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Customer reviews

4.0 out of 5 stars
4.0 out of 5 stars
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on 18 June 2012
Watched this last night and enjoyed it thoroughly. Despite what I found to be a slow start which had me thinking "This could be rubbish", around fifteen to twenty minutes in it really starts to get going and becomes an entertaining little ensemble film.

Adam Rifkin writes and directs here and as always he does a great job. The performances are all great and Vinnie Jones isn't even that bad!

The DVD listed here is standard, no features what-so-ever, just the film and chapter menu. However for such a low price it's a fair deal.
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on 26 November 2005
I'm a great fan of the film (6 stars minimum IMHO) but I'm just tired of buying disapointing DVD renditions of this masterpiece. Unfortunately this is just another one. I've got two DVDs of the film now, this one with a very nicely remastered image but the ugly musical score they should be ashamed of, that wastes the film for me. An the Elstree Hill/Pickwick one, which is the plain old film but of very poor quality (a bit like watching the film on your grandmother's badly tuned TV from the 70s). I still prefer the Elstree version since at least the image and the score are the original ones, with all the suspence and the ambiance, but when will we have a Region 2 edition with the ORIGINAL film with remastered images and score???
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on 25 April 2016
Night of the Living Dead - Millenium Edition DVD - Optimum Blu-ray

I finally bought the ELITE Millenium Edition of this classic George A Romero film on DVD this week after many years of buying poor quality discs released on labels like Contender and Prism Leisure the list goes on... I also have the Optimum 2008 Blu-ray (OPTBD 1376) with the Excellent One For The Fire: The Legacy of Night of the Living Dead 84 min Documentary.

The Millenium Edition DVD is listed as Region 1 - NTSC so I was pleasantly surprised when I found out that the DVD played fine on my Region 2 player, so I'm guessing the disc must be multi-region / region free?

Anyway the above formats of Night of the Living Dead are the only ones you really need to own, don't waste your money on other editions because the picture and sound is poor on all other versions of this Romero Classic.

2002 DVD (Elite EE 1117)

Multi-Region / Region Free.

2008 Blu-ray (OPTBD 1376)

Region 2
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on 10 December 2016
A horribly sinister Slow burner.
The characters are rich, complex and really get under your skin. The unhappy older couple are contrasted with the younger sweeter ones who actually talk to each other.
The zombies are pretty terrifying, strong, persistent and numerous, there's no reasoning with them, they just want to devour you. In a way though the zombies are not the real evil, it's the humans, their bitterness, their bickering, their cowardice, their malice. The cinematography and the make up is also impressive.
Our group comes up with a plan to escape which of course fails, the stakes rise as the zombies close in and the lights go out.
This is also a great Blu Ray transfer with superb picture and sound.
Some weird sci fi explanation is given to account for the zombie attack and the word zombie is never used, instead they are called Ghouls.
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on 30 October 2006
Not only does this release have a weak transfer it's also a very heavily censored print.

It's nothing to do with the BBFC and everything to do with the awful print 'Contender' submitted to them.

At least 4 shots of flesh eating are missing from the 'barbecue' scene and the infamous 'trowel murder' has been reduced from 14 stabs to only 3 (almost the entire scene has gone).

Forget what the other reviewer says. This is one of the worst versions of the film in the UK and is a disgraceful release for a truly ground-breaking classic of the horror genre.
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on 1 November 2006
This (contender) dvd release is one of the worst i have seen... it has at least 5cuts and the transfer is a poor compared to elite's millenium edition. if you want to buy this exellent clessic film, just do not by this version! i recommend Elite Entertainment - Millennium Edition.
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on 27 October 2012
Many people will be put off by the fact that Vinnie Jones is displayed largely on the cover,and though he does have a fairly prominent role,he is by no means one of the main protagonists.The film follows an ageing criminal who leaves prison and is met by a long standing friend who has decided to go straight and follow his dream by going to Vegas and becoming a card dealer.This will be achieved if he can spend one more night at his home which is a run down hotel,and if he can keep his friend who is going with him out of trouble.....All the actors give good performances and I include Mr Jones who plays the role he plays best,a sleazy thug.James Caan does make an appearance,but it's so brief that he doesn't even get a credit in the closing titles,although I have to say,I like these little cameos by well known actors. This is by no means a 'feel good' movie,but it is a decent film and certainly worth the price I payed.
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on 16 September 2017
There's many different blu-ray reissues now of NIGHT OF LIVING DEAD from different blu-ray Distributors
mainly cause the film is not copyrighted,
way back in the 60's when the film was released tragically it wasn't copyrighted cause George romero at the time
didn't know much about the business side of the film industry so tragically the film had no copyright stamp on it
that's why there's so many dvd & blu-ray reissues by different Independent Distributors
the biggest concern is which reissue is the best version of the film
there's Japan blu-ray by Happinet, Aussie blu-ray version by Umbrella, a German blu-ray reissue aswell etc
i already own the 40th anniversary dvd reissue by U.S. Dimension films
so i thought to take a risk and buy this U.K. blu-ray version by Optimum, here's my comments
it's the 96min version which has extra scenes inserted back in
the 1:33:1 HD picture quality is very Good actually 8/10 with new 2.0 master mix which also sounds very Good 6/10
there is black pillars on either side of the screen which can be removed by the zoom button on the remote
so the film seems to actually fit between 1:66:1-1:78:1 ratio which i prefer
yes maybe the film was meant to be watched in Full frame 1:33:1 ratio but if there's an option to remove the black pillars, then Great.
EXTRAS, that's the biggest disappointment with this blu-ray version
there's no original Trailer, there's no audio commentary by George romero
there is only 1 Extra a retrospective Documentary, it just says George romero Documentary on the back cover
the Documentary is actually the ONE FOR THE FIRE which is from the U.S. Dimension films dvd reissue called 40th anniversary
which i already own
for some fans who don't know this ONE FOR THE FIRE Doco is for the 40th anniversary release for the film, goes for 90mins
it has new interviews with Judith o'dea, George romero and other remaining cast & crew from the film
for some reason Optimum didn't carry over the rest of the extras from the Dimension films dvd reissue
the Doco is worth watching for sure if you buy this blu-ray just to watch the Doco
so i give 2-3 stars for this U.K. blu-ray based on very Good HD transfer & sound quality but lacking big time with Extras
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VINE VOICEon 27 July 2015
If you love horror films or classic movies this is a must buy. Made in 1968 its still a fresh and exciting horror film even today. Romero's zombie films had a tendency to focus less on the undead and more on the human characters. Though even this first entry into the 'dead' has its fair share of gorey scenes. The actors, largely unknowns at the time, put in great performances that keep you hooked. Though Remero would certainly go on to better this film it stands the test of time as a thrilling horror film and a classic of the genre.

This Blu Ray offers a great quality picture and sound. There seem to be many different companies releasing this film, with varying success. However I can recommend this release from Studio Canal.
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on 23 July 2017
Classic, claustrophobic flesh-eating horror. George Romero really knew what he was doing, and this film has aged well.

The added colour isn't very convincing on the outdoor scenes, but on the man-made sets the colourists' painstaking efforts really pay off.
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