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Customer reviews

3.7 out of 5 stars
3.7 out of 5 stars
Format: Video Game|Change
Price:£8.26+ £2.03 shipping

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Whilst in some respects the Gran Turismo series is amazingly realistic, what it lacks are spectacular crashes, high paced action and a less serious attitude to racing. Burnout delivers these three in abundance yet it is still a fantastic game for the more serious racer.
The sense of speed the game produces is incredible - you really need split second reactions to survive. Even though it's an arcade game, if you crash you'll lose vital seconds (and because the opponents are always on your tail - the only real flaw in the game) and you'll drop places.
This is a must buy for all driving enthusiasts. You'll be left awestruck at the speed and pace of this game. It's certainly a challenge, but this broadens the gameplay. You can play this game whether you want to mess about with your mates or be ultra serious.
Burnout simulates every aspect of driving that other games have always missed out. It looks and sounds fantastic, and offers hours of entertainment. I don't think this game will ever become dull or worn out.
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on 19 December 2001
This is a great game, a real blast that makes a change from some of the more cerebral driving games:
The graphics and sound are fantastic, especially the lighting. In GT3 the scenery is all lit depending on the time of day, but the cars are always lit from directly above, making them glow brightly when they go through dark tunnels, for example. Not so in Burnout. The lighting is all ambient and cars cast realistic shadows. In fact the lighting can be too realistic since you don't seem to have any headlamps at all on these cars.
The colour pallette is a bit dull on some tracks, which makes things more realistic than the cartoon-bright scenery in GT3 but it does make finding your turn-in point a bit tricky.
The computer controlled cars stay too close to your tail sometimes - you can be powering away in the lead for ages and the one crash lets them all come flying past at the last minute.
When you run out of time before a checkpoint your car stops too quickly. Too many times my car has pulled up suddenly, just yards from the next checkpoint when it would easily have rolled through if the game didn't slam the brakes on.
The replays lose a lot of the peripheral action. the funniest bits are when you've crashed and your opponents come barelling round the corner only to plough into your pile-up. The highlights lose most of this, however, as they only really show your crash for a couple of seconds.
The range of cars is limited. I've completed all but two of the championships and I have not been given any extra cars other than the five that you start with.
The racing is easily the fastest I've seen on any platform, 60Hz or not. It makes your heart pound and the adrenalin keeps you playing for ages. The game might be too difficult thanks to the computer cars being so close all the time, but it makes a change from GT3 where you just bolt on a bigger turbo and leave everyone else standing.
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on 11 January 2002
Initially seems abit samey,but after a while you begin to realise this game puts forth a considerable challenge.The speed of the game is phenomenal,split second reactions are essential.It's a game that sharpens the senses,it's fast and furious,take your eyes off the screen for a second and you will probably find yourself becoming one with an oncoming bus.Graphics are adequate but considering there is so much going on i.e so many polygons being thrown around at lightening speed,it's not surprising the graphics took abit of a hit!!The only thing that might annoy some people is when you crash and you will, a simultaneous replay is shown of that crash and the clock continues to countdown so by the time you have rejoined the race you have lost valuable seconds which could make the difference in you completing the race.All in all a great game,stick with it and you will be rewarded.
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on 27 November 2001
An instantly enjoyable 'pick-up and play' game that's great fun from the off. In a breath of fresh air for the tired driving game genre Burnout lets you blast round city streets, weaving in and out of traffic as you race. It's incredibly fast considering the amount of cars, buses and trucks on screen at one time and the inevitable smashes deserve a special mention too. All in all, Burnout is a truly enjoyable game that unlike so many others doesn't take itself too seriously - excellent fun!
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on 15 January 2002
The first ten minutes I played this I was disappointed. This is because I was thinking about it relative to GT3. If you play this for longer than 10 minutes you will realise it's a great game in it's own right, and has a very different style to GT3. To really enjoy this true arcade-style, seat-of-pants racer you would be advised to have the following:
1) A big 'ol TV so you can see what's going on, especially important for 2 player action
2) A bunch of mates to play against so you can enjoy the carnage together.
The game is a scream in 2 player mode, and perfect for when you've got a few people round and you've just come in from the pub. I like the funky choones too.
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on 15 January 2002
Having gone on a few recommendations I must say that Burnout has been one of the best buys for the PS2. Its full of fast furious action, heart racing near misses and great crashes. Best if you have a few mates around and a big TV, but still great if you are going alone. Worth every penny.
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on 21 January 2002
I think you could describe this game succinctly as the 'Anti-GT' (at the risk of making it sound like something to defrost your car windscreen) since it requires the player to take hair-raising risks and guffaw at hideous crashes. Basically, it is the perfect antidote to the aforementioned classic driving simulation. At first, Burnout looks just like any other racing game. However, it wipes the stinking pavement with most i've played due to the fact that it has stripped off and pumped itself up with silicon Viagra. A true gamer's game: fiendishly addictive with unsullied gameplay. Clearly the spiritual successor to the likes of OutRun and Super Hang-On. Bliss.
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on 20 January 2002
After GT3, this is easily the best racer available on the PS2, but they couldn't be more different. In GT3 the emphasis is obviously on perfect racing lines and winning, in Burnout it's simple - go as fast as you can whilst avoiding civilian traffic!. I can't even convey the buzz you get from playing the game, hurtling down packed roads at ridiculous speeds whilst JUST missing countless vehicles, or squeezing between 2 oncoming articulated lorries!. And don't worry about starting off in slow cars, this game is fast from the word GO!.
Although the graphics lack the finesse of GT3, they are fast, smooth and with zero pop-up, and the courses are packed with graphical detail. Despite all the traffic on-screen, I haven't encountered any slow-down at all. The cars handle well (& obviously in an arcade manner), which is just as well considering the amount of on-coming cars you'll have to swerve out the way of!.
My complaints of the game are only nit-picking really; it won't take you long to finish (though it's one you'll regularly come back to), there's not many cars to pick from, and although the game claims to have 14 courses, many of these are re-used at either a different time of day or reversed (or both).
Essentially though, it's just the pure buzz you get from playing Burnout that makes it great. Anyone whose played 3DO Need for Speed (the closest comparison) will have a better idea of what to expect...only this is about 50 times faster!!.
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on 21 November 2001
Burn't out more like! Just can't put this one down for a secound. After getting over GT3 and me thinking my driving days are up thens come this powerpack high energy head spinning car smashing game. In few simple words Drives like GT3 but gives you realistic car damage better AI from computers looks fantatic is fantastic buy it today
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on 28 December 2002
This is a must have game for race fans. The graphics are smooth as silk and the feel of speed is brilliant. Leaves games like GT3 in the dust. Initially you have a choice of 4 cars then as you progress through completing the championships you unlock more cars and different tracks. If you keep getting 'near miss' (when you nearly crash or skim another vehicle) your burn out level increases - which means you get a sort of nitro effect - takes the Super mini from 120mph to over 140mph - excellant! I totally recommend getting this game.
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