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Customer reviews

4.6 out of 5 stars
4.6 out of 5 stars
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on 15 February 2017
Brilliant work from the Incubus guys, still listen to this album years later and feel like a teenager again..10/10!
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on 9 May 2017
I would give this album more stars if I could . My desert island disc without a doubt. Never bettered.
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on 25 October 2001
Having been an Incubus fan for quite a while, and the alternative scene for a great deal longer, this album can't help but dissapoint a fan of the very idea of Incubus... However the reason Incubus are such a joy, is that like the other two aforementioned bands, they embody the purest and most enjoyable ideals of Nu-metal, the splicing of genre's, the recognition of the importance of the emo movement's lyrics, the sampled dynamiscism of hip-hop, and overall, the feel of stretching the very skin of 'Metal' to its limits.
Through earlier works such as 'Make Yourself', and irrefutably 'S.C.I.E.N.C.E', this ideal is wonderfully toyed with, and makes for the rarest of pleasures within nu-metal; albums that bare repeated listening over a year later.
'Morning View' is certainly the sound of Incubus 'maturing', but in so, they've simply become more content to rest within the trappings of their own sound. There is little to distinguish between brash opener 'Nice To Know You' and 'Make Yourself's 'Privelige', or 'Circles' as a deflated 'Make Yourself'...and more worrying is the feeble '11am's aspirations to 'Drive's heartfelt purity. The pondering sense of musical unrest that made the sophomore release so inspirational is here in spirit but the fire of 'S.C.I.E.N.C.E' is clearly dead and buried, and the more funky offerings of 'Enjoy Incubus' and 'Fungus Amongus' are a forgotten memory; not that the passing of such moments is a reason in itself to discount the new album, it's just that you could always chart the exciting musical changes Incubus made from their earlist recordings to the present, and wonder at how they could so easily pick up (or create) a sub-genre, buckle and tear at its bindings and then leave it battered and bruised for Spineshank or Linkin Par or whoever to cut their teeth on.
To summise, its not so much that 'Morning View' is a bad album;Brandon Boyd's voice is still as pure and etheral as ever, Pasillas beats all the more virulent, DJ KIlmore's deck talents and sampling still pioneering in this field, and there are some still uplifting and glorious moments in 'Wish You Were Here' and 'Blood On The Ground'. But still, at the end of the day, this is nothing more than a 'good' Incubus album, a 'Make Yourself' mark 2, and a constant in their musical career.
Hopefully though, this album will be looked back on more as the affable filler-in between the ongoing 'Incubus' experiment's more progressive moments.
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on 23 October 2001
The album at first listen is, to tell the truth, utterly amazing. I found that I couldn't stop listening to it and basically pressed play again as soon as it stopped.
To compare to Incubus' previous releases, Morning View is closest to Make Yourself. To make direct links between songs, Mexico is the closest track to Drive, and Echo sounds a bit like a cross between Stellar and I Miss You. There are many standout tracks on the album and to list them they are Nice To Know You, Wish You Were Here, 11am, Mexico, Warning and Are You In?
This does not however mean that the rest of the tracks aren't any good. I am happy with every track on the album, but inevitably I do have my favourites. Oh and Echo makes me think of my girlfriend.
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on 23 October 2001
This album is a brilliant step up from 'make yourself'. It's a bit more mellow than all previous albums, 'echo' is an exellant stand out track which is an example of this. However there are some wicked metal tracks like 'circles' and 'wish you were here', which will be the first single off the album. Brandon continues to lay down brilliant vocals, along with the distinctive and origional sounds of incubus whether old or new! This is a superb edition to incubus's string of great release's.BUY IT!!!!
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on 21 November 2001
last year i bought the album 'Make Yourself' and i was blown away.
when Morning View came out i was again blown away.
the first track 'Nice to Know You' really sets the scene for the rest of the disc with its metal mental maturity.
Circles is totally different to your typical rock song
Wish you were here is just brilliant, with the awesome vocals of Brandon Boyd, and the lead guitar from Mike Einziger
just a phase shows the range of the vocals
11am is lyrically brilliant
Blood on the Ground is 'RAW' and emotional, not a breakup song, not anger song, but a song about not saying the things that would make a bad situation - sorta
Mexico is damn fine brilliant
echo my least fave track, but brilliant nontheless
Have you ever -also great
Under my umbrella - returning to the cool vocals and riffs
aqueous transmission - strange at first, then you realise how understatedly brilliant the song is
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on 20 January 2002
Having not heard of incubus before, I bought this album to see what all the fuss was about and i was very surprised. This album has a perfect mix of tracks, all with slightly different moods and giving off different atmospheres. I find myself listening to it in almost every situation, it is perfect to chill out to, to work out to, to work to and to release tension with the air guitar. Brandon Boyd's voice is amazing and the band are amazing. The lyrics are thought provoking as well as not being distracting. In my opinion, the best tracks are Echo, warning, are you in and just a phase however i would quite happily listen to anyother tracks depending on my mood.
I would recommend this album highly, definitely the best album i bought last year. Pure genius.
NB. the actual cd is very ornate
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on 28 November 2001
If you're a fan of 'DRIVE' and 'PARDON ME' than you'll love this album. It's easy listening yet thought provoking.It combines soft rock with some funky hip hop sounds supplied by DJ Kilmore. 'Aqueous Transmission' is the most experimental track on their album and ends it beautifully. Whilst 'Wish You Were Here'helps you capture their morning view, and what a great one it must be.Brandon Boyd's vocals are as brilliant as ever and you can understand fully why he sees this album as their best. You get a great video called;'Morning View Sessions' which shows the guys in there Malibu mansion, and is well worth watching.So basically if you don't have this album your missing out on something truly amazing!
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on 30 November 2001
When i bought the album and put it in my discman i found that insted of doing my usual lisen to clips of all the songs and find the heavy's tune first, i couldent get past nice to know you. Its one of those rare cd's that i love first time i listen to it. The thing i like about incubus is that they dont stick to any one writeing style and that every album has its own charicter. Sure its not as full out rock as S.C.I.E.N.C.E or make yourself but some how that doesent mater because the music is pure quality. Every body I know who likes this album has said what an amazing album this is, and i have 2 agree with them.
A cd that any incubus fan cant aford not to have.
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on 15 December 2001
To me Morning view was the most anticipated albums of the year.Because i never knew what to expect,Incubus have always displayed such originality and maturity in a sometimes fake manufactured music world.
With incubus there are no gimmicks or ploys,somply excellent excellent music.So what would this album hold? Would they go back to their funk infused days of 1997's SCIENCE? Or would they follow up with a similar just as ace Make Yourself? Well did they? The answer is no,instead they produced a musical masterpiece that deserves recognition.
From the opening track 'Nice to know you' with it's mellow samplings,flowing bass,and not to mention Boyd's smooth vocals,i knew that i would again not be dissapointed.'Wish you were here' is a gorgeous choice for a first single and although ballads are a theme on this album,Incubus also show how they are pure funk at heart with songs such as 'Blood on the ground' and the superb 'Under my umbrella'. The highlight of the album for me is the end track'Aqueous Transmission',a song so full of beauty. With chinese influenced guitars,flutes and oh so simple mixing made this song so harmonious and combined with Boyd's whispering voice they couldn't go wrong.
A triumph for one of the greatest and most unappreaciated bands around.Why are they so overlooked and we have crappy manufactured teenyboppers jumping out from every direction i will never know. All i do know is that if you are a fan of genuine heartfelt music that has been carefully written and played,seek out Incubus.They are so worth it.
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