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4.7 out of 5 stars
4.7 out of 5 stars
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on 25 December 2005
I never saw Genesis on the We Can't Dance tour and this rather belated DVD release shows just what a spectacle I missed. The performances are powerful throughout (but then with Genesis live would you expect anything less?) and the lighting and video backdrops are stunning. All of this is presented in a format allowing you to view the concert from four different camera angles which makes it fairly unique and rather fun!

Musically, this represents a high point for later-period Genesis. Although for me there is insufficient emphasis on earlier material, this is at least counterbalanced by the fact that, on this tour, some of the lightweight fluff (e.g. Throwing It All Away, In Too Deep) has been jettisoned and replaced by some of the more substantial recent material, such as Fading Lights, Driving the Last Spike and Dreaming While You Sleep. In addition, the Old Medley, particularly the Musical Box/Firth of Fifth section, is genuinely exciting and a fantastic reminder of what a great bunch of musicians they are.

There really are very few negatives but if I am being ultra-critical, I would say that the sound stage seems slightly flat and I wish they had dispensed with Domino after the Invisible Touch Tour. The first part is fine but in the second half (from "now see what you've gone and done.." onwards) the song really loses its way and is the only part of the show I could describe as slightly boring. Also, it was a mistake to close the main part of the concert with "I Can't Dance". It's a fun and inoffensive number but at this point in the show (especially following the scintillating drum duet) it's a tad anti-climactic. The familiar "Los Endos" is sorely missed!
But these are only minor gripes. There are many highlights but my favourite is "Home By The Sea" which boasts a fantastic animated "ghostly" video sequence and the second part, in which Phil takes up the drum stool, is singularly powerful.

Apart from the four camera angles, the DVD has a full package of extras, all worthwhile, making this an essential purchase for any serious Genesis fan and thoroughly recommended for those looking for an ideal introduction to one of the best live bands ever.
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on 13 April 2002
A great concert of Genesis at the peek of their career.
I had great expectations before I buy this DVD and most of them were justified. The band performance is fantastic. The drum duet, for instance, is pure magic! A great 'medley' with the "very, very, very old" songs wich you'll want to ear over and over again...
The DVD has many extras, with the multiple angle cameras being the most fun to play around.
The image is not as bright and detailed as more recent DVDs but since this is a 1992 concert we have to live with the video recording technology available at that time. Nevertheless the image is clear and "warm".
As to the sound... The Dolby (stereo) track seems very 'overdubbed'. The Dolby efect marks its presence strongly seeming that what we ear comes from a audio tape (!!!) not from a digital source. Why, why not a PCM stereo track? :( I've compared the CD recording of "The way we walk" (the Longs) with this DVD recording and the CD is still much better detailed and loud. The 5.1 track give us more spacial information but the overall sound quality doesn't improve. I guess I would rather leave it out a few extras and include a PCM soundtrack...
In conclusion, a great DVD, specially for all Genesis fans.I won't give it the 5 stars only for the audio tracks quality.
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on 28 November 2001
Being a long term Genesis fan, and already owning a well worn V.H.S. copy of this gig, I was looking forward to this realese to re-live my memories of what proved to be a superb band at their peak. Musically the DVD proved great, and the fact that it is one of the only DVD's I know with multiple camera angles (outside numorous porn titles no doubt), shows there has been thought that has gone into this release.
If I have to take issue with it however, the fact that it is across two discs (half of the concert on one, half on the other) means there is an unwelcome pause in the proceedings.
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on 13 May 2002
This is a must for all Genesis fans and fanciers. The DVD recreates all the old concerts, and their performance live as ever is brilliant. I urge you to use the different camera angles each time you play it so that you get a different perspective each time.I would have liked more really old stuff but the compilation is put together so that there is something for all.Hook it up to your hi-fi, close your eyes for one moment and you're there at one of the many of those great concerts of the past.
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on 26 November 2001
a very good dvd,the concert is excellent and looks good on this dvd.the sound in 5.1 surround is also very good, a feeling of being at the concert is given with the depth of sound.
the multi camera angle facility is great fun- being able to chose different views of the concert is a real plus for this dvd- good to see things that aren't always perfect on stage is very interesting.
the interviews and slide shows are also good bonus material, and the commentary track is
all in all, excellent.
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on 5 June 2002
I have the two live cd volumes and this DVD had all of these tracks in the right order and more (particularly noteworthy additions to the playlist were Dreaming while you sleep and turn it on again). Sound and picture were crisp and the 5.1 soundtrack worked really well.
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on 26 November 2001
Having watched this all I can say is wooooooowwwww,
The dvd is better than the video and audio cd's released from the tour.
The amount of extras is amazing,
The interviews are so funny !
The Live show is a different visual mix than the video.
But its a better mix ! the sound is awesome as if you were at this very venue.
There are multi camera angles,
the orignal tour programme, never before seen Photos !!!!!
The graphics are out of this world and you get to see the mighty sony jumbotron screens and the brillant footage genesis had done to accompany the songs.
All in All it is worth the money !!!!
The band also commentry on the live concert if u pick taht option ( I wasnt too keen on it ).
Although the remark Phil made about his jeans was funny !
So go out and Buy It I did and it is worth the wait and every penny.
Genesis fans all over will love this its a must have to any collection.
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on 12 December 2005
Having bought the tapes 1+2 and then the video and played them both to the point of breaking, the DVD was most welcome. The band who I've been a huge fan for so many years played the set very tight.
I will admit I would of liked to have seen on the different cameras the chance to watch either Phil or Chester playing the drums. Both guys make the art look so easy and would of added to the pleasure. Still having said that the DVD is simply a classic in the making. Shame we all have to get old!.
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on 14 January 2003
The surround sound on this album is superb. It really captures the acoustics of Wembley Arena - lots of bounce of the walls - a real live feel. It goes without saying, Phil Collins and the rest of Genesis are on top form. I doubt if the album would have the same impact if you don't have a surround sound setup.
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on 5 September 2003
An excellent concert reproduction through the use of surround sound and with the viewer being able to access up to 4 different camera angles. The group sound great,including the additional touring duo of Daryl & Chester, the light show is good and their use of onstage video is also high class. Genesis may lack charisma on stage but their skill in entertaining lies in their faultless musicianship. For lovers of early Genesis they perform a medley which includes well chosen favourites from Trick of The Tail, The Lamb Lies Down On Broadway ,Selling England By The Pound and Nursery Cryme. Interviews with each of the main trio can be seen with questions and answers very much focussed on the material played on the DVD.The Tour programme is cleverly reproduced for you although the group commentary is absolutely terrible (avoid this "extra" at all cost)!!!
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