RULES, and thats all there is to it
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on 24 August 2008
Why is the now-aging XBOX such a great piece of hardware? Read on.

I'm a very casual gamer these days so I tend to be nearly one generation behind. I simply don't see the point in paying £50 for a brand new title that'll be worth £10 in only a year so I let most of the console generations pass me by thse days, then I pick 'em up when the newest shiniest one comes out and the old ones are dropped like broken toys.

It was by chance my flatmate decided to give me his old XBOX. He threw in some good games; THUG2, Deus Ex Invisible War, Project Gotham Racing 2, Thief Deadly Shadows and some others. That was fine, but I soon got bored with playing games and was tempted to start letting it gather dust, sitting there under my TV set which at the time I didn't use much anyway, not being a big fan of most of the shows currently airing then.

I remembered an article I'd seen in a home cinema magazine that stated the XBOX was capable of being used as a budget media centre with very little expenditure and effort. After a little research on teh internetz I discovered that no hardware modification was necessary as it could all be done via software. Scripted software no less, simplifying the entire process. Needless to say, I got ahold of the free utilities - which incidentally are incredibly well made and worthy of donations to the authors - and sat down over the course of a few evenings, figuring out what I was going to reconfigure the XBOX, which is basically a scaled down PC in a small black box, to do.

After modification with use of XBOXHDM and Ndure 3 coupled with applications like UnleashX and the mighty XBMC, the XBOX becomes a powerful tool. You can swap out the tiny internal harddrive for the biggest currently available with a simple ROM patch and the EEPROM code to lock the drive to the XBOX; a simple process with XBOXHDM. (I currently have a 160GB unit in there and have found the console so useful I'm considering moving up to 1TB.) That's where the fun starts.

Software modified and sporting a bigger harddrive, the XBOX comes alive. You can:

(*) Play all region DVDs without buying the extra kit - although it's worth considering as XBMC allows you to reprogram the remote if you have it.
(*) FTP your music/film/TV show collection to the box and use XBMC to play them all, complete with decent quality visualisations for the music. Or have your PC in another room and stream from that, negating the need to copy anything.
(*) Rip CDs/DVDs to harddrive. Yep, on the XBOX itself.
(*) Copy all your XBOX games to the harddrive to speed up load times and manage them all from the new dashboards. This allows you to store your originals somewhere they won't be scratched or damaged in some other way.
(*) Install emulators: PSX, SNES, Genesis, Nintendo 64, Amiga, Dreamcast and several others. Most of which run at full speed and in some cases actually improve the visuals over the original system! Makes 'Virtual Console' services look like the ripoff they really are.
(*) Run one of several adapted Linux builds and use the console to browse the net; choosing a build like XDSL allows you to do such things as watching YouTube videos through Firefox, too!
(*) Add a keyboard and mouse can be added with an inexpensive adapter that connects to the controller ports. Ever wanted to play Halo with mouse aiming without shelling out for the software again? Done.
(*) Still run Live when using an original game from power on (read up before doing this so you don't get banned).
(*) Boot back to MS Dash, should you want to.
(*) Run stripped down versions of Windows 98, 2000 and XP!
(*) Soft reset any time - LTRIG, RTRIG, BACK and BLACK buttons.

Impressed? You should be. There are many other great things you can do but it won't all fit in this review!

To me, the XBOX symbolises the start of the integration age, where one inexpensive unit can provide all your home entertainment needs, with just a minimal amount of technical knowledge required to maximise the unit's potential. The console is a basic PC, games unit and media player capable of running in HD and/or with Dolby Surround 5.1. Of course not everything can be output at maximum quality, but given only 64mb of RAM and a 733mhz processor it does a lot. All it has cost me is £3 for some TORX screwdrivers and time setting it up. If you have an old XBOX and some time, I recommend it. You can never have enough media players these days, it seems.

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on 18 March 2002
I brought my XBOX on the Friday after the Wednesday launch and so far I'm impressed.
I also own a PS2 and a decent spec PC and can honestly say the XBOX is far superior in terms of graphics and sound. Ok my PC can almost match it in terms of graphics, but then I can't sit and play on my PC from the sofa! As far as the PS2 comparison goes there really is no contest. XBOX eats if for breakfast!
The starting line up of games is pretty good. I got Halo, DOA3 and Gotham Racing and they are all pretty good, Halo is just excellent. Just think what this thing will be capable of when the developers have fully got to grips with it in 6-12mths time.
Simply put if you want the best looking games on the market then the XBOX is the thing for you. Take no notice of people who knock the machine...
Buy one now! - You know it makes sense!!....;-)
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on 7 June 2003
Contrary to some people's views, the Xbox is absolutely stunning. I bought mine 4 or 5 months ago and I don't regret it one bit. Why? Here's why....
Firstly there are plenty games for the xbox that are worth forking out for, it's not just Halo y'know. I own Rallisport Challenge, Unreal Championship, Splinter Cell and Dead or Alive 3. All of these are very good. And of course Halo is VERY good.
Secondly, don't be put off by the gripes over the control pad. I happen to like the huge thing! It does take a bit of getting used to, since every other pad ever invented fits IN your hand, your hands don't fit AROUND it! But it is comfy and well laid out. Then there is the excellent small controller that everyone likes. So what is the problem?
Thirdly, I really like the fact that I can use it as a jukebox. No, seriously! You can copy all your favourite tracks onto the xbox and play them. So you can make your own compilation and let it play, without swapping CDs. I like that :)
Then there is Xbox live, the DVD player built in, the surround sound and more v.good games are on the way.
And finally, ignore the people who instantly hated the xbox because of the control pad, or because it's big and heavy, or the fact it is made by Microsoft. I mean, there's one review on this page where a guy played one game on a store display, didn't like the pad, didn't like the game, so he gave the xbox a one star rating! That's not a review. That's like walking out of the cinema during the trailers and slating the film because the trailers were bad.
So if you're thinking of getting one of these babys, then all I can say is "WHY HAVEN'T YOU GOT ONE ALREADY?"
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on 27 December 2002
Pros:the most power found in a next-gen console,the backing and financial support of the biggest computer company in the world (microsoft), the best online facility available to any console in the form of Xbox Live! a built in hard drive rendering memory cards unnecessary, unless you want to take a saved game to a friends - this feature also gives game developers the freedom to design larger levels among other things. an excellent dvd playback facility, and capacity to store, remix and listen to audio cds. at the time of writing you can pick up an Xbox 2 games and a controller for an excellent price... extremely good value
Cons:its size is admittedly a turn-off, it was when i made the decision to buy an Xbox but if you've got space its worth the extra investment in room. the fan noise is on a par with most pc's, as long as you're playing a good game you won't notice it.
i've heard reports of some Xbox systems crashing, this has never
happened to me so i can dismiss that in this review. you have to pay for the dvd watching feature, this is unashamedly money grabbing and initially i was unwilling to fork out for a feature that should be available to me anyway, i caved eventually however and wasnt dissapointed it has lots of options included and the quality of a £100+ dvd player
Conclusion: well worth the money. and with the financial muscle of microsoft backing it it cant fail, the number of games being developed is increasing for the Xbox, but none i have seen or played (except splinter cell) have taken the power of this machine seriously. definately the console of choice for gamers serious about fun, not 5 stars because its not perfect. but close
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