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Customer reviews

4.4 out of 5 stars
4.4 out of 5 stars
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on 23 April 2017
Best of the best
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on 21 October 2001
What have we have come to expect from DMX? After his last few albums, nothing less than music where the lyrics paint you a bright and wonderful tapestry of the subject he raps about. This album is great, not only because it contains DMX's trademark lyrics, but also the contrast between the different songs. In my opinion (well since i'm writing it, it will be) all the songs are great, but "we right here" is probably the best song any artist has made this year. For all you people out there that think his music is just a hotbed of swearing and violence inducing lyrics, you couldn't be more wrong. I'm not saying that the album contains no swearing, of course not, but the lyrics contrast from being deep and poetic, to aggressive and energetic, and this improves the album. A good example would be "bloodline anthem", a great powerful and aggressive song, and "i miss you" a deep song about the loss of his late grandmother RIP, which ventures into his emotions. To conclude this album is definately worth buying, and will make a worthy addition to your collection, definately one for all you hip-hop heads out there.
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on 19 February 2006
I didn't buy this cd because of any singles. I had all the previously released DMX cds and thought, why not?
The cd is really good. Like the Title says, it's depressing and dark, like always but I kinda think this is deeper. Like he's opening and letting people get a piece of his mind. There are several good tracks on here. "Who We Be", "Trina Moe", "We Right Here", "Shorty Was Da Bomb", "I Miss You" & "A Minute for your son" are all really good. But the attempt to create another banging street anthem like ruff ryders anthem realy failed with Bloodline anthem. Could Have been done better..
Good Album if you're into DMX but for newcomers I would Recomend "It's dark and Hell is Hot" or "Blood of my blood, flesh of my flesh" they are better..
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on 30 April 2008
Im predominantly a Metal fan but as that includes the likes of Biohazard and Suicidal Tendencies i am open to Rap if its of a rougher nature ie Fort Minor, Silver Bullet, Public Enemy, NWA etc.
This is definiteley a release with that crossover appeal with its hard assed lyrics dealing with the darker side of street life and DMX's razor blade vocals. This guy is to Rap what AC/DC's Brian Johnson is to Rock!
Low, gravelly and will strip your wallpaper. The production is state of the art with effective instrumentation, clever samples and snippets of 70' soul classics in between tracks. X goes for a big production whilst not losing sight that the idea is to portray the realities of so many peoples lives. The lyrics and story lines are tough in places; robbery, guns, jail, violence, casual sex etc but X is never afraid to state his Faith and injects some redemption in amongst the urban battle. There is light & shade here with various female rappers to answer X back at times (deservedly so!)
There is even the odd burst of aggressive guitar on the track I'ma Bang to accompany the trademark X snarl. This should please the Metal crowd but the intense delivery throughout proves that music can be just as hard & heavy without the axe attack. Just listen to X spit out the words to standout track Who We Be and then beg to differ.
As expected, the language is as hard & frank as the beats and not for the faint heart. The N word must be into triple figures by the end.
(This is not the cartoon world as depicted by Eminem)

Highlights: Who We Be, I'ma Bang (2 great skits either side)
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on 18 August 2001
This is the fourth album from X, and it puts him back up there as of one of todays most talented peformers. DMX's third release, 'And then There was X' was a slight drop off in quality, but this album is da bomb! Tha Dog's lyrics are hot, and the beats are blazing. Plus, X has brought back Damien for a third time. This ongoing story with DMX and the Devil was sorely missed on 'And Then There Was X'. The third installment is just as good, retaining the outstanding storytelling skillz. Othere stand-out tracks include 'Who we be', 'We Right Here' and the collaboration with Faith Evans, a message to X's late grandmother. Overall this is probably D's second best album, behind 'It's dark and Hell is hot'. With dope lyrics and tight beats, this solid album is a must-have for all X fans, and for any hip hop fan.
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on 22 October 2001
Lets get started, this is no ITS DARK AND HELL IS HOT, but it is far better than AND THEN THERE WAS X... there are the usual hard anthems that we all know and love.But some of the best tracks are the heartfelt tribute to his grandma.One of the highlights has to be the return of Damien who was sadly missed on the last album.DMX'S one liners,hard hitting beats and a new sense of humour make this album a true return to form.BUY THIS ALBUM,if you like this i also recommend JA RULE-PAIN IS LOVE,JAY-Z-BLUEPRINT AND JADAKISS-KISS THE GAME GOODBYE.Overall this is one hip hop album that will be played for years to come-GET IT!
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on 25 October 2001
This album is a must for any hip-hop fan. From start to finish every track is amazing. There is the anthemic "We Right Here"(it is the only joint made this year that'll knock till 2003)to the deep and meaningful "I Miss You". The production is tight and the lyrics are great. This is the best hip-hop album this year. X rules
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on 18 October 2002
Being a huge fan of DMX, I bought this album on it's release, praying that it wasn't going to be another "...And Then There Was X", and thankfully it wasn't.
What we have here is the next stage in the evolution of DMX, he has formed his new crew and started up Bloodline Records, and although he has lost some talented producers, namely Irv Gotti, he has also gained some, like Kidd Kold. But aside from this, we are back to the old DMX. His flow is tight and his lyrics deep and dark, with his gravelly accentuated voice adding venom to the impact.
Most of the tracks are smart too, with only the exceptions of "Who We Be", which I know everyone else seems to like and "Bloodline Anthem", with it's cheesy whinging solo and totally-out-of-place rock guitar, which just doesn't suit the album. The rest of the joints are class though, especially "We Right Here", a beat about as hard hitting and memorable as they come, with some excellent production from Kidd Kold and "I'm a Bang", a blazing track that fully highlights the diverse aggression that DMX characteristically portrays.
Overall, a great album and a return to form for DMX after "...And Then There Was X".
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on 23 October 2001
DMX, Dark Man X. Think about it. Who else could stand and deliver 4 consecutive off the hook albums? DMX! The Great Depression features some great upbeat tracks suchas : School Street, I'ma Bang and Bloodline Anthem. It also features the return of Damien in the devilishly good 'Damien III' The whole album is filled with the top class, high intensity lyrics we expect from DMX. This is an absolutely great album, and in my opinion, the best so far from DMX. Dont let the title fool you, it isn't a depressing album at all. Oh, and if you wonder why 'A Minute For Your Son' is 16 minutes long, hang on at the end and you'll see right around 4:20 on your time counter. Buy this album immediately and i promise, you won't regret it!
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on 18 July 2004
Maybe if at the first listen of this album I was going through a Great Depression of my own, I would have appreciated it more. Unfortunatly, it just isn't for me. Standout tracks are 'Who we Be', 'We Right Here' and 'Shorty was da Bomb'. DMX is one of the truest rappers out there, on this 2001 release, there is no productions from the Neptunes, Timbaland, Dre and for that he has got to be respected. He has kept it raw but this time the results are flawed. Personally, I don't spend £15 on a CD to hear a dog bark 35 times a track.
'Its Dark and Hell is Hot' is a classic. This one tries to hard to be street, DMX doesn't need to try. He is street.
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