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Customer Reviews

4.7 out of 5 stars
4.7 out of 5 stars
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on 18 August 2011
This is one of my favorite Jackson albums, I think I may prefer is to Thriller. However why have sony replaced Dirty diana with the edited single version, taken the breathing off Smoth Criminal at the beginning,Removed Jackson's speach at the beginning of i just can't stop loving you. There are slight differences to bad and the way you make me feel with the vocal being more up front. I am all for special editions, but not when they make the original album shorter. Bad is a fantastic album and I imagine now Jackson has passed away the correct version will be out soon. This is still excellecent value but I so wish record company's would not alter a perfect album, that never needed altering in the first place. That is my reason for 4 not 5 not for the music but because this is not the original album.
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on 21 September 2012
I really enjoy the album "Bad" and have often thought that it is better than the "Thriller" album. I think it is some of Michael Jackson's best work - the best being, in my opinion, the "Off The Wall" album. I believe that Michael was at his peak during the "Bad" era.

The re-release of "Bad" ("Bad25") is good. The original songs are still amazing but I wish that the intro to "I Just Can't Stop Loving You" had been included. The demos included on the second CD are decent. My favourite demos are "I'm So Blue" and "Free" because they remind me of the sweet innocence of Michael's musical talent. I am not a fan of the remixes of "Bad" and "Speed Demon" nor did I enjoy the different versions of "I Just Can't Stop Loving You". The entire second CD seemed a little unnecessary.

The concert DVD is incredible! Watching Michael work his magic is always a special treat to me -- I never had the chance to see him perform live so this DVD made me happy.

Michael was such a rarity...and it makes me so sad to think of how life played out for him. That said, it is nice to have the chance to recall happier times - times when he was on top of the world, both professionally and personally, such as the "Bad" era.
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on 6 April 2003
I totally disagree with the critics who claim that the tracks on BAD have become dated over the years. I am only 16, so I don't remember the reaction to BAD at the time it was released, but I can safely say that this album still has a massive influence on music today-just look at Alien Ant Farm's cover of Smooth Criminal. This album covers many different styles of music, ranging from rock (Dirty Diana) to the more chilled, soulful tracks (e.g. Liberian Girl). Definately a worthy follow up to Thriller, this album shows some of MJ's best work.
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on 24 October 2001
You can say what you like about Wacko Jacko, but it would be churlish to even pretend that this guy was not hugely important in pop history. With the recent chart success of Alien Ant Farm's cover of Smooth Criminal, I would guess that quite a few of todays teens and sub-teens are going to be turning their attention to Jackson as for the first time. They won't be disappointed. The sheer quality of this album remains as startling now as it was on release - the songs, the musicians, the production, it's all there. More than that, listening today makes you realise just how much of a pioneer Jackson was in his heyday. It's fresh, it's fun, you can't help dancing and it reminds you that there was a time when pop was not interchangeable with pap.
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on 17 September 2012
... Except it isn't, is it? Because this lavish 3 CD, 1 DVD box set with it's poster, sticker and 2 well produced books of photos STILL features the edited, intro-less version of the album's first single, I Just Can't Stop Loving You!

This was also included on the 2001 remaster of the album and proved to be an extremely unpopular decision so why do it again? Given the quality of this package perhaps I'm nitpicking, but the fact that so much time and attention has gone into the boxset just makes it worse. What a stupid thing to do. Again!

So, for all the bonus tracks, concert audio and video CD and DVDs, the album STILL isn't complete. Hang on to your 1987 Epic CD/LP of this. Still the only complete version of Bad.
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on 4 December 2002
Prior to the Bad album I was listening to the likes of Madonna, Whitney Houston & Queen and thought that Michael Jackson was a good artist but not a favourite of mine. This album rocketed the guy to the top of my favourites in the music world. This is quite simply a breathtaking album where Michael Jackson used his experience from Thriller and took it a step further by creating music that was not only genius, but genuinely appealing to all age groups. You could be tempted into calling Bad a "Pop" album, but this would be an injustice to Michael Jackson and his mentor & co-producer Quincy Jones. The album IS a Pop album but uses R&B, Gospel & Rock to flavour the tracks into what I consider the greatest combination of music ever. A genuine classic album will display diversity without sounding all-over-the-place, something that I think Michael Jackson has partially fallen foul to on his later releases.
Most people aged between 20 and 70 will know at least half of this album recognising timeless classics such as The Way You Make Me Feel, Smooth Criminal & Man In the Mirror. I swear that even the tracks that Michael decided not to use would have made Top 10 singles at the time, he was quite simply that brilliant in the late 80's.
If your reading this review with a view to buying the album then yes, I'm a fan of Michael Jackson. I wasn't however at the time of buying this CD so be warned - it really is good enough to change your outlook on music !
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on 15 July 2009
I thought I knew Michael Jackson's music - Billie Jean, Beat It, Thriller, Smooth Criminal, Black & White, Bad, etc. The mega big hits. But having recently purchased all of Michael Jackson's major solo albums I am simply in awe of the amazing artist he is.

