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Customer reviews

3.4 out of 5 stars
3.4 out of 5 stars
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on 24 August 2001
This is the latest in the windows series, and as much as I loved "ME" I must say this package just blows it away! I signed up for the Microsoft beta test programme and I've been using the "profesional" version. As soon as it was loaded my system seemed faster and more stable - thanks to the "NT" arcitechture. The only down side of the "profesional" beta was the lack of drivers and support for some of my software - I'm sure this will be fixed by the release date ( or soon afterwards ). to sum up all the rock solid stability of "NT" but pretty friendly and fun to!!
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on 26 February 2004
Having used Windows 98 Second Edition on my Gateway PIII 500 for the past 4 years, my experience of Windows so far has been a distressing one, what with the system freezing at least once a month.
So when it came to buying a new computer, I was worried that it was going to be another 4 years of Windows Hell. Thankfully, Microsoft have finally released a reasonably stable and fast version of Windows. I have been using Windows XP Professional daily for 5 months now on my laptop and have yet to experience a system crash. My system has become unstable twice so far but rebooting seemed to solve the problem. Mind you, this might have had something to do with my slow 1.4MHz processor.
In terms of user-friendliness, XP is much prettier than 98. XP does a lot more things for you like automatically downloading updates and System Restore which is a life-saver.
However, be prepared to throw out your older games and software because they likely won't work with XP. Same goes for hardware, because unless you can download the drivers for Win 2000 or later, you're in trouble. I don't play games anyhow so I don't know how stable they are with XP.
For word processing and surfing, which is what I use my Samsung laptop for, XP is adequate.
Be warned though, you'll need at least 256MB of RAM since this beast is memory-hungry!
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on 12 November 2001
Windows 2000 with WindowBlinds. Aside from a few enhancements to the Start menu, and a slide in favour of task-oriented usage, that's all that XP seems to be. Sure, the interface is cleaner, the icons prettier, but it's all just gloss. The Blue Screen of Death has _not_ disappeared, and I still encounter one every now and then, but the message is more descriptive and makes more sense than the register dump of previous incarnations.
In terms of speed, it appears to run _slightly_ slower than 2000; the performance gains that Microsoft are fond of touting appear to be swamped by the copious amounts of eye-candy.
Installation is pure simplicity--as long as your hardware is on Microsoft's OK list (which is thoughtfully checked against your current hardware prior to installation). Installing as an upgrade straight over the top of 2000 went okay, and a clean install to replace the woeful Millennium Edition was simple (modem users note: getting XP compliant versions of your modem's drivers and putting them somewhere safe before installation is a must!).
Product activation is simple enough (and can be completed online). I haven't made any real changes to hardware, so I don't have experience of the kind of changes you can make before XP thinks it's been installed on another machine and requires reactivation.
All in all, if you've got Windows 2000, I wouldn't splash out on XP unless you've got the spare cash. If you're stuck with one of the 9x flavours, however, it's a must--the stability enhancements are worth the money.
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on 11 November 2002
I have now used the Windows XP Professional Edition since mid-June 2002 and is pleased with it. It performs well and it does not (often) go in my way, but actually helps me from time to time - first time that I ever can say that of a Windows-system.
My computer is quite new and filled with all the good, new stuff that you can have. I am interrested in video and music editing and also a bit of photographic re-rendering. That requires that the operating system is fast and well integrated with multi-media options. For that I find XP very good, except for the CD-ROM burning facilities: There I would suggest a 3rd-party software with a lot of options. I have had unexplainable situations where I cant burn a CD-ROM using XP's own software (it tells me that I don't have a CD inserted) - but the burn can be done using another software.
In terms of network XP Pro is the correct operating system. Do not settle for XP HomeEdition, it is simply not good enough! And if you are going to access Novell NetWare XP Pro can, but HomeEdition cannot - end of story!!
However, also XP suffers from time to time from some "hickups" when it comes to network and external ports. It probably comes down to "old drivers" and you must make sure that XP is updated frequently - this is easy done, using the automatic update facility.
Make sure that you have enough RAM in your computer. XP will use 128 MB RAM for it self - so don't have less than 256. With 512 MB, you are where you want to be. Also speed: Do not use XP on a slow computer - if that is the case, use Linux instead...
I loathe the registration procedure and the .NET / PASSPORT system. I like that whenever a GPF or other errors come, then we can (finally!) send the error report to MicroSoft. What they will use it for we don't know, but anyway it's good to click that submit button!
