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Customer Reviews

4.7 out of 5 stars
4.7 out of 5 stars
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on 12 October 2001
A warning should go the fans of the previous eels albums. This is differnet. Superbly different. Fuzzy guitars, heartfelt lyrics and all the awareness of the experienced, musically gifted beings that they are. A true gem.
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The thing I love about the Eels is that each one of their albums has sounded different from the rest while still being superb and this one doesn't disappoint in either respect.
The single release "Souljacker Part I" gives some indication of what to expect - the tone is darker than "Daisies of the Galaxy" with fuzzy, dark guitars and E growling along to an energetic beat. There is gentler material though, with songs like "Fresh Feeling", "Friendly Ghost" and "Souljacker part II" demonstrating the kind of wistful, heartfelt music E seems to have an unlimited supply of.
The album rewards close listening. In addition to the fact that each song tells a separate story, the Eels have drawn samples from their back catalogue which are employed to great effect on "Fresh Feeling" amongst other songs.
The album also comes with a bonus EP which -refreshingly since it's an extra - easily maintains the established standard. Look for "I write the B-sides" which is vintage Eels stuff from the Beautiful Freak era and also a beat-driven, bluegrass remix of "Mr E's Beautiful Blues"
Overall, fantastic stuff. I would recommend this to any fan of Eels or anyone looking for indy rock that's slightly offroad.
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on 30 January 2002
Saw them on Jools Holland Show and thought worthy of investigation.On hearing this for the first time was immediately struck by the confidence they have in their music and the textures of sound.A breath of fresh air.Besides, starting a balad with "In this world of shit,baby you are it...." gets my vote.A great buy.
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on 25 September 2001
As ever, with Souljacker, Eels prove themselves to be one of the most underrated outfits in mainstream pop. E mixes colourful, crazy sounds with classic, quality songwriting. He is also able to laugh at himself in the way few writers can and this humour makes the darker moments all the more haunting...I can think of several, so called serious songwriters who could learn a lot from this record. This is Eels most dynamic album so far and even if nothing here quite reaches the heights of Novacane For The Soul there are enough great tunes to make it, I think, their most consistent album so far. Of my favourate records, so far this year, (others include 'Mystery#1' by the Contrast and 'Isolation Drills' by Guided By Voices) this is the only major label release...hopefully Eels continuing popularity will lead to more of the really exciting music that is out there in 'the underground' reaching the wider audience it deserves.
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on 2 November 2001
From dog faced boy to whats this note, not a bad song. Even when i heard the first song you know whats in store. E has the ability to write funeral songs to scuzzy jazzy funk. An album that makes your life feel better just by its existence. Does not leave your cd player, but when it does its replaced with beautiful freak...
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on 25 September 2001
This album claims to rock out on the rather bizarre narritive on the box, in a sense it does.
The album starts with heavy bass lines and E's vocals heavily affected, and many of the other songs on the album mirror such a pattern. Where this album is really strong is in songs such as Fresh Feeling and Woman Driving, Man Sleeping.
These songs show E at his most mellow yet uplifting at the same time. Fresh Feeling has a sumptuous string backing and a great beat aswell.
On the track that's not really funny it is quite funny and the album is full of such twists.
This album in parts slips into the mainstream and in other parts tries to avoid the mainstream like the plague. However this is no Kid A just an honest selection of good tunes from a great band.
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on 26 September 2001
This CD is, in one word, incredible, as you may or may not have guessed from my title. It varies from touching pop to pure hardcore and the grey area inbetween. Tracks like "Fresh Feeling" bring back memories of "Daisies of the Galaxy" (the Eels' previous CD), while tracks like "Dog Faced Boy" and "Souljacker Pt. I" are more hardcore grunge/punk like the early CBGB's bands. This CD has something for everyone muscially, and combined with E's pop sensibility and deep lyrics and the general powerful Eels (fresh) feeling, "Souljacker" is eadily the best CD I've heard this year.
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on 11 September 2009
The Eels are one of the greatest musical forces of the current generation. What Mark Everett plays, you cannot help fall for. If it isn't his subtle, meandering prose, it's the alternative, and sometimes cathartic nature of his music. There is nothing I can say to possibly emphasise just how talented this man is, and Souljacker is one of his finest works. It is one of the harder albums he's made, but rest assured it's one you'll listen to again and again.
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on 26 September 2001
The latest offering from E, Butch and friends is well worth the money. It is a mix of everything you have heard from them before and more. The guitar riff from Dog Faced Boy would be easily at home on Electro-shock Blues, whilst Fresh Feeling could almost be from Daises of the Galaxy.It is the missing album that links the two. Though I'm not saying this album is unoriginal, the EELS take rock where it's never been before.
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on 9 May 2015
Eels is probably America's unluckiest band. When this record came out the world was recovering from the Unibomber and Mark Everitt looked to the world every inch the terrorist instead of the avant garde musician he definitely is. Time for a retrospective.
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