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Customer reviews

4.8 out of 5 stars
4.8 out of 5 stars
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on 10 March 2017
Another great album from Cher a must for all fans.
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on 3 February 2017
Great CD!!
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on 22 November 2001
I was always going to buy this album, but I am presently surprised.
I was expecting a CD full of tracks attempting to re-create the Believe phenomenon, and yet still sounding all the same.
But oh, how one can be so wrong.
'Believe' gave us 9 new tracks and 1 remix. Here we have 12 all new numbers, each one of them a unique marvel.
Thankfully, not all the tracks have the extensive vocal treatments like 'The Music's no good...', and for the first time since the likes of her 'Heart of Stone' album, many of tracks show the power in Cher's magnificent voice.
Like 'All or Nothing' from her last release, the tracks that do use sythesized vocals executes them to great effect. They are excellently placed for maximum effect, and they compliment, rather than the overload the tracks.
Its like 'Heart of Stone' Cher, with a touch of the originiality of 'Believe' (single), and rhythm for clubs, parties and bedrooms alike.
Will the tracks get in to the charts? Yes.
Will Cher fans like the album? Definitely.
'Song for the Lonely' & 'When the Money's Gone' are two tracks to watch out for.
Utterly Compelling.
We love you Cher x
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on 25 November 2001
Cher is back...and how. Years after "Believe", she who is, returns with the best album of her career. Why? Well just listen to "Living Proof" and find out why. Although not a catchy as "Believe", "The Music's No Good Without You" is an instant Cher classic, moody and sexy. A sultry sex kitten track. The album's strongest song "Different Kind of Love Song" is mega hot. Taking the vocoder effect to the max(it always sounds best on Cher's vocals!), this is an dance classic. It is simply heaven sent, after the first listen you to will be sing "I am part of you..."-fabulous!!! I have never in my life heard a dance track like "(This Is A)Song For The Lonely". It's a revelation! So good. "Real Love" is very Daft Punk, and "When The Money's Gone" is very Cher. Her cover of Amber's "Love One Another" is my new battle cry...let's all try and be more like Cher! The album has a mega dance flavor, it finishes what "Believe" started-it does it well. Cher is so suited to dance music. Her vocal have never sounded better, they soar on every track. This album will become a classic Cher album, and no doubt will be a huge smash. It if isn't...then hell has froze over.
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on 14 January 2002
After hearing "The Music's No Good Without You", which let's face it, isn't a patch on "Believe", I was a bit concerned that Cher had got stuck in a world where electronica would constantly distort her amazing vocals. Thankfully, after finally deciding to purchase this new album, my fears were unfounded.
Opening with "The Music's No Good Without You" probably wasn't the best move in the world, because it is in my opinion the weakest track (although I must admit it is starting to grow on me!). However, the rest of the album is a non-stop dance spectacular...
2. Alive Again - produced by Chicane, this tune has a great feel-good factor, with a hook in the chorus that'll never leave your head!! 10/10
3. (This Is) A Song For The Lonely - hi-NRG dance groove with another anthemic chorus 9/10
4. A Different Kind Of Love Song - I love the bass line in this one; compliments Cher's vocals beautifully! 10/10
5. Rain, Rain - a slower pace for this one, produced by the geniuses at Stargate in Scandanavia; not their best song, but fits in perfectly on this album, and allows Cher to show off her great vocals! 8/10
6. Love So High - back to hi-NRG dance brilliance, this one has a great beat; just one question though...the line "I tie the sun around a cup" - how exactly do you do that?!?!?!?! 10/10
7. Body to Body, Heart to Heart - a latin flavour from one of the bestsongwriters of modern times, Diane Warren. Very sexy, imagine dancing the salsa to this, up close and personal with the one you love, nice! 9/10
8. Love Is A Lonely Place Without You - nice tune, although it does sound a bit half-hearted, not the best production either 7/10
9. Real Love - I love this! very up-to-date house groove...the verse builds up to the chorus beautifully, and Cher loves every minute of it!
10. Love One Another - another good dance tune 8/10
11. You Take It All - a change of style, Cher tries a bit of drum n bass...and pulls it off in spectacular fashion! Chicane provides great production to a simple yet intriguing song 9/10
12. When The Money's Gone - CHOOOON!!!! what more can i say? sound like the whole album builds up to this great anthem - one of the catchiest melodies on the album, and a future no.1 I'm sure!!! 10/10
If you liked Kylie's "Fever", but thought that it possibly could have been slightly better produced in places, then you need "Living Proof" by Cher. Here's hoping she continues to produce such high quality recordings for some years to come!
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Very few female singers can claim to have had the string of timeless chart hits, and heavy stack of albums that Cher has to her credit. Each one showcases a different style, and they are testaments to her versatile vocals and talent.

After the international success of 'Believe', she returned three years later with a far superior album, but one that saw very little chart action.

I don't care a great deal for dance music, but 'Living Proof' is in a different league. Look out for the inspiring 'Song For The Lonely', the irresistible 'Body to Body', the should-have-been single 'Real Love', and the heart-warming 'A Different Kind Of Love Song', which is easily one of the best things she has ever recorded.

There are lots of songs on here which similar to those on the 'Believe' album, notably dancey numbers like 'Love One Another' and 'Love Is A Lonely Place Without You' - but they are far superior.

