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3.5 out of 5 stars
3.5 out of 5 stars
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on 9 February 2012
Now I'm not going to get into my opinions of the movie, as if you are looking to buy it you've either seen it or a big fan of the franchise so like myself probably gonna buy it.
My issue with this release is the lack of extras on it. I bought this as an upgrade to my DVD and was dissapointed to find the only "extra" it has is Tim Burton's commentary. This is a shame as the DVD release had some rather interesting documentaries on it about how they filmed it, discussing all the make up and the movement tests etc.
Ok the release is quite cheap and for the film i'm happy with the price, but why do the studios keep releasing these older films on blu ray and giving us a limited release with no additional extras or features. If blu ray is supposed to be the best next generation platform why in someways are we getting less than before.
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on 22 September 2012
There was such a hype about this film coming out but overall it's a stereotypical Tim Burton film; great looking but that's about it!

There are many great things about this film; the actors that play the apes are superb, most notably Tim Roth, Helena Bonham-Carter, Michael Clarke Duncan, Paul Giamatti and Charlton Heston who all give superb and memorable performances, while the ape make-up is outstanding. Burton should be very proud of those little scenes showing ape life.

Unfortunately the film fails because of an average story and the utter miscasting of the human characters.

It starts well enough; a space station, a lost chimp in space and it's failed rescue by Mark Wahlberg leading to his capture on an ape planet. It all goes boringly wrong from there and ends purely with an escape, chase and battle with a couple of twists at the end which fail to save the film.

Much worse is the miscasting of the human characters. Mark Wahlberg is wholly unsuitable for such a lead role; he is now a selfish astronaut from da Chicago hood! You have no sympathy for him or the indigenous humans on the planet lead by Kris Kristofferson and Estella Warren who give no screen presence whatsoever.

The storyline should have had more turns, while Burton should have developed the human characters more and took more time to cast them!
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I am a bit of a Planet of the Apes fan and looked forward to seeing this film. I always knew that it was a re-imagining of the original film/Pierre Buelle novel.

This had a lot to live up to - the original film has the famous 'statue of liberty scene' - a twist that impressed Buelle so much that he wished he'd thought of it for his book. The Original film itself deviated from the novel quite a bit, so it would be unfair to knock this new film for doing the same thing, but....

...Some aspects of the film stand out as pretty poor. The make-up for the Apes is amazing - truly excellent - but Bonham Carter looks more like a foxy human than a God damn dirty ape! This was obviously done so that we sense the cross-species sexual tension between her and Leo.

The wild savage humans all have gleaming pearly white teeth and look as thought they've walked straight from the catwalk. Actually, this film is acted by teeth - those who have beyond perfect ultra-white dentalwork are the 'goodies' (this applies for both apes and humans)- and the jagged half rotten mouths belong to the baddies.

And they all speak perfect English - so if they are so articulate, then why haven't they managed to set up their own uprising?

My main gripe with this film however is that it contains too many modern cultural references. In order to show how the Apes have replaced the 'top dog' role of man, they are shown to be living in a society which mirrors ours - one even comes out with an Oscar Wilde quote. They refer to human rights protesters in the same way that they are referred to in our press.

