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on 24 May 2002
This album was great. Of course, it's not the Britney we used to know. She's trying to put in more RnB. Ok Slave 4 u isn't too bad.....but Boys.....i can say it's sust a re-do of Slave 4 U except with diferent lyrics and all. But some songs were good, like Overprotected and Not a Girl not yet a woman. But I love RocknRoll is really not Britney and I don't think she should've released that song. Her voice doesn't go with it. And songs like the songs; when i found you, that's where you take me are just useless songs. They just have slow lines then fast choruses. But even if you liked Slave 4 U, i don't think you'd like the whole album,neither Not a girl, not yet a woman. I say it's better buying the singles instead.
P.S. In the song Slave 4 U, she does NOT whisper "I just wanna have sex with you" even though it sounds like it. She says "I just wanna dance next to you" so don't over think Britney in that song.
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on 25 October 2001
The highly antcipated 3rd album "Britney" from the infamous Britney Spears, is definitley this talented singers best as of yet! The album is a more mature, harder pop, with twists of R&B, Rock, and Funk/Dance. The first single and track, "I'm A Slave 4 U", produced by the funkalicious Neptunes, mixes R&B beats with smoothe vocals to make it an awesome song! Next theres "Overprotected", which is definitley one of the best on the album. Its a hard pop beat produced by Max Martin (did most of Baby... and Oops... albums) and written by Britney herself, as well as "Cinderella". Next theres the sole ballad on the album, "I'm Not A Girl...", penned by Dido, which is by far her best yet. Then theres R&B influenced songs such as "Boys", produced by the Neptunes as well, "Lonely", produced by Rodney Jerkins as well as "Let Me Be", which all sound great as well. Then theres "Thats Where You Take Me", and "Bombastic Love" which are Pop/Dance influenced as well, with great lyrics and beats! Brit did an awesome cover of the Joan Jett classic "I Love Rock N Roll", another produced by Rodney Jerkins, which is also more R&B, which actually lives up to the original. Finally theres "What It's Like To Be Me", which was produced by Britney's boyfriend Justin Timberlake from *N'SYNC, and Wade Robson, their choreographer. The song is like a rock opera, with Justins vocals in the background. The 2 bonus songs, including "Before The Goodbye", produced by BT(Pop), are great as well. All in all, this is an all around GREAT album, and a defenite MUST-BUY! Britney shows off her new styles and sounds in this provocaticve new album, which is the best she has ever done!
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on 21 April 2012
My parents bought this 10 years ago but we never got round to playing it. To be honest we kind of forgot about it until I found the CD.

I loved it upon the first listen and think it is amazing months later!

Amazing quality, but I only gave four stars as some of the songs are listen-able and not amazing.

~Stand Out Tracks:

-Overprotected - funky and something most young adults can relate to!
-I'm Not A Girl - again, something teens can relate to and just pleasure to my ears.
-Cinderella - not the easiest plot to get but nonetheless funky with a reggae twist. Love it!
-Let Me Be - not genius but very catchy and fast paced. Cool!

Hope this helps! =)
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on 5 August 2016
One of my new favourites! It's not my number one album but it definitely comes to mind of your top four favourite Brit albums. I love the artwork for this album but not to keen on the front cover.... It breaks my heart to say that! My favourite tracks are. I'm a slave 4 u, overprotected, lonely, anticipating, boy, I love rock n roll, I'm not a girl, not yet a woman, Cinderella, bombastic love, what it's like to be me. The songs that I have not said are my favourite i can't find any reasons to say that the songs fall flat so I won't!

Not as good as past and future albums but still worth buying for all Britney fans!

By Liam Farrell ten years old
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on 20 November 2001
After the initial impact of 'BritneyMania' the pop princess still has a grip on the charts. She also certainly knows what people want with the release of her third album, the imaginatively titled 'Britney'.

