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4.6 out of 5 stars
4.6 out of 5 stars
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on 23 December 2001
This has to be my favourite album of the year and I've only just discovered it. There isn't a bad track on the album. It's along the lines of Air, Daft Punk, Lemon Jelly, and a little bit of Bjorkness thrown in for good measure. It's best described as chill-out dance, with a couple of tracks benefiting from some romantic vocals. There's even a Jarre sample in there; the production values are top notch.
I don't normally agree when magazines vote an album as their album of the month, but in this case Royksopp deserve those accolades. Most of the pieces are around 4 minutes long except "Royksopp's night out" which is as grand as a Propellerheads James Bond style track and twice as funky. If you're into the Wall of Sound or Warp record labels, this album is unquestionably for you.
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on 25 February 2002
Forget The Orb in their early 90's heyday or Air when they were taking safari's to the moon...Royksopp have, in "Melody A.M." produced the finest chill-out album ever.
I first encountered Royksopp when they remixed fellow Norwegians Kings Of Convenience (check out their "Versus" remix album for the fanatstic Royksopp remix) and fell in love with their mellow beats and melodic vibes. Thankfully, "Melody A.M." carries on in similar vein (even with vocals on 2 tracks from one half of Kings Of Convenience).
Unlike many chill-out albums, most tracks here are kept to sub 5 minutes in mind numbing meanderings or over-indulgencies here! As a result your attention is kept throughout and there are enough hooks and changes of direction to ensure you don't doze off altogether!
In fact, tracks such as "Poor Leno" or "Royksopp's Night Out" threaten to actually pick up the tempo and get a little funky.
Overall though, this is a lush and chilled tour-de-force that will stand the test of time. Buy now!
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on 30 July 2002
So, you've probably heard 'So Easy' off the T-Mobile advert, 'Eple' on Johnny Vaughan's World Cup, and singles 'Poor Leno' and 'Remind Me' have probably teased your ears at some point. But heres my opinion of the tracks:
1. So Easy
Sampling an old Gals and Pals record, this quirky downbeat house song will keep you comin back for more with the great bassline, keyboard patterns and jazzy saxaphones.
2. Eple
Bleepy downbeat melodic ambient tune with a light hip hop beat. Great stuff.
3. Sparks
Moody downbeat vocal track dark and uplifting at the same time. Very bas heavy.
4. In Space
Classical semi-upbeat chillout with trumpets!!! Great listening tune, pleasing to the ears.
5. Poor Leno
Dance single from the lads, with a top vocal thats hard to sing (try that note), and commercial style bassline and synth line. Layers are amazing though...just give it a listen, top-notch material.
6. A Higher Place
One of the chillout tunes, slowly builds up atmospherics and effects with good use of vocal samples leading to a spine-tingling climax.
7. Royksopp's Night Out
The funkier tune on the album, orchestral breakbeat/trip-hop is the vein, and man, theyre takin it to another level. Epic orchestrations and fuzzy melodies make this perhasp the best on the album.
8. Remind Me
The new single, gated beat/synth meld with the vocals perfectly creating a pleasant if a little short track that is ggreat to mellow to.
9. She's So
Saxophones and 80's style synths turn this into a sunset beach style theme tune, with a great piano interlude in the middle and ending with a muffled sax and layers.
10. 40 Years Back/Come
40 Years Back is the firrst 2 minutes of this song, an old school style bass and synth lead this again, with atmospherics tickling your nerves, which fades and then Come takes over, a guitar track for nearly 3 minutes, which will imprint on your brain for ever. Just an echo ridden guitar and silence. Great end to an awesome album... Go buy.
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on 10 February 2003
I purchased this album on its original release in 2001 and can safely say that 16 months later it is still fantastic - one of the best albums I've bought in the last 10 years.
Chilled electronic music from Norway is nothing new, Biosphere was creating glacial ambient music as far back as the early 90s. Royksopp differ as their take on chilled electronica is born out of much warmer and organic vibes; you can almost smell the autumnal pine of a Norwegian forest in these tracks!
This is electronic music that both touches the soul and warms the heart. At times so beautiful you want to weep and at others a little funky that you smile with excited pleasure.