Complete with excellent, contemporary production, and the fact that Cher's vocals as strong as ever, 'Living Proof' might be seen as an underrated record, but with Cher's legions of fans, it's up their with her best.
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on 23 November 2001
When I first heard the first single off this album, The Music's No Good Without You, I was initially dissappointed by it. It did grow on me later, but the big surprise was when I listened to the entire album. Living Proof may be a follow-up album, which makes it sound like it will just be a lesser version of the album that came before it, but it's actually better than Believe. Maybe there won't be one hit to make the amount of money Believe did, but several of the songs on this album are, I think, at least as good as the three best songs on Believe (the three best songs being Believe, Strong Enough, and All or Nothing). (This Is) A Song for the Lonely, Real Love, Love One Another, Body To Body, When the Money's Gone, and Different Kind of Love Song are all great dance songs. I could easily see any of those songs getting played so much that even people who love them would get tired of hearing them. Body To Body is essentially what Dove l'Amore could have been but wasn't. Song for the Lonely and Love One Another are effective for the same reason Believe was: they don't just make you want to dance, they also make you feel like you're an emotionally strong person and that life is actually really great. This is a great album, and it is significantly better than even most of the hype makes it sound.
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on 19 April 2006
Ok, I like Madonna, but why oh why doesn't cher get the attention she gets? Madonna throws out a bag of rubbish and the entire nation go crazy, and Cher releases an amazing album which puts Madonna's "Music" to shame and nobody cares!

The album starts with "The Music's No Good Without you" which is good, but is far from the best on the album, and it ends with the fabulous "When The Money's Gone" which is a great way to round off the album. The only remotely bad song is "Rain Rain" and it is by no means bad at all! It's just a little slow for the album I feel...

By far the best track on the album (and MY personal favourite song of all time) is (This is a) Song For The Lonely! Why it wasn't released in the UK is a mystery but it is certainly the stand-out track here, and I feel it should swap places with "The Music's No Good..." and be first on the album.

Other amazing songs include: "Alive Again", "Love So High", "A Different Kind Of Love Song", "Love Is A Lonely Place Without You" and her cover of Amber's (A very good artist who only seems to release albums in the US - Check her out too!) "Love One Another" which earned her a Grammy Nomination for 'Best Dance Recording'.

What are you waiting for? BUY THIS ALBUM!

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on 3 December 2001
I nearly didn't buy this album after hearing that the only modern Cher song was the lead track "Music's no good without you". After reading the credits I discover that the Metro Boys from Rive Driote Music (who brought us "Believe") have a huge input on the album and have produced her vocals on many tracks if not the entire track itself. List of producers/writers include: Mark Taylor/Brian Rawlings (Rive Droite), Chicane, and Rick Nowles!! The album is recorded and mixed in the UK and Norway as well as the US so has a fantastic European feal without being eurotrash. If you like "Believe" the album you will love this. It is a far more complete collection of songs, beautifully produced and mixed. Cher will undoubtadly never recreate the single success of "Believe" but that is hardly the point here, she has recorded and album that IS better than "Believe" and you should buy it!!!
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on 16 November 2001
"Living Proof" could not be a less accurate title for this album. Despite having decades of albums under her belt and recently scoring a top 10 hit single in the U.K. entitled "The Music's No Good Without You," giving her a top 10 U.K. single for each of the past 5, yes 5, decades, Cher manages to create her best album yet. Not only is her voice crystal clear and the best it has ever sounded, but she combines great dance beats, inspiring lyrics, cool electronic effects, and an upbeat sound to make an unbelievable album. Whereas some critics bashed her previous album "Believe" for being impersonal, that cannot be said here. Cher combines the soul-searching lyrics of "It's A Man's World" with the awesome dance beats of "Believe" to create "Living Proof." Not only is it really fun to listen to and dance to, but you can get a lot out of the CD. High Points:
"The Music's No Good Without You" - Europe's 1st single - amazing beat with a catchy chorus and great lyrics. In Cher's own words, "haunting." Definately a dance-floor smash.
"Different Kind of Love Song" - one of the most uplifting and positive songs I've ever heard. This song forces you to smile whether you'd like to or not and has an awesome beat and lyrics to go with.
"Alive Again" - A bit slower and more mellow, but definately not 'sad.' "Alive Again" is a great song that deals with renewal and rebirth, and carries a great message. This song is pure Cher :)
"Rain Rain" - Cher has never done a song like this. It is amazing!! It's catchy but very introspective and approaches almost a R&B feel. Very, very cool :)
"Song for the Lonely" - prospective 1st U.S. single. The first time I heard this song I was totally taken. This song, Cher's favorite on the album, is a testament to personal strength and getting through the hard times. Cher's voice shines, the lyrics are amazing, awesome beat, melody, everything.
Other points: Remakes of "Love One Another" by Amber and "When the Money's Gone" by Bruce Roberts. Every song is amazing!!
This album is definately worth buying, regardless of whether you have liked any of Cher's previous works. Key points: amazing beats and upbeat, techno feel - groovy and inspring lyrics - Cher's best vocals yet - it's Cher!! Definate 5 stars :) Way to go Cher!! Congratulations on all of your hard work paying off in this excellent album :)
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