Many people were a little sceptical about her first single off the album 'Im a Slave 4 U'. True, it isnt her best work to date, but it did set a solid platform for the release of her new album, and the new sound that came with it.
The 'Jive' sound can be heard from the start of the album which isnt a bad thing, well it never did any damage to the careers of Mariah Carey or the Backstreet Boys.
Track two 'Overprotected' is one of the standout tracks on the album, its a bouncy tune with an underlying story that Britney is no longer a young girl and wants to live a little, even though track four 'I'm Not A Girl, Not Yet A Woman' sort makes her sound like a bit of a hypocrite. Her third effort on the album 'Lonely' is tune that trundles along but always keeps you listening.
Track five, 'Boys'. Well, well, well, innocent old Britney isnt as innocent as she seems with this absolute corker of a song. The Neptune sound is evident as she sings along to this dark and slightly seedy tune.
Just when youve got over the shock of 'Boys' comes along the 70's disco style 'Anticipating' a great song with loads of lift.
What would a Britney album be without a neat cover version? 'I Love Rock 'n' Roll' see's Britney singing a tune which would usually raise an eyebrow or two. However the girl's done good again.
Cinderella the eighth offering shows that Jive sound again. This is another standout track which could be released early next year.
Let Me Be is one of the weaker tracks as it doesnt seem to start finish or have a middle, but it isnt too bad.
Oh dear.. just when you think youve got over the bad point in the album, it takes a real turn for the worse. Bombastic Love is a track that seems to have scraped its way on to the album without anyone noticing. Any song that rhymes bombastic and fantastic isnt really worthy of a decent album.
'That's Where You Take Me' is the saviour after the horror of Bombastic Love. This is a poppy tune that proves Britney hasnt lost her sense of fun.
Track twelve 'When I Found You' is a bit of a slushy song but it does have a high tempo beat to it, not bad. The album ends with a tune co wrote by Britney's boyfriend Justin Timberlake of N'Sync fame. 'What It's Like To Be Me' is just what was needed to end this album a great tune that leaves you yearning for more.
All in all a very good album that deserves more credit than it got. Well done Miss Spears
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on 21 January 2002
Well this is Ms Spears third album since her debut came out in 1999. After the great "Oops I did it again" ( YES I LOVE HER POP MUSIC!) she released "I'm a slave for U" as the first, more mature, single of the self titled 3rd album. That was probably not the best idea she ever had. Because instead of making the fans interested in her new CD some were frightened by the "new Britney". Well they should have bought the album after all. Once they listen to it they will understand: The old Britney is still there! Examples? The catchy "Overprotected" and (probably her hardest song ever) "lonely", which is one of my favorites. I personally love "I'm a slave 4 U" and the other Neptunes track "Boys". The Dido written "I'm not a girl not yet a woman" is similar to "Don't let me be the last to know" and you can actually say it is the only balld on this CD! Other Up-Tempo songs are "Cindarella", the 70s "Anticipating" and the awsome duet with her boyfriend "what it's like 2 B me". ...
Some mid-tempo songs, you can dance to them too, are "When I found you" and "That's were you take me".
All in all I have to say: Believe me! This CD is awsome and does not contain any fillers or bad songs! So for all that were scared of "Slave": just listen to it! It is the No1 pop record out there!
Well done Ms Spears! Till your next CD
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on 29 May 2002
this album is such a change in direction for Britney but in such a good way.
The new tracks are great and its the first album she has done that i feel i can listen to all the way thru.
it opens with the amazing Neptunes track 'Im a Slave 4 u' its one of those tracks that really takes over your body and makes you want to move, this trend carries on in laters tracks such as boys where britney wants to take us into her own little nasty world, which is exactly the impression the song gives you. Its another song where u can really get down and nasty.
The Rodney Darkchild jerkins tracks are good especially the cover of 'I love Rock and roll' which like the cover 'Satisfaction' brings an RnB beat to these traditional rock songs whilst keeping them rock based. The last track 'What its like to be' is also hot with clear messages about britney's life, its features vocals from Brit's on and off boyfriend Justin Timberlake and its amazing how similar their vocals are.
The lyrics on 'Before the goodbye' are very poinent and very easy to relate to, and come with a pulsing dance beat.
The only weak point for me was the ballad 'Im not a girl' which i feel is too slow for a record from the queen of pop, plus i like songs i can get down to.
Overall this album serves up 14 rnb flavoured pop tracks that are each very distinctive and fresh in a time where rnb/pop can be very badly done.
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on 27 August 2016
Very dissatisfied and upset! This product states "NEW", and the back of the case has a very large crack on it, and the booklet inside was all torn, EVERY PAGE! I also brought In The Zone CD which also stayed "NEW" and the case was completely smashed on the front. Why disappointed with this item, and it's condition...especially as it was for my niece's birthday today (27th August 2016).
