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Customer reviews

4.8 out of 5 stars
4.8 out of 5 stars
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on 12 January 2003
The lovely Charlotte Church, with her radiant demeanor, enthusiasm for classical music, and a soprano voice like finely etched crystal, has made this kind of music more accessible to everyone. It is rich and beautiful and this recording flows through your sound system like gentle waters caressing the shore.
No matter what kind of music you enjoy you will find beauty here. Only the classical 'purists' could find fault with this. This is a recording to be listened to with the heart and ears and not the ego. If there is one particular high note somewhere in the stratosphere that Charlotte doesn't hit on this or her new CD "Prelude" it may just be that we don't notice because we are so enjoying this lovely girl and her exquisite voice.
I am just as apt to pop this CD in as I am Sade or the Goo Goo Dolls. This is a lush and joyful recording with one great moment after another. It is obvious she loves this music and that emotion comes across in every song. The composers and writers of these songs read like a who's who of the music world. But it is the crystal clear voice of Charlotte Church that makes them memorable to us.
1) Tonight - She really captures the joy and anticipation of this classic from Bernstein and Soundheim.
2) Carrickfergus - A beautiful Celtic song with a low whistle and an almost contemporary feel, Charlotte's voice embraces the wishful and longing tone of the song.
3) Habanera - This song is given a Spanish flavor and a gypsy feel, making it really something special.
4) Bali Hai - Anyone who has seen South Pacific will recognize this one immediately. It is full of atmosphere, the music and words of Rodgers and Hammerstein and the voice of Charlotte conjuring up images of a South Sea Island and sandy shores, and, of course, a pretty girl.
5) Papa Can You Hear Me - A heartfelt song that she did because it is her father's favorite.

6) The Flower Duet - Charlotte does a duet with herself on this one and the fun she says she had recording it can be felt by the listener.
7) The Little Horses - A simple lullaby turned into magic by her voice.
8) From My First Moment - Charlotte's voice is haunting against the backdrop of a gypsy violin in this beautiful French song.
9) The Water is Wide - A heartfelt Celtic song of love lost sung beautifully.
10) Can't Help Lovin' Dat Man - She's old enough now, but at this time she was just having fun so it's great.
11) The Laughing Song - Almost a vocal exercise for Charlotte, this is playful and lilting.
12) If I Loved You - The classic and often recorded favorite of her Nana, it's lovely listening to Charlotte's graceful rendition.
13) A Bit of Earth - She states that she had been looking forward to recording this for a long time and it shows. It is tender and touching.
14) Somewhere - The beautiful and simple words of this often recorded song are surrounded by Charlotte's clean and clear vocals to create quiet and graceful magic.
15) The Prayer - This is a wonderful duet with Josh Groban produced by David Foster. It has a contemporary feel and a classic flavor. A peaceful and captivating duet.
16,17) My CD has the two bonus tracks, "Tra Bo Dau" and "Eligie." They are both splendidly rendered by Charlotte.
Charlotte Church is refreshing. This voice of an angel doesn't mind letting those of us who rarely, if ever, are afforded the opportunity to hear this kind of music have a listen. Just pick this up and enjoy Charlotte Church's wonderful voice and her enthusiam for music. It is a warm and enjoyable recording of great beauty minus all the stuffy trappings usually associated with it. You'll be suprised how much you like it.
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What an amazing voice! What an amazing CD! This music truly washes over your entire soul like a thoroughly refreshing breeze, and you are almost compelled to just sit back, close your eyes, and enjoy the heavenly sound coming from your speakers. If nothing else, this album will introduce many people to beautiful realms of music that have up to now been foreign to their ears. With music from Broadway, musicals, Celtish traditions, and a little opera, this one CD opens up vast new worlds of music to untold numbers of people. Truly, there is something here for everyone. My own familiarity with songs such as "Tonight," "If I Loved You," and "Somewhere" helped convince me to buy this album (although, in all honesty, the television commercial I saw for it convinced me almost immediately). "Somewhere" alone is worth the price of the CD. I was pleased to find out that I had heard several of the other songs on here (including Habanera, Bali Ha'i, and The Laughing Song), songs I did not know by name until now. What delighted me the most, however, were the songs I had never heard before. "Carrickfergus" is one of the most beautiful songs I have ever heard and is in fact my favorite song on the CD. I love the Celtic tunes on here; lilting and almost fairy-like, they are so different from the types of music I am familiar with.
