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4.3 out of 5 stars
4.3 out of 5 stars
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on 15 April 2017
Plastic DVD case was slightly broken and cracked on the side, but the DVD worked fine, with good graphics. Really good
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on 14 October 2013
US import DVD works without any problems on our blu ray player. Very entertaining old school Disney musical with Christian Bale singing and dancing. Perfect movie for a rainy Sunday afternoon
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on 20 December 2004
What can I say; Newsies is simply my favourite film. I have always like Christian Bale, and saw an advert for The News Boys as it is known in England at the front of another film, I did not realize at the time that this film was in fact, a musical along the lines of the good old fashioned Hollywood musicals ala Gene Kelly. This film simply lifts your spirits. The cast is charismatic and Bale is a revelation. He could, with a little work make another career on the musical stage if films ever pall for him. Robert Duvall hams it wonderfully, and the fact that Bill Pullman prior to becoming a household name, can sing is another great thing about this film. I'm sure even kids would love and grannies will remember the great MGM musicals of the past. I found out that this film was originally released at the same time as Robin Hood Prince of Thieves and obviously suffered by lack of theatre space but what a little gem it is when I was lucky enough to find it.
Watch it and have a great time. It's a fantastic family film.
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on 21 May 2006
The first time I watched this movie, I immediately fell in love with it. Having been a long time fan of the work of Alan Menken's music, I expected great things from this musical. I wasn't disappointed. The music has the energy that is so reminiscent of Menken's earlier works with Disney ('Little Mermaid', 'Beauty and the Beast' and 'Aladdin'). While Jack Feldman is no Howard Ashman when it comes to lyrics, he does manage to hold his own. The stand out song for me was 'Seize the Day'. The only two songs that in my mind slow the musical down are the ones performed by Ann-Margret.

With live action, it is sometimes hard to choreograph the dance sequences to match the energetic music. Yet Kenny Ortega and Peggy Holmes manage to do just that. The dance routines are a visual feast, very infectious. They manage to capture the right spirit whether there is just one person doing the dance (as in 'Santa Fe') or if there is a huge group ('Seize the Day').

This movie made me notice Christian Bale as an actor for the first time. I found his performance in this film to be winning and earnest. I then saw him in 'Swing Kids' (another movie I would recommend) and it cemented in my mind that someday he would become a very recognised and accomplished actor.

David Moscow (the boy in 'Big') also delivers a fine performance. This is a movie about the boys and it really needed some strong and believable performances from them. I would have a hard time coming up with two other actors who could have given better performances than Christian Bale and David Moscow.

Outside of Bill Pullman, the adult actors were a bit of a letdown. Both Robert Duvall's character and Ann-Margret's were little more than caricatures. Bill Pullman, a seriously under-rated actor, makes a good effort with the material he's given to work with. Unfortunately, the script only allows him to be slightly less wooden than that of an oak dining table.

With most musicals, the plot is little more than a vehicle to segue between songs and the songs themselves tend to slow the story line. With Newsies, the plot is an integral part of the movie and the songs manage to carry the plot forward. This is a talent that Alan Menken has proven he has time and time again when writing his songs.

In conclusion, if you're a fan of musicals, I would highly recommend viewing this one. It does get a bit cheesy and corny at times, but then this is a Disney movie afterall. You have to expect some food adjectives when watching their movies.
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on 16 January 2004
An fantastic film with a terrific performance from Christian Bale in his early years (also known for American Psycho). The film is ideal for the whole family and is filled with catchy songs. All in all it is a classic disney film which is worth watching over and over. This is a five star film.
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on 19 October 2010
Absolutely looooove this movie, but unfortunately it isn't available to us Europeans to enjoy!!
Really wish Walt Disney Home Entertainment would consider releasing it to other parts of the world besides the US... Can Amazon.co.uk assist us in this?
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on 17 October 2008
Well really... I don't know how else to define this movie, except maybe that it's a really wonderful and precious masterpiece!!! Everything about this movie, with very few very small slips, is just poifect!! The story is really great and, unlike musicals as HSM, it's really meaningful! Boys going against the powerful, you've gotta love it!! Some think that it might have been better if it wasn't a muscial, and maybe it would have been really good too, buuut it would not have been the same wonderful movie!! The dancing and the singin' is just awesome!! So full of spirit!! Great lyric, great music and great voices!! So originally! And I gotta say it; Christian Bale is an absolutely stunning singer AND dancer (Santa Fe is just heartmeltingly beautiful!!) He's poifect as the cunning, tough, and dreamy Jack Kelly!! Besides what is there not to love about a Disney movie where young guys/boys smoke, soak every sucker that they can and the girl get's a very, well, WOW kiss - very unlike Dinsney ;) It's certaintly Disneys best feature movie, if you ask me. I wouldn't compare it with the animated disneys flicks, 'cause I just don't think cartons and feature films should be compared. Last, I just wanna say that Newsis is a golden movie and a timeless classic cult flick!! Watch it!!
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Every so often, there’s a movie that I didn’t necessarily enjoy the first time around, but I wind up seeing it again and enjoying it more. That’s the case for me with Newsies. I must not be the only one because in the last twenty years it’s gone from being a disappointment in initial release to being a cult classic that has been turned into a Broadway music.