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on 11 August 2002
WOW. This album is great. I loved Britney's first two albums and this one doesn't fail to impress. Each track shows potential and blossoms as Britney herself does.
Here are my personal reviews of each track.
<1> Slave 4 U: A Neptune production with a cool r'n'b slick sound. This track is pinical to Britney's career as it shows her maturity and being the first single from her self-titled album. This song may not instantly appeal to Britney fans, but it does grow on you and it opens new doors for new listeners. This got to No.4 in the UK charts. (9/10)
<2> Overprotected: Another Max Martin track which reflects the great pop hits 'Baby One More Time' and 'Oops!'. This is a great pop track. No.4 in UK charts. (10/10)
<3> Lonely: This has to be my favourite song on the album. It's very mature pop with a taste of r'n'b with Britney attiude. She doesn't fail to make pop sound good plus she wrote it. Devastated it's not being released as a single! (10/10)
<4> Not A Girl: This, again, isn't necessarily a stand out track but is a very good slow song with a lot of potential. Britney's voice sounds amazing on this track. This song coinsides with her movie crossroads, which helped sales. No.2 in UK charts. (9/10)
<5> Boys: I was slighty wary of this song to begin with, sounding too similar to 'Slave', but it does grow on you. It has been released as a single but has been remixed. It still is a good album track, simple but fresh. No.7 in UK charts (Co-ed RMX). (8/10)
<6> Anticipating: Many fans have been dissapointed by this track but it's still a good pop track, just doesn't really fit in with this album. It was released as a single in France but not here. Still it makes the album more eclectic and versatile which must be a positive thing. (7/10)
<7> I Love Rock'n'Roll: An excellent cover which gives Britney's music a new name. Released in Europe, not UK. This really does Britney's music justice. (9/10)
<8> Cinderella: Not my favourite track, but nevertheless a strong pop track. Would have been appreciated more on her last album by fans I think. (7/10)
<9> Let Me Be: This is one of those tracks that you wouldn't say it's your favourite, but it's certainly not the worst. It has a very catchy chorus and has all the correct material in it to make a pop track. (9/10)
<10> Bombastic Love: I love this track. It immediately gets you singing it, even though you don't know the words. Although very 'pop' it's nice to see Britney can still make infectiously catchy tunes! Good one! (10/10)
<11> That's Where You Take Me: A pop/laid-back r'n'b track which is quite a stand out track. It needs a few listenings to or may be skipped. It's a great summer chilling song. (9/10)
<12> When I Found You: A mature slow song. It brings a pleasent smile to your face as it's light hearted and you'll be drawn in by the simplicity. :). (9/10)
<13> Before The Goodbye: This is a bonus track, and I'm so glad it wasincluded. It's a mix between a slow song and a summer anthem. A great combination and it's encouraging to see that Britney wrote this herself. (10/10)
<14> What It's Like To Be Me: A fiesty song with a clever chorus. I have to say Justin's pathetic vocals do ruin the song but it's still a good track, slighty short though. (8/10)
I hope I've given you an insight to Britney's amazing album, buy it, you won't be dissappointed! :)
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on 19 January 2002
Britney has taken a more mature approach with this album. If you loved her first two, you'll love this even more! It is a very eclectic album, with aspects of rock to smooth r'n'b!
The fourteen unmissable tracks are:
1 Slave, the first single taken from the album. Very sensual and beaty. 10/10
2. Overprotected, the forthcoming single, an excellent pop song song reflecting the smash hits- Oops I Did It Again and Baby One More Time.
3. Lonely, an excellent track, written by Britney where she expresses more of an attitude with any of her songs. 10/10
4. I'm Not A Girl, the soundtrack from her new movie, an co-written by mega diva 'Dido'. One of few slow songs on this album. 8/10
5. Boys, produced by the Neptunes, similar to slave, again very sexy and sensual! 8/10
6. Anticipating, written by Britney, with a feel of the 60's. Fresh pop sound! 8/10
7. I Love Rock'n'Roll, heard the original? Don't bother, Bitney has truely made this track her own! 10/10
8. Cinderella, one of the weaker tracks, but still a great pop song! 7/10
9. Let Me Be, another song written by Britney. A great track, you just don't want to get out of your head! 9/10
10. Bombastic love, like the music being played at the beginning of the 'Overprotected' video? That music comes from this excellent, but cheesy track. 10/10
11. That's Where You Take Me, very r'n'b orientated, written by Britney. If you love Janet Jackson, this song is bound to impress you! 9/10
12. When I Found You, an excellent slow song (not as slow as track 4!) Britney really challenges her vocals on this one! 9/10
13. Before The Goodbye, on the album, it says that this song is a 'bonus track' and it sure is. A slow song, remixed to a cool summer anthem, great! And she wrote it! 10/10
14. What It's Like To Be Me, a likely single, as Britney sings with boyfriend Justin. Not as good as some of the tracks, but it has strong enough material to pull out a Number 1! 8/10.
Here was my review, it's down to you. Don't miss this album!
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