My final conclusion is that XP Pro is where we should have been, some 5-8 years ago (when OS/2 was around!!!). But now we are here at last, and that's the way to go!
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on 1 February 2003
I was forced into buying Windows XP after finding out my new laptop's display is only supported under XP, not Windows 2000 as I had originally hoped. I've always been a bit anti-Microsoft ever since anyone had heard of them, so this product was going to have to work very hard indeed to impress me. It has. Startup and shutdown times seem faster than any previous version of Windows, and system stability seems good too. (I've only had it a week though)
Perhaps it's the little touches which add most of the class; frequently used programs appear more prominently in the Start Menu, and My Network Places is automatically populated with all network shares in a certain hopcount radius. Folders with 'media' or 'pictures' in their name use a new display style by default. The OS has a 'restore point' facility, where you can manually tell it when you're hapy with the system (ie before adding new drivers or hardware) so that subsequent changes can be rolled back to that point should the worst happen, while leaving data files created in that time intact. Overall a worthy replacement for Windows 2000, if you ignore the anti-piracy measures. Some people would say that these would be unnecessary if a reasonable price were charged for the software in the first place, in my opinion the price is nothing short of ridiculous. If my new laptop would have worked with Windows 2000 then I'd never have bothered with XP, but if XP were half the price I'd already be using it on all my machines. Are you listening Bill?
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on 1 December 2001
Installing Windows xp pro, I find it has good security, and visually aspects of it are very good. New features of the product can be annoying but most can be turned off and customised to suit you. The worst and most annoying part of the product is of course the fact that you have to get rid of a lot of your software under the year 2002. This means that Windows basically kills your firewall and antivirus for you and you can't use it!!! However, xp does come with its own firewall you can use which is normally switched on after install. There are bugs too, ive found a number of annoying little things which don't justify the price. The new menu arrangements are good though. The start menu arranges everything to minimise clicks and everything looks fantastic. Your computer will be smoother and faster and restarting the computer takes half the time! Of course the product is bagged with Internet Explorer 6.0 and Windows media and these are an improvement. Everything is now user friendly to the extreme, this can be sadly restrictive and Microsoft doesn't let you play with too many things as they did in lesser versions of Windows. Mixed results but overall a welcome upgrade from an earlier operating system such as windows 98.
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on 24 July 2011
This arrived promptly - just a couple of days before I ordered it. THe software was burned onto a DVD-R (or possibly +R) but came with an authenticity sticker and activation code. It installed without a hitch and activation was smooth and easy.

A great value buy! I thoroughly recommend this seller.
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on 16 September 2001
I have been running the first release candidate of Windows XP professional on a four computer network for a month now and I have been very impressed with what I have seen. The platform is very stable and runs most software without any problems (Norton AntiVirus 2001 and PowerDVD2.55 are notable exceptions and need upgrading). Changes to system and networking configuration is at least as easy as Win2K but there are noticably fewer reboots required. I was particularly happy with the internet connection sharing (which always fowled up with ME) as this was quick and totally painless to set up and it is working perfectly. Multimedia and networking features include the latest versions of MSN Messenger, Media Player - now able to play DVDs (if you provide a suitable Codec) and movie maker but these will be familiar to all Windows ME users and are available for free download from the MS website.
XP is best described as Windows 2000 with support for more Windows 9x features and a new look. If you are running Windows 95 or 98, you will benefit greatly by the combination of new features. However if you are running Windows 2000 (or Me) and are not having problems then you are probably best to just sit back and save your money.
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on 7 November 2014
Obsolete now, but when I bought it, it revived an old computer
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on 13 September 2001
I have to disagree with the first review from a user in the United States with regards to Windows 2000 users not wanting this upgrade.
I've been an "NT kernel" user since the word go and I must say that even if you are using Windows 2000 now you will want XP. For the past year Windows 2000 users have suffered in lack of device drivers, genuine game and multimedia support and other things that Windows 9x users take for granted.
Windows XP addresses all these problems and is the result of combining the 9x product line and the NT product line. And this is done in the most remarkable way! For instance you can play your antiquated version of Doom on Windows XP whereas Windows 2000 wouldn't have a bar of it. Games which frequently said "This game does not run under Windows 2000" can now be loaded and played in a stable OS. I have been using XP since beta 1 and have crashed it only ONCE (frozen). And it has NEVER blue-screened.
This product is Microsoft's best to date. An upgrade that should be on everyone's Christmas shopping list - if not before!
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