So - in a nutshell: This is a remake which has managed to outdo all the production values of the previous 'Apes' films, but ended up with a film which feels like it was made for a straight-to-TV release. It's just too obvious, contains to many coincidences (the seemingly only thing to remain from the old days of man is Leo's lab which is fully operational thousands of years later), it captures nothing. We all make mistakes, and this one was was Tim Burton's. There was no reason to remake what was (and is) a classic film. This film can be summed up in one word - "Why?".
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on 10 June 2011
I have decided to re-watch this for the first time since its cinema release in 2001 (where did those years go?)and the superb trailer for The Rise Of The Planet Of The Apes got me re-watching all the old Apes films (which I still love).
Time has not been kind on this awful film.
Planet Of The Apes is one of the greatest sci-fi films of all time, I'm sure when there was word of a remake many scripts were written,read,considered and rejected, is this seriously the best script they could come up with?! There is barely a plot to this film, and what plot there is would fit in OK as maybe an episode of a Planet Of The Apes series but it isnt big enough or strong enough of a plot for a movie.
Mark Wahlberg is sleeping through this film out-acted by everything else on screen(and thats saying alot because the acting and cast are awful apart from Tim Roth as Thade) hollywood action hero he ain't.
This film really needs a few more good strong characters like Charlton Heston( who cameos in this film) or even more so Roddy McDowell, Cornelious and Zira are badly missed. Not even mentioned. Neither is Caesar.
The make up in the film is excellent throughout and its nice to see the use of CGI kept to a minimum.
Overall, I hate this film. The worst thing in the 'Apes' franchise, even Burton himself said he would rather 'throw himself out a window' than make a sequel to this.
Listen to his commentary over the ending of this film, he pretty much admits it doesn't make sense and no-one really know what's going on.
Personally I think this film is so bad Burton still hasn't fully recovered from this and my respect for him has never been the same since. Its THAT bad.
Stick with the original 5 movies. Even the cheap and dul 4th and 5th films are 100 times more entertaining than this.
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on 27 May 2012
I think I prefer the idea of apes taking over, than having American imperialists charging around the universe blasting their weapons at anything that moves.

The ape costumes have been praised, but they were too boutique chic for my liking. Also no creative thought at all seems to have gone into costuming the humans.

All the emotion of Pierre Boulle's novel, is absent in this film. All that is left is pointless violence.

The film ends by showing that the apes have recreated the ultimate symbol of American hypocrisy. The sillyness of it is emphasised even more by the ape in the statue wearing human clothes.

Just in case you think that the action scenes might be worth a look, they are not. They are not visually spectacular, nor is there any real drama in them.

The director Tim Burton disliked the film so much he said he would rather throw himself out of a window than make a sequel, but I think that Charlton Heston's character best summed up what I think of the production.

"Damn them, damn them all"
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VINE VOICEon 24 June 2008
Mark Wahlberg stars in this 2001 remake of the 1968 classic `Planet of the Apes'. This version is directed by Tim Burton and also stars Helena Bonham Carter, Michael Clarke Duncan, Tim Roth and Paul Giomatti. The story is about a flight captain who goes through an electrical storm in space and crash-lands on a planet that is dominated by extremely evolved and intelligent apes who treat humans as slaves and pets.

The film isn't nowhere near the quality of the original but it is still a very fun, action-packed blockbuster that is something different from the usual, dark movies from Burton. The thing I liked the most about this was the makeup and special effects that were very impressive and looked like it was actual talking apes as the actors. There's a little too much CGI near the beginning of the movie but once Wahlberg lands on the planet this is toned down a bit and is replaced (not completely) by more stunts and some large-scale battle sequences. This kind of film with great special effects and some breathtaking landscapes is usually perfect for Blu Ray but isn't the best picture quality I've seen as on some of the darker scenes the picture can be a little grainy. Otherwise in the lighter scenes, the picture quality is pretty impressive.

Overall this isn't the classic it could have been, but then remakes never are, but it is still definitely worth a watch if you enjoy action and sci-fi films. In my opinion it's not worth the full Blu Ray price as the picture probably isn't that much better than on an upscaled DVD version.
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on 5 June 2011
This is so bad and it should have been so good of course. A genius film based on a no doubt genius novel remade by a genius director. What could go wrong? Everything it seems in the case of this film bar the spectacular makeup.

I have just recently watched the original film after a long time and I am astounded by the massive difference in quality between these movies. It just goes to show that chucking money at a film does not do the business and that true artistic achievement does not need wads of cash. I recall at the time of release Burton said this was not a remake but a re-imagining. Too right it isn't. But then you have to ask if the original concepts apart from talking apes have been ditched what is the point if the re-imagined film has nothing profound or new to say?

