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Customer reviews

4.7 out of 5 stars
4.7 out of 5 stars
Format: Video Game|Change
Price:£3.72+ £2.03 shipping

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on 6 September 2000
Deus Ex is a game that's slow to reveal its strengths. For the first hour or so, you'll be wondering why you bothered. After all, it's just a poor-man's version of Thief with sci-fi trappings. Isn't it? Then, before you know it, everything starts falling into place. You've been playing for over a week, utterly enthralled, anxious to learn how everything pans out, eager to play the game over from the beginning and try out alternative "what if?" scenarios. In short, you're hooked.
One thing you notice early on is the "fiddle factor". There's so many objects you can manipulate, whether or not they have any bearing on the action. All this helps create a greater sense of depth and immersion than most other games in this genre manage. SS2 had "fiddly bits", but not to the same degree that Deus Ex has. Ie, apartments have working TV sets, showers, toilets, windows, computer terminals, vases of flowers, ornaments, cupboards, fridges, cookers, microwaves, etc. Tables and chairs can be picked up, thrown around, bashed to pieces, etc. The New York level has a little basketball court tucked away, complete with a ball you can toss through the hoops.
This isn't as trivial as it might seem. There's one level where a bunch of guards raid an apartment building where you and your brother are holed up. There are many options available to you -- the one I chose was to run to a back room, open up the window and crawl out onto the fire escape. However, I loaded it up again later and tried a new tactic. Knowing that the guards would be rushing into the room, I piled the corridor behind the door full of tables and chairs. Sure enough, as expected, the guards barged into the room but found themselves blocked by all the furntiture. As they were all bunched together, wondering what to do, I simply tossed a grenade their way and caught them all in one go!
The attention to detail right across the game is second to none. I'd literally be here all night listing all the wonderful little touches I've encountered so far (my savegame file has recorded 15 hours worth of solid play and I'm only halfway through the game). Full marks go to the Hong Kong level, with its market area full of stall-holders, ominous "big brother-like" gun-fire detection poles, mech-bots lurking in shadows, humming with power, waiting for someone to make a minor transgression, citizens going about their daily business (I followed a little boy around for about 10 minutes before realising he was running between two groups of people, trying to play them off against one another in order to earn himself some money -- nothing to do with the game or my mission), etc.
The level of interaction with NPCs is one of the highest I've seen in a game outside Baldur's Gate (and spin-offs). Every single character in the game has something to say. Talking to some characters will even cause spin-off sub-plots and secondary missions/goals to be generated for you.
Each level is huge and packed to the rafters full of secrets. Some levels you'll return to more than once (such as the UNATCO HQ, Tracer Tong's Hong Kong hideout, etc), revealing areas you'd previously overlooked. There will also be numerous buildings, passageways and avenues of exploration that don't have any direct bearing on your current mission, but nevertheless reveal some nice little surprises and rewards for your trouble. I managed to find my way to the top of some skyscraper in Hong Kong, had a bit of a search around in the dark and found I could get onto a ledge. I followed the ledge round and found a sniper rifle, discarded ammo and some binoculars. Using the binoculars, I discovered that this vantage point was ideal for sniping at the window of an apartment across the street.
Another great thing about the game is the numerous solutions to the vast majority of puzzles within the game. Get into an online discussion with others players, revealing how you solved a particular puzzle, and you'll soon discover that everyone else solved it in their own unique way. Without giving too much away, there's a point in the game where you need to get rid of erm, an "enemy" agent. My method was to visit a weapons specialist and buy the neccessary weapon for dispatching them. A friend's method was to hack into the agent's employer's security terminal and remotely activate the agent's kill-switch (a hard-wired part of the agent's brain that kills them instantly). Other folks on the net came up with other ways to exterminate the agent.
Plot-wise, the game's good fun. It's basically a pastiche of just about every conspiracy theory you can think of, but Ion pull it off in such a way that it never feels corny or contrived. The plot itself is supplemented by numerous devices within the game that fill in all the background details of the world Deus Ex is set in. Ie, you'll find newspapers detailing news stories that have some relevance to the plot you're involved with. There are public access terminals on street corners that allow citizens to read generic electronic news bulletins. Most of the "important" people within the game have their own private computer terminals, chock full of emails to and from various individuals (some anonymous and mysterious). Finding the ID and password to these terminals helps, although with the right skills it's possible to hack them.
