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4.2 out of 5 stars
4.2 out of 5 stars
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on 7 October 2002
Not many UK hip hop artists are able to craft 'real' L.Ps - so many feel like a collection of 12's and a few tracks they threw in to fill up the C.D - but this, alongside Roots Manuva's 'Run come Save me' and Blak Twangs '19 Long Time' is a stone cold classic.
Like many other albums, it doesn't hit you straight away quite how good this is - okay, tracks like 'Opening Titles', the amazing 'Dont Drag me in' and 'Godnose' hit you straight away, but it takes time the other tracks to really grip you.
Joey Brains has got real skills when it coms to subject matter - from the dark political ish of 'The Grip' to the messed up love life of 'Last Date' - it's clear your listening to real rapper, rather then the word-nerds that usually come out of Britain, who say a whole lot of nothing.
And let me just finish with this - this album is worth buying alone for the Brains/Jehst collabo - 'Riviera Hustle' is one of the maddest, funniest and crazy tunes I've ever heard - basiclly it's about them being some down and out hustlers in some posh resort - check Jehsts killer line - "From cream at two o'clock with the duke of york/to my photo-fit picture on the new report"
Classic, classic tune.
So, if your into good, real Hip Hop - buy this and support some true talent straight from up north...
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on 27 November 2003
Braintax has been making records for over ten years now, but he has remained the dopest and most intellectual hip hop artist in Britain. Jehst has become a very popular rapper within the UK scene, due to his undoubted eloquence, but in my opinion he simply isn't touching Joey Brains, and this album confirms that for me without a bad track on the album.
Braintax is one of the most worldly wise rappers i have ever heard, as he says "you know its truthful when you hear me"
and you can't disagree. Biro Funk isn't a barrage of battle raps and ridiculous comparisons, its a brutally honest and self reflective piece of art that should be held up as an example of how hip-hop internationally should be developing.
Respect the game, buy this album and support the scene.
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on 24 January 2005
I bought this album after hearing Braintax on Task Force's 'Voice of the Great Outdoors EP' a while ago. It was far better than i expected, including some of the freshest beats and rhymes to come out of the UK. This is an album so original that i can't see anyone with any sense not enjoying it. Quality guest appearances (Task Force, Jehst, Mystro, Skinnyman)only add to the albums appeal, but Braintax shines over all these stars. At the end of the day, i guess i'm just saying that you should buy this album. Fans of hip hop will love it, and non-fans will be instantly converted. Deserves the full 5 star rating...
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on 8 September 2002
I really like this album...this guy has really created his own style over the last decade.
After releasing several eps on his own label (LowLife records), Braintax brings us his first album featuring guest apperances like Mystro, TaskForce, Skinnyman or the toungue-twisting Jehst. This features are decent but I prefer Braintax on his own...the production is basically very good, the beats are usualy pretty 'calm' rather than 'heavy' or 'dynamic'...but I think it's what suits the man best. Througout the album he's mainly talkin' about which parts of the world he'd like to go & live in(i.e somwhere outta the British city-side...) whith his northen accent & stable flow...
This album also reminds me of the albums from Ice-T during the 90's, where you can sort of 'relate to the personality' who's talkin' to you through the sound of te CD.
Great album
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on 15 December 2015
should have stuck to trying to run his record label properly

like many others around this era, prospered heavily from tiny market available at the time in UK hip hop
if you went to a CD shop the UK hip hop section would be maybe 10 or 20 cds, so of course ppl will think this is 'good'

if this album came out today, on youtube or itunes or something no one would rate it
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on 26 February 2008
I'm not the world's biggest hip-hop fan. I'm often put off the fact that I have nothing in common with the (usually black) lifestyles alluded to and I dislike aggressive posturing lyrics etc. However I do like hip-hop beats and good, tight rapping.

Braintax is somewhat refreshing in that he is not just copying black, American rappers. He's kept his northern UK accent and taken his own experiences as a white British lad as the subject matter of his writing. I like this. It's not bogus and it shows.

However, personally, I wish he's take it a step further - root out and eliminate the remaining cliches still in the work. I preferred the tracks without the other (more cliched) artists and where he avoided rapping about how he's good at rapping.

My fave Braintax track is not on this album (Vibrate on Mr Scruff's trouser jazz) which exemplifies the guy's strengths - his own accent, his own voice, a quirky but solid groove, interesting subject matter, no cliche, intelligent lyrics. I think only FutureGhost came close on this album but it's still a good set.
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on 23 April 2003
The entire UK hip hop I have heard (and I haven't heard much) has not been wacky, though none of it has been exceptional either. That is, until I discovered this masterpiece. 'Biro Funk' is probably the only album I've listened to start to finish without skipping a track on first listen, I don't understand why I had never heard of it before. Whilst Braintax doesn't have the most distinctive voice in the industry, he is an incredible lyricist. He's got flows. He's got talent. My favourite tracks on the album are 'Futureghost' and 'Last Date'. Tax himself produces the superb beat of 'Futureghost' with the haunting back-and-forth strings and vocal percussion. He uses this with genius metaphors on the concept of being a ghost to spine chilling effect. On 'Last Date', using a classical composition on the beat, Tax tells a story of his collapsing relationship. Spitting lines like "How am I? You don't know because you don't even care to ask/Arrogant, assuming that I'm happy and we're gonna last", it's safe to say that he's getting his anger off his chest in two brilliantly crafted verses. In less than an hour, over 14 tracks, it's hard to pick out a bad moment on this album. Apart from the standard battle rhyming of 'Cobblestones', the lyrical side of 'Biro Funk' is so deep that you could drown in the music. If the real heads don't own this album you'd better get it now, and when you do, just hit the play button, sit back and feel the Biro Funk!
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on 28 February 2002
brain tax coming straight out of leeds showing that all uk hiphop isnt from london. This album is great it has some tunes which stand out like Godnose featuring task force and all the others keeping the album up to standard. There is anough change for the album to keep the listener intrested but keeping the same kind of style. The lyrical content is good but not the best around at the moment.All in all a dame good album a must buy.
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on 8 February 2006
I am not the typical hip hop fan, but have since grown increasingly tired of American rap and so seeked something that may appeal to me more. Lots of UK hip hop is grimey and, basically, quite poor. Braintax is the finest UK rapper i have heard. Better than Jehst and Skinnyman without question. Partially because he doesn't rap and sound like most UK rappers, he flows well, talks sense and speaks properly. This album is absolutely fantastic and if you haven't been overly impressed by most UK hip hop BUY THIS because its fantastic. Then get Country Man. Thats excellent too.
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I recently purchased this album and thought to myself that it was going to be wack. However, after listening to it, is obvious that braintax(from yorkshire!!!) has really pulled it out the bag. The production is good and the collabarations with the likes of skinnyman, the dope taskforce, mystro and jehst make this album a mustget for uk hip hop headz.
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