Casting wise it seems that some poor choices were made. Walhberg barely looks like he cares about anything that happens in the film. Also I cannot understand why Tim Burton has to have Helena Bonham Carter in everything he makes nowadays? Okay they are married but it that an excuse when she doesn't fit the role? As for the actors who play the humans who have been reduced to slaves and things of sport by the apes, their collective performance is very poor. Saying that they are not exactly given much to work with. Spunky Tim Roth gives Planet of the Apes a bit of much needed credibility as there are no signs of Burton's flair for extravagance and dark comedy. Well sort of. He's a great actor and has a lot of presence which comes through strongly in this. Due to the fact that the plot is weak, and the script being a bit shoddy, his acting ability is totally wasted. The inclusion of Heston adds a bit of spice to the movie but he is only in a few minutes and is made to deliver what comes across as cringe worthy dialogue, "Damn them. Damn them all to hell."

The film starts off well enough with a tender moment between a chimp and Walhberg but there is none of the philosophical musings that the original film offers. Things deteriorate soon after Mark Walhberg's character crashes from space onto a planet. The effects are not good nor are the costumes. It all looks a bit cheap really, far too fake. That does not apply to the makeup which stands out immediately as the viewer is rewarded with the sight of apes during the hunt scene lifted from the original classic film. The artists involved in turning much of the cast into another species certainly earned their wages - it's a remarkable effort.

The problem with the film is that it has none of the subtlety of the original, it fails to make you care about the characters whether heroes or not and it doesn't work as a piece against animal cruelty or the havoc humans always wreak. Walhberg's character doesn't appear to have any respect or understanding of what his new environment is trying to teach him about human nature, he merely wants to leave and get back to his own reality which is depicted as what I think is meant to be a typical American barbeque complete with squealing blonds and loud mouth jokers. The relationships between the characters also feels forced. There is zero chemistry between Walhberg and Bonham Carter or between Daena (Warren) and Leo Davidson (Walhberg). The original film makes it very clear that Zira is very much into "Bright Eyes" whereas this version doesn't develop these ideas and makes the tie between Ari and Leo more romantic than anything else.

I cannot comment on the soundtrack as it is such an ordeal to sit through this movie without dropping off that I didn't really notice the score used.

This is basically a below average action film completely divorced from the intelligence and depth of the 1968 version. Gone are the questions on what it means to be human and all that is left is a few punch ups, a bit of running around as well as a silly ending. Kudos to Rick Baker for creating the stunning looking apes but that's about the only positive there is.

Planet Of The Apes - Definitive Edition [DVD]
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on 4 September 2016
After all these years I watched this awful film again because it came with the 8 Blu Ray primal collection box. I hated it when watching it in the cinema at the time. The costumes of the apes are grotesque and make them look like Japanese samurai warriors. The chimps wear lipstick and eyeshadow and look like Michael Jackson. They simply look stupid and not like in the original films. This could have been a great film but thanks to Tim Burton it's a complete failure. Like many others I liked the story and especially the ending. Sorry about the horrible looking apes.
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VINE VOICEon 26 June 2006
This is not as bad a movie as many would have you believe, however neither is it a good movie.......... if you like sci-fi you can watch this movie on a slow saturday afternoon, if you don't like sci-fi, don't bother.
The movie itself has some great names, Tim Roth, Mark Wahlberg and Helena Bonham Carter but none of them give a memorable performance.

The DVD extras are fantastic! Great DVD-ROM stuff, excellent sections on how the movie was made etc. The extras are really great for movie nerds!
But be warned, this is a bad remake, just because you enjoyed the original(s) don't be sure you will like this also.
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on 28 February 2002
This is a fairly weak effort, redeemed only by the fact that there are some interesting special features accompanying it. The script is poor and many of the scenes (e.g. the ape city) are too obviously filmed in studios. The ending is a complete non sequitur. The only thing I was left wondering was 'who on earth wrote this rubbish?'.
Is this DVD worth 15 quid? If you want to know the answer, do yourself a favour and rent it instead.
Nuff said.
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