Unusual for an album coming from the chill-out genre, most of the tracks here avoid 10 minute self indulgence and noodly muso tinkering! Excellenty produced and mixed to perfection, Melody AM is now the benchmark for all chilled electronica albums to be measured by!
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on 15 July 2002
Well I had been searching for this music and found it. "So Easy" is the track used for the T-Mobile ad, and has been featured in many tv programmes before and since. A very catchy tune, and album, which appears quite random at first play, but played more gets better and better. There is a wide range of styles of music on this album, somthing for everyone. Well worth a listen or more, and I can't wait to see what Royksopp will produce in the future.
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on 29 January 2002
Happened to see the video for "Poor Leno" on MTV in the early hours of the morning, when they were playing chill-out videos, and fell in love with the track @ the first listen.
It's very catchy, and as there's so much happening on this track, you have to play it a good few times, to hear everything else that's going on in the background. "Sparks" is a real warm-feeling moody track (definitely to listen to by candelight as another reviewer mentions regarding this album).
My fave tracks (apart from "Poor Leno") are "Remind Me" and "In Space" - the orchestral tones running through "In Space" almost sound like they're about to kick into their own version of the James Bond "Space March" theme.
"Royksopp's Night Out" is another track that takes a few listens as there is so much going on, but it's well worth several plays anyway!
There's not one track on here that you can't feel relaxed to or uplifted. This Norwegian duo need more airplay, as the album is a must.Go out and buy it.
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on 23 July 2002
When I first heard the name Royksopp, bits of furniture from Ikea sprang to mind - well I suppose they are scandinavian
Melody AM arrived on my doorstep yesterday from Amazon, and it has not left my cd player since.
I bought it on the back of the T-mobile advert (So Easy)Which is a gorgeous and very distinctive track, but there are many others on here that also deserve a mention. The second track 'Eple' is a lovely, tinkly happy tune - very 'feel good'. 'In space' is also fab, then they kick it up a notch to a couple of slightly more dancey tracks 'Poor Leno' and 'Royksopp's Night Out'.
P'raps a bit of a cliche, but it really is very 'varied'. It meanders from the laid back, chilled out to the slightly heavier, more dancey end of the scale, but without being in your face too much.
Anyway, don't just take my word for it - buy it and see for yourself - you won't regret it
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on 1 November 2001
Initially I bought this album on the basis of 'EPLE' and a plug from the '$OLID STEEL' radio show.But i got more.. so much more...The playful melodies & melancholic chords on trax like 'SPARKS' and the beautiful 'REMIND ME' soar the spirits & can soothe an aching heart/soul.Listenable anytime to me. Not only AM! A MUST BUY!!
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on 20 December 2001
Every song on this album is different, and that is why Royksopp have succeeded in producing the album of 2001. Listen to 'Sparks' by candlelight and 'Poor Leno' before you go out on a friday. Erlend from Kings Of Convenience lends vocals to a number of tracks and I would suggest purchasing their album 'Versus' as the Royksopp duo lend a hand to a couple of tracks.
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on 20 February 2002
Scandenavia has been traditionally good for three things - safe cars, quality vodka and classy porn. Not music. Except the Wannadies and the Cardigans (kind of destroyed my own point there...) Anyway, then, within the space of a year, two stunning bands come thundering out of the frozen hinterland like proverbial Viking ships on a mission of plunder. There's the wonderful Kings of Convieniance and now - Röyksopp.
Melody A.M. sounds like 7am on New Years Day. That may well be when I heard it first and therefore is a bit of a personal allagory to be using but I think it gives the correct impression. Melody A.M. sounds, well... it's not quite ambient, its not quite house. Think Air with a big furry jacket. Think Burt Bacharach on a big happy come down with a steaming mug of hot chocolate.
You may well recognise the superb second track 'Eple' from an ad on the telly at the moment (the name escapes me, anti-perspirant may welll be involved I'm nearly sure...). 'Poor Leno' is another standout, all house beats and soaring vocodery vocals.
Röyksopp are one to watch. Melody A.M. is one to get. Essential stuff.
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