Overall, thoroughly recommended. The best fun I've had since Thief 2 and System Shock 2. Roll on Deus Ex 2!
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on 28 January 2003
Freedom is something that game developers are constantly promising gamers, very few games however offer the levels of freedom that is promised. In the last few years many games have promised massive levels of freedom, most notably 'Shenmue' and 'Red Faction', but in actuality neither gave the player many choices. 'Deus Ex' is the exception, a game that lives up to the hype and goes well beyond it.
The player is cast as anti-terrorist agent JC Denton. Denton has been nano-enhanced, he has certain skills that can be upgraded at various points in the game (night vision, silent running etc), but these opportunities are rare, and the player is not given the opportunity to upgrade everything. This forces the player to make choices about Denton's development; would you rather run faster or silently? In addition to these nano-augmentations the player can increase skills in certain categories on completion of level goals. These range from sniping ability to swimming speed. Increasing Denton's lock-picking skills make doors easier to breach but this may be at a cost to Denton's computer hacking skills, then what happens if there is no door, merely a PC to hack? Get into this line of thinking and the intricacies of 'Deus Ex' will become clear.
The goals are clearly defined; how they are completed is left entirely up to the player. The player may be required to enter a terrorist compound - this could involve going in machine guns blazing and killing everyone in sight, or a more subtle attack with a sniper rifle might be favoured - but what about that air-vent over there? That way conflict would be avoided, but now a lock pick is needed.
Performing any action in the 'Deus Ex' universe matters. 'Deus Ex' is all about making the player accountable for their actions. Early in the game the player is given the opportunity to explore the UNATCO Headquarters where Denton works. If the player should enter the women's toilets, Denton will later receive a dressing down from your boss, and the female employees will respond to you accordingly. This might seem small, but it is merely an example of the levels of AI the developers have implemented to make the game universe more tangible.
The only slight criticism would be the disintegration of the plot into sub X-Files Sci-Fi nonsense. However, while the plot becomes a tad confusing, it is not a flaw substantial enough to detract from the overall quality of the gaming experience. It's a glorious game - the best I've ever played.
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on 9 September 2000
What a game......
Deus Ex is by the far the best PC game I have ever bought. The level of absorption is simply amazing - I AM JC DENTON and I am going to survive !
Seriously though, Deus Ex manages to suck you into the part and the story in a way I have never seen before on a games platform. It's the detail, the music, the fact there are soooo many things to interact with even if they have no relevance to the plot line at all.
When you hear a Man in Black talking on the other side of a door, or a military bot clanking away on the other side of a fence you can feel the adrenaline start...........the urge to run away and find a different route is quite compelling (and normally works - there always seems to be a second or third or fourth route in this game).
I once fell off one of the buildings and I actually jumped in real life ! And I'm sure those plasma blasts actually hurt !
I won't go through the plot again - you should know by now but I'll say one thing, it's HUGE. I have been playing for over a month now (albeit not full time) and I am nowhere near the end. What's more, I'm still making good progress - not like some other games where you hit a particularly difficult point designed to hold you up for a long time. Deus Ex is a damn fine example of how to give games proper longevity - something lacking in so many others.
Anyway, if you fancy a few late nights (and very tired mornings) buy it. If you don't, buy it anyway and I challenge you not to end up burning the candle at boths ends whether you want to or not ! Excellent........and then some.
Warren Spector - you da man ! More please.
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on 10 October 2016
This game was a formative part of my younger years; countless hours spent playing it over and over again, so perhaps nostalgia can bias reviews somewhat, but this is a game certainly worthy of 5 stars. It has aged a bit, but only in terms of graphics, really. The gameplay is excellent, particularly the attention to detail and the options that you have throughout the game. The story is also great and engaging, so overall it is rare to find a game with all of these components in place. Definitely worth a go, just be careful you don't let the hype and legend raise your expectations to unreachable levels.
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on 2 January 2002
This is easily the best game i've ever played.
It has RPG and FPS elements combined to make a masterpiece. The game has many many strong points and very little low points. The story will suck you in and the locations, A.I, and weapons are the best i,ve ever scene. The enemy reacts brilliantly and they will often retreat if you surprise them. The levels are fantastic from Hong Kong to New York you'll see yourself travelling from city to city enjoying the sites as you casually take an enemy's head off with a sniper rifle. The story involves that you are a new recruit for UNATCO the anti-terrorism orgonisation but as you progress further you realise that there is more to UNATCO than meets the eye which makes you think who can I trust?