I could go through and extol the virtues of every single song on this album, just as Miss Church does in the liner notes--what a wonderful idea it was for her to describe why she picked each particular song on this album. Her notes lend a poignant simplicity to the selections. Her voice only reinforces this notion--amidst the complexity of these songs, there is an underlying simplicity that makes them even more beautiful. The range of her voice is remarkable, and her ability to sing songs of different styles so well is equally so. "The Flower Duet" and "The Laughing Song" are fairly challenging pieces of music, but Miss Church excels in her efforts here. "The Little Horses" is a sweet, calming song, and "The Water is Wide" is wonderful. The final song on the CD, "The Prayer," is a perfect ending to the album. I wondered how her voice would sound alongside the voice of another singer, but Josh Groden's voice blends perfectly and beautifully with Miss Church's.
This is music that gets better and better every time you listen to it. This was the most difficult review I have written for the simple fact that none of my words can convey the emotion, poignancy, sensitivity, and beauty of these songs. The fact that such a young woman is responsible for these recordings is incredible.
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on 5 November 2001
I bought this CD simply to hear how Charlotte sounds now, at the age of 15, and I'm not disappointed. Her voice is maturing beautifully. However, I really believe she is at her best on the classical pieces, like the Flower Duet, Habanera, and the Laughing Song. These really show the power of her voice and set her apart. Any singer with a good voice can give a good rendering of Carrigfergus or The Water is Wide, or the pieces from West Side Story, but I think Charlotte doesn't do herself justice with these. If I never heard her sing anything other than folk or musicals, I'd never notice just how lovely her voice is. Opera is definitely her forte, and is truly where she comes into her own. This is what she should concentrate on.
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on 16 May 2002
This must surely be the best album that Charlotte has made. Her voice has now become more mature, yet still as enchanting.
Carrickfergus stands out as the best song on the album for me. In this song she perfoms it with such emotion it could make you cry.
The rest of the album is likewise beautifully crafted. The sky is the limit for this talanted lady. I wish her many years of well deserved sucess.
A must have for any Charlotte Church fans.
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on 16 October 2001
The awesomely talented urchin releases her fourth album in as many years, and proves once again that she has the voice of an angel. Essentially a younger Lesley Garrett, her voice has a more pure, ethereal sound - and she has an astonishing vocal range for someone of her age. This album is a delight - moving, poignant, uplifting and inspirational by turns. Charlotte's voice has matured since her debut, 'Voice of an Angel', into something more powerful and emotive. Songs such as 'The Water is Wide' showcase her astonishing ability, while she covers tracks from 'West Side Story' with aplomb. It might not be to all tastes, but this is certainly a must for anyone who admires this extremely talented and inspirational girl with a heavenly voice.
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on 16 October 2001
This is Charlotte's fourth album and what a treat.
There is a fine selection of songs on the album with a few tracks getting Charlotte's input such as bali ha'i which has been given a new drum and string part making it one of the best tracks on the album.Charlotte's voice is maturing nicely and gives a good performance of the flower duet.The celtic songs are well suited to her voice and Carrickfergus is the Finest version I have heard.This album has been well thought about and if there is one cd to add to your collection this is it.Well done Charlotte.
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on 28 February 2011
I purchased this disc mainly for the track The Prayer,a duet with Josh Groban,a great piece,the rest of the disc is ok but not the best of Charlotte.If anyone out there is into male voices,then get his disc Illuminations.
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on 28 February 2016
Charlotte has a lovely voice, I must confess though that I prefer her later material, but of course her earlier work established her as a star!!
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on 16 November 2012
An angelic voice made this a complete listening pleasure. The Flower Duet made me so emotional that I had to fight back the tears.
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on 17 December 2014
Good product,Good price,prompt delivery,as described,well packaged,Firstt clas seller,Wouyld use again.
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