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4.4 out of 5 stars
4.4 out of 5 stars
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on 23 March 2008
This is an excellent device and thoroughly reliable, I've had mine for over two years and contrary to the previous previews I use mine twice a day and only have to change the batteries about every six months which is brilliant. If you're in the market for a battery toothbrush then this has to be the one for you.
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on 16 November 2010
This is a more than adequate toothbrush and the battery would last forever if the battery compartment cover didn't split so easily. The cover on my brush split with a week or so, my wife's split after a couple of years. We only use these brushes occasionally when we go away, preferring a rechargeable version at home. I travel more than my wife, which probably accounts for my brush going first, also we often travel with the just my brush if we are away together. The less you open the cover the less the likelihood that the cover will split I guess. However, if you travel you will need to remove the batteries to avoid the brush turning on accidentally, which happened literally every time we traveled until we learned to remove the batteries. Once the cover is split, water easily gets inside and rapidly corrodes the batteries and rusts the contacts making the brush perform poorly and wastes batteries.

The battery cover is fiendishly hard to remove. My wife finds it impossible. If you have arthritis or any weakness in your hands you will need someone to open it for you.

I'd only recommend you buy this brush if you can avoid opening the battery compartment as much as possible, which rules it out as a travel toothbrush. If for some reason you don't want a rechargeable toothbrush for home use, then this would be an option as the batteries last six moths or so, meaning you'd only need to open it up twice a year at most.
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on 9 July 2011
My wife and I have used Braun Oral-B electric tooth brushes for well over 20 years. Our early models incorporated charging stands which had to be plugged into an electrical outlet. We have more than enough plug in adaptors for electrical devices and a charging holder sitting on a bathroom shelf became a nuicance. Then there was the inconvenience of including it in our luggage when leaving home so we gave up on these models and switched to the dry battery type. There has been no detectable difference in performance and our dentist continues to compliment us on the low incidence of plaque and the excellent condition of our teeth and gums.

We purchased the latest model a couple of months ago and note a design change. Previously the end cap which is removed to change the batteries depended on a silicone sealant on the main casing to keep the internal parts of the toothbrush waterproof. After two or three battery changes the silicone sealant crumbled and became ineffective causing moisture to penetrate into the battery compartment. The result of this was the motor would slow down or stop and the batteries plus internal contacts had to be dried manually. The new model now incorporates a rubber ring seal so hopefully this will eliminate or reduce moments of exasperation when the motor stops during the teeth cleaning operation. Having said that I must mention that the end cap on one of the tooth brushes is most difficult to remove and replace whereas the second one offers no problem. So far I have been unable to ascertain the reason for this.

As a more trivial comment I must mention that previous models included little coloured plastic rings which could be clipped on to the replacement brush heads. In a household this enables one to identify the user. The new design does not offer this feature although the sales blurb does state that the toothbrushes are available in variable colours. In our instance we received two of the same colour. I would suggest the supplier uses a little imagination when shipping multiple orders and select different colours for each toothbrush.

Finally, battery life. Good quality dry batteries (AA size) last quite a few weeks before the motor slows down but, having a battery charger, I prefer to use the rechargeable type and routinely charge them once a month.
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on 27 March 2008
A good toothbrush which is a better alternative to the low cost rechargable brushes. Alkaline batteries last for ages, but the brush just slowly loses power as the batteries run low, although you get a good 8 weeks before they need changing. Use your own rechargable batteries and you will get about 3 weeks before having to recharge them.
Compare this to the cheap rechargable models which claim up to 5 days between recharging, but in actual fact this soon drops to 2 days after 6 months.
My old one has finally given up after about 2 years, but at under a tenner, no complaints.
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on 10 December 2010
I have now had three of these. They work very well particularly with the newer designs of brush. This one was bought at a very reasonable price and was delivered promptly. I can give Braun a suggestion towards improving the design. The cap is delicate and I have broken one. The key is to ensure that the O-ring groove is cleaned out and that some lubrication is provided when refitting the cap. The best thing is a smear of vaseline. This lubricates the O-ring and helps prevent ingress of water. Any moisture getting trapped in with the batteries leads to galvanic corrosion of the battery contacts. The consequent break in connection hampers performance at best and stops it at worst. Braun - you need to find a solution for this and add the lube trick to the instructions.

I use 2000mAh LiMh rechargable batteries and they work just fine.

Brush heads are overpriced but I now buy mine through eBay and, with a bit of effort, get decent prices. Don't be tempted by aftermarket copies like Asda's own-brand replacement heads, they are a waste of money. The Braun heads are best.
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on 1 October 2014
I originally bought one of these particular toothbrushes because of the removable batteries. I hate small rechargeable devices with sealed in batteries, when the power source dies, so effectively does the equipment and in the case of the old ni-cads, quite rapidly. The other serious disadvantage of fixed cells is that should they expire whilst you are cleaning, you cannot just drop in some fresh batteries and carry on. I use Hybrio ni-mh batteries as these retain a charge, unused, for up to 12 months so you can have a few sets on hand ready to use in this tooth brush or any other device for that matter. I have used many sets of heads on the first brush and despite many years multiple daily use only the rotating shaft water seals eventually failed, letting moisture leak into the battery compartment, the motor was still going strong. I have found from early experience that the only weak point is the clip on battery cover. This needs to be carefully pressed on with a straight upwards push in line with the body of the unit. Any sideways presure can crack the rather thin plastic forming the rim of this bottom cover. The cleaning power is much more effective than ordinary brushes, as an example try cleaning the lime and toothpaste residues off you old brush and be amazed how quickly it removes these deposits in a couple of minutes, some which you have a hard job scratching off with a finger nail. Our dentist has complemented both my wife and myself on how clean our teeth have been kept and the massaging buzz you get is good for the gums. One final advantage is that you use less toothpaste. With a normal brush it is easy to apply too much paste, with the small area of the head on this one you use a smaller correct amount.
I did not dispose of the old brush with the worn seals, it has, along with a few old heads, found new life in power tool maintenance, cleaning the dirt out of little corners and the sawdust out of the nooks and crannies of my chainsaws. Any job like that you used old toothbrushes for, this does it ten times better, just don't forget to put the clean head back on before you do your teeth.
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on 17 November 2009
As noted by others, the battery compartments split when trying to change the batteries. This has happened to both mine and my wifes
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on 17 June 2009
Having used electric and the cheap battery toothbrushes for years, at last I have foud one that I really love. This is fantastic value for money, very powerfull and does everything a recharable one does and more, and for the price it is a give away.
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on 24 March 2008
This is my third, and I largely agree with the comments above. My only small criticism is that both have split at the battery compartment which allows dampness in. I travel a lot, which makes these ideal, but you do have to look after them - i.e. take the batteries out when in transit.
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on 29 October 2007
I've had one of these for about 2 years and it too is still going strong.
I've had several of the rechargeable ones in the past, but I've found the battery life soon wears down so you don't get much time in-between charges, and I end up having to bin it.

With this one, I just use some high powered rechargeable batteries (Uniross 2500Mah ones from Argos), which give me 2-3 weeks use. I know that once these batteries no longer hold their charge, I can just buy new batteries and not a whole new toothbrush. Much more environmentally friendly!
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