The movie is a musical inspired by the newsboy’s, or newsies, strike against all the papers inNew York Cityin 1899. It focuses especially on Jack Kelly (Christian Bale) and David Jacobs (David Moscow) who are the leaders of the movement, at least in this telling of the tale.

Jack and David meet when David joins the newsies who sell for Pulitzer and Jack takes him under his wing to help him figure out how to sell. Despite David’s original reluctance, they quickly become a good team.

However, Pulitzer is looking for more profits, and he decides that the best way to do this is to raise the price on the newsies without raising the cost of the paper. He figured they won’t do anything but roll over and take it. But he’s wrong. Jack, with David reluctantly coaching him, begins organizing the others in a strike that spreads to the other newspapers.

Only one reporter is willing to cover the story, Bryan Denton (Bill Pullman). Their only other real ally is Medda Larkson (Ann-Margaret), who owns and performs in a dance hall. Will they be able to win the strike? Or are the odds too stacked against them?

Honestly, I can see why the movie didn’t do well when it first came out. It’s just a strange proposition. A musical around a strike? And it does have a few fights in it that don’t quite seem to fit the first time through. Plus Ann-Margaret’s character seems to be there only to provide a female who sings – she adds very little to the plot.

And yet.

And yet, the story is compelling. Bryan Denton makes a comparison early on to David and Goliath, a comparison that is very apt when looking at the odds the newsies have to overcome. And who doesn’t love to root for the underdog? The story is actually fairly entertaining, and while you know how various plot points will turn out, you really do wonder how the characters will get there.

Another things that works are the characters. You really see some growth in both Jack and David, plus you genuinely believe in their friendship. While we don’t get to know the rest of the newsies nearly as well, we still feel sympathy for them, too.

Then there’s the music. With lyrics by Jack Feldmen and music by Alan Menken, fresh off his success on The Little Mermaid and Beauty and the Beast, there are some winners here. Most of the songs are fun, but if Jack’s “Santa Fe” doesn’t tug at your heart strings just a little, you’ve got a serious problem.

The film was directed by Kenny Ortega, who most recently was behind the High School Musical franchise. And if you didn’t know that going into it, you’d suspect it by the time the movie was over. Between the similarly styled choreography and a few trademark type scenes, the similarities are evident even if the stories are very different. That includes the dancing, which could be better but is fun.

One thing I found interesting was how it shows the power of the press. Pulitzer does his best to squash the story of the strikes to make the newsies give in to him. While many would consider some of their rallies news, he convinces all the media of the time to not cover the story. Some things in the media certainly haven't changed, have they?

So look past some of the oddities, and you’ll find a movie that is actually very entertaining. I’m glad I gave Newsies a second chance, and if you are looking for a lesser known musical, I highly recommend this one.
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on 11 October 2013
The stage show of this film will be opening in the West End in the spring which may make Disney bring out a Region 2 edition.
I find this film very enjoyable and the BluRay will play on a Region 2 player as most BluRay films are all region. The only thing you will not be able to do is watch the extras as they are region 1 only. I know this for a fact as I just received my copy.
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on 1 April 2013
The movie and the music are great!
But why is no version released that can be played on European BluRay / DVD-Players?? So only one star for that.
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