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3.8 out of 5 stars
3.8 out of 5 stars
Format: DVD|Change
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on 3 August 2017
Review of Arrow films 2010 2-disc '30th anniversary edition' DVD .While like many people I regard this film as one of Fulcis' lesser works what sold me was what came with the film. Disc 2 has an 18min feature focusing on his gorier films,a 17min chat with actor Carlo de Mejo, an informative interview with Fulci regular Catriona Macoll, a 27 min conversation with Fulcis' daughter Antonella,an 18min recollection of writing the script with D. Sacchetti, a17 min interview with Luigi Cozzi where he remembers Fulci.a 50min interview & overview of Giovanni Lombardo Radices' life and history ( All these docs' feature copious scenes from the relevant films,photos and images of posters etc)also on this disc is a 24 min Q&A with C Macoll & GL Radice and a comprehensive gallery. Disc1 features the film in surround sound or Dolby stereo and a choice of 2 commentaries :Jay Slater with Catriona Macoll, who is entertaining and good 'company' throughout & Calum Waddell (who authors the booklet that comes with package)in conversation with GL Radice.+ a trailer. The film print looks good and is in 16:9 ratio but hasnt English subtitles.finishing off an outstanding package is a double sided poster ,6 'postcards' a reversible sleeve with a choice of 4 covers and slipcover.So even if you don't rate this as one of the exploitation greats the time and thought that Arrow have put into it makes it a worthwhile purchase.
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on 22 July 2017
Good horror film with some grisly scenes and interesting story.
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TOP 100 REVIEWERon 12 September 2016
I love Zombie films and if you love Gore! Gore!! and more Gore!!! then this film is for you, I mean when the girl was spitting out her inners was disgusting, and even though the film was a bit slow to get going it still gets you, for me i don't mind a slow pace.

Now i have to say the Blu-ray transfer was very nice, it gets a 4/5 from me. The soundtrack which is in 7.1 Dolby sounds crystal clear and the sound effects are creepy.

You also get a nice little Booklet which is a great read, but what i like is the reversible artwork, featuring original "The Gates of Hell" which for me look's the best.
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on 18 February 2017
Purchased this FANTASTIC steelbook from Amazon seller dave1919...What a FANTASTIC service!! Quickly dispatched & securely packaged.Steelbook was in PRISTINE sealed condition.Not a cheap steelbook,highly sought after,but worth every penny.Absolutely delighted.Thank you VERY much.You REALLY need this in your collection. 👍
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on 18 July 2017
Sat through it but wasn't impressed. Bit samish all the way through.
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on 18 May 2017
I have a soft spot (probably between my ears) for this splatter movie from 1980 , it will not win any awards for acting; but if you watch a horror film ; are you looking for Oscar worthy acting ? And all logic goes out of the window with this one, again, if horror films were logical, most people wouldn't end up as zombie food ! What the film would win awards for (and I think it did ) would be for its gory effects ; in particular a very graphic and realistic head drilling of the village idiot and the hard to watch vomiting up of guts by a girl in a car ,
The plot tells of a priest who hangs himself, and by doing so; opens the gates of hell ; to which he unleashes some manky looking zombies, a psychic and reporter only have 48 hours to destroy the priest and close the gates of hell
the ending has caused horror fans to debate what happened for years ; it's open to interpretation, but I don't think it's a happy one.
It's unfair of people to criticise and compare this to Romero movies , it's never professed to be like a Romero film , it's structure; style and approach are very different from his style, which are usually social commentary
Lovely clear print from Arrow ; some grain and some softness in some scenes ; but minor quibbles for its bargain price
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VINE VOICEon 8 February 2009
Written and directed by the Italian horror master Lucio Fulci comes "City Of The Living Dead." A horror film that was released in 1981 and previously banned, the film was quickly considered to be a video nasty and it's status is still refereed to such among horror fans to this day.

The film follows a young woman who has a vision foretelling the gates of hell opening under the New England town of Dunwich. She voices her concerns to a journalist and the pair set out together for the town, where a lot of strange things have been happening. They soon discover an army of zombies that have returned with a quest for revenge after being burned at the stake hundreds of years ago.

As usual with most of Lucio Fulci's horror films, the City Of The Living Dead offers a vast volume of stomach turning gore and horror. While a lot of his films were considered at the time to be simple exploitation and generally slatted by film critics, a great number of his films including this one are considered to be among his best by hardcore horror fans, and I personally would agree.

For me horror films such as this, always seem to come across as more realistic and plausible when compared to modern films. Perhaps it's the lack of computer effects, the low budget, or the fact that the actors (while not always the greatest) always seemed to be very real. Whatever the reason I always have prefer pre-1990's horror films.

City Of The Living Dead has a great atmosphere present throughout the film, which when combined with the appropriate and effective sound track generates a feel that's perfect for a horror. The effects and make-up used in the film are great and would still hold up today even after all this time. It's obvious that a lot of imagination and creativity has been put in to the creation of the Zombies. There are a couple of great scenes in the film that will really make your stomach turn, and looking back it's possible to tell that they may have inspired more modern film makers.

Naturally I could point out plenty of errors and mistakes, and the plot is a little thin. Certain things don't make sense, certain things don't add up, but in the end does any horror film make complete sense, but more to the point would you want it too. The acting leaves a lot to be desired, and the script is far from perfect, but the sheer atmosphere alone is enough to compensate. Dunwich really seems like a creepy town as opposed to a set.

Despite claiming to be Digitally Remastered, the picture and sound quality on the DVD, isn't the greatest (not much better than the VHS edition) which was a real shame considering the film's status. However my biggest disappointment was discovering that the dubbing is also very poor at times. In this particular case I think I would have preferred the original spoken language with subtitles.

But what counts the most in a film like this is the gore, and there is plenty of it here.

If you're looking for a brutal gore packed and entertaining horror film you've found it. City Of The Living Dead is a perfect example of what the horror genre is about.

Please note that there are several versions of this film available to buy on DVD. Some of these versions are cut, so make sure if you want the gore, and you want to watch the film the way that the film maker intended to get the uncut version.
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on 27 April 2016
As I have a multi region disc player I bought this version. First up, I haven't seen it for years so I don't know if anything has been edited out. The film clock's in at 93 mins so I presume it's the uncut version. Secondly it states that it's region one. It's not it play's on my blu ray player which is not multi region. After a quick look the picture has not been remastered so it's quite grainy. But it's uncut and cost me less than two quid. Cheaper than the blu ray. This copy is the one with the blue/green cover with the zombie with one eye on it. And should play on UK DVD player's.
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on 5 July 2017
cheap as chips
zombies unlike "modern day" zombies
a bit corny but watchable and funny in bits
the xfs in it are great for the time but in some scenes you can see how its done
its worth getting at the right price
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on 30 May 2017
i stopped watching after 25 minutes. Dialog is awful, acting is bad. A number of moments lacking continuity or credibility stopped me getting into the film. A few nice moments but i wasn't going to sit through it.
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