As you unwrap this conspiracy you realise what an exelent game this is and so if you enjoyed Half-Life or system shock you'll love this.
All I can say is roll on Deus Ex 2
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on 9 February 2001
This game is truly one of the best games i have ever played. The whole aspect is perfect, the gameplay is well designed and the plot has so many twists in it. The whole idea of stealthing your way around real world locations (including area 51, WITH ALIENS!), is excellent. The locations are well planned and are brilliantly laid out and the way you can pick off enemies and sneak up on them without them knowing and bust a cap in their ass is great! The weaponrey is excellent, the sniper is my favourite, being able to pick off guards from half a mile away really seals the deal. The graphics are amazing, with huge amounts of detail going into everything. There is so much more i can complement but i suppose i had better tell you the minus points. Well......they are very few and far between but can be frustating. For example, going up ladders is an age old problem for these first person games, and Deus Ex is definately an improvement over past games but still not ironed out the problem and climbing up ladders while trying to get away from enemies can be annoying. This is the main niggle, but the fact you start of as a pretty crap agent is stupid because you should be improving your ability as you go on, but the addition of "Skill Points" which make a range of your qualities better (Medicine, swimming, rifles etc.) means the game is getting easier, but this really isnt a complaint because i m just trying to think of something bad. Which is so HARD! This game is absoloutly fantastic and i'm longing for a seqeul. WELL DONE EIDOS!
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on 23 January 2002
It took me a while to get my PC upgraded, but after hearing the hype surrounding this game it was the first one I bought afterwards. And all I can say is that I only regret not having the upgrades earlier!
The game is massively open-ended in everything you do, the story is incredibly involving (the plot being much better than many films I have seen!)
This is one of those games that you need to see to believe, and definately belongs in the 'classic cupboard' along with others such as Half-Life and Unreal Tournament. OK, so Deus Ex isn't a FPS, but as much fun as I do have with FPS' this was much better!
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on 4 March 2002
I cannot rate this high enough. This game has enough content to keep you busy for many months to come. The different possible ways to complete sections of the game will ensure you will complete it more than once. I am nearing the end of the game now, which i've had since christmas and have enjoyed every minute of it.
To put it simply if you paid £40 for this game you'd be happy. So imagine how pleased you'll be parting with less.
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Being a big fan of System Shock 2 and the Thief games i was eagerly awaiting this game, and hell the wait was worth it. This game is simply incredible, every aspect of the game oozes class. The sound and music is spot on. The graphics (if you have a high end system) are pretty damn slick, and it plays like a dream. GET IT NOW!
There are strong Manga influences in there, which is a good thing. The strongest being from 'Ghost in the Shell', you could almost be playing as Motoko Kusanagi or Batou, what with the gadgets that are straight from the manga (thermoptic camo, ICE breakers etc..., If you've ever read the manga you'll know what i mean.
The other thing is that you absolutely need to get the D3D patch from the Eidos or Ion Storm websites, else the game runs like a dead dog.
I was only disappointed with the atmosphere in the game, after beign scared to death in games like System shock 2 and Thief, i missed the sense of really being scared for my life. But this game still rocks, else i wouldnt be putting in as many hours a day playing this thing as i am.
In conclusion, GET IT! GET IT! GET IT!
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on 4 March 2001
And it will, oh it will. Deus Ex has a plot that will suck you in like a dyson vacumn cleaner. There is no escape. It consumes your very spirit. Within one week of buying this game you be painting blue augmentation lines onto your face and running around in a long trench coat calling your self J.C Denton.
The RPG aspect of the game ie. building your character through experience etc. is the best of any i have seen, including (this is difficult for me) my beloved System Shock 2. The graphics are also brilliant and well detailed.
The thing i enjoy most about this game, other than the mental plot, is the character interaction. You can literally speak to any character in the game and he/she/it will answer back. If he/she/it gives you a bit of cheek, or your just a bit bored you can pull out your hand gun and blow them away!!! This makes for a brilliant way of venting your anger. Sometimes this is unwise however, as the local police will send their mechs after you which isn't pretty.
Whilst it does not quite have the same atmosphere that exists in System shock 2, the vast freedom you have in the game more than makes up for this slight downside.
Buy this game now or else i'll come and get you as i am J.C DENTON. (damn it's getting to me again)
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