In respect with this album 'Bad', I think it is my favourite of all of them. It is completely filled with great songs, pretty much all of which could have been hits. I think there are at least 7 or 8 singles on there. Not a single filler here.

My personal favourites on here are Bad, The Way You Make Me Feel, Man In The Mirror, I Just Can't Stop Loving You, Dirty Diana, Smooth Criminal, and Leave Me Alone. The special edition of this CD also includes the fantastic Streetwalker. This song is so good it is a shame it missed out on the original album.

What you realise when you buy all his CD's and look throught he booklets is that Michael Jackson actually wrote and composed most of his songs including his biggest hits. That I did not know, he's a music genius.
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on 7 April 2016
I bought the Vinyl picture disc edition as it looks very good in my collection. I terms of music, I personally believe this album is one of the best of MJ, specially "Man in the Mirror" and "Bad" which is one of my all time favorites. Very little to add as we all know how good the music is. For those wanting to buy this collector item, this is highly recommended and I was very lucky as the seller sent it in very good condition, new, with a plastic envelope and an informative sheet, which most of this picture disc editions do not include. Fully recommendable in all senses.
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on 11 April 2002
Bad, in my personal opinion, is the best album ever brought out by Michael Jackson. The songs are all so meaningful. Man In the Mirror is so gripping i 'just cant stop' playing it!! Speed Demon is excellent due to the viciousness of it. Leave me alone is also very good as it shows that MJ is fed up with all the stories in papers etc. that he is asking peeps to leave him alone! Smooth Criminal is excellent!, it is a classic in itself! My favorite album ever!
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on 9 March 2004
Michael Jackson's 'Bad' album sounds just as fresh now as it did in 1987. It is obvious that Jackson and his producer, Quincy Jones, decided to go in a different musical direction from it's multi-million selling predecessor, 'Thriller'. Therefore, 'Bad' is far more synthesiser-based, and evidently makes use of state-of-the-art equipment from beginning to end.
The album sets in stone Jackson's musical trademarks such as multi-layered and amplified chorus vocals, his 'aaow's and 'heehee's and punchy rhythmic arrangements. Apart from it's 3 ballads - 'Liberian Girl', 'Man In The Mirror' and 'I Just Can't Stop Loving You', this album is a pop record designed primarily for dancing. It has extremely exciting moments - from the bizzare atonal arrangement of chords which open the album to the instrumental breaks that Michael gasps and yelps over and the atmosphere conjured up in the albums best slow-groove, 'Man In The Mirror'. These kinds of things make 'Bad' an outstanding album.
During the 'Bad' years we saw Michael's most energetic and exciting dancing - in his music video's, in the film 'Moonwalker'(1988), and in his sell-out 'Bad' world tour. This is reflected in the nature of the music on this jet-propelled album.
A genius amalgamation of excellent songwriting and great production, there are a few things which detract from the quality of this album. The album's title and cover art are both rather dubious and childish. It is obvious that the entire 'Bad' concept was devised by Jackson himself, the 'Bad' video with it's nonsensical narrative being his first truly bizarre and unsettling moment. In desperation to sell more than 'Thriller', Michael tried too hard and became rather self-indulgent, effeminate and confusing. However, if, like me, you can separate Michael's image and behaviour from his music, 'Bad' remains a brilliant and exciting album which bears all the hallmarks of a classic. I find that it's spirit is captured best on LP, where it sounds far richer and punchier than on CD version.
An excellent album which was way ahead of it's time by Michael Jackson - a musical genius.
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