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TOP 500 REVIEWERon 16 May 2016
This is a great box set of the original "Planet of the Apes" films on Blu-ray. The first film, inspired by the 1963 novel by Pierre Boulle, was a major cinema hit in 1968 - and it spawned a TV series and four sequels ... as well as various re-makes in more recent years. Here you get the Charlton Heston and Roddy McDowall classic, "Planet of the Apes" - as well as "Beneath the Planet of the Apes" (1970), "Escape from the Planet of the Apes" (1971), "Conquest of the Planet of the Apes" (1972) and "Battle for the Planet of the Apes" (1973).

Some of the films are good, some are great. Personally, I prefer the first, the third and the last. The picture and audio quality on these films is excellent, and there's plenty of extra features.

These films demonstrate a great continuity, and involve a range of sci-fi themes - including time travel, post-apocalyptical society, and intelligent apes. The special effects are, on the whole, very good. These are genuine classics, and I recommend them.
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on 25 January 2017
A great box-set if you are of the generation of the towering inferno and the poseidon adventure. You will love this box set which has five films about
how intelligent chimpanzees, apes and orangutans take over planet earth following the extinction of modern society by a nuclear holocaust.
Charlton Heston (or God as I like to call him) gives it his all and is pulled, dragged and tortured throughout and the suspense, shock and horror of it all doesn't age. Not suitable for young children as far too frightening but teenagers and grandads will be kept occupied whilst you do the dishes, washing up or gardening. Great value for money.
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on 17 July 2015
I had only ever seen the new remake Planet of The Apes films so thats why I decided to buy this. It has all 5 of the original films (the first one being my favourite) and I enjoyed them all - If you like the new films you'll probably like these too (the new ones aren't included though). The HD picture quality is excellent compared with the original grainy pretty unwatchable SD version. I definitely recommend it.
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on 20 July 2013
Before buying this, I don't think I had ever seen any of the movies from start to finish. I knew they existed, I knew of the greatest twist in movie history at time, but I didn't really know the story. Its a shame that the budget for each movie kept decreasing... didn't the movie companies realise what a goldmine they had? However, their producers and writers had a brilliantly laid out script that really told an incredible story. For me the worse segment of the story was actually Beneath The Planet of the Apes, as it was practically a rehash of the first one with a poor Charlton Heston lookalike in his place. The move from the human point of view to the Apes' point of view was down to Roddy MacDowell's incredible performances.

The reboots and remakes will never better the originals in my opinion!
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on 12 November 2011
This region A box set wisely omits the Burton missfire and gives us a spectacular presentations of the five original movies.

Planet of the Apes.

Heston's cynical nihilsist performance, McDowall, Hunter and Evans incredibly nuanced acting through layers of John Chambers groundbreaking make-ups, Jerry Goldsmith's weird and beautiful soundtrack and one of the greatest endings in cinema history. Planet is one of the greatest sci-fi movies of all time and still stands up well today.
The disc comes loaded with far too many extras to list here both archive and new.

Beneath the Planet of the Apes.

The first sequel is good but lacks focus. James Fransiscus arrives on what we now know to be future Earth looking for Taylor but discovering an ape army and the last mutated survivors of the human race who worship total destruction. Heston appears bookending the movie and making sure mankind goes out with a bang in a downer of an ending for everyone. Knock a star off for the abscence of McDowall and the obvious drop in budget.
The disc features an isolated score, a good featurette and loads of stills and behind the scenes material

Escape from the Planet of the Apes.

Three Hairy survivors from the apocalypse crash in modern day, (OK 70's) California. One is accidentaly killed leaving Cornelius and Zira, (McDowall and Hunter) to become the toast of Hollywood until the truth about the fate of mankind comes out when Zira is on the grape juice plus. Essentially a backwards reworking of the original with the apes becoming fugitives from the oppressive government forces the movie starts off light and frothy but the ending is grim and brutal. I must admit this is my least favourite as it loses the sci-fi setting of the other movies and only has three apes but McDowall and Hunter have real chemistry and the ending packs an emotional punch.
Extras similar to Beneath with some archive footage of Don Taylor directing.

Conquest of the Planet of the Apes.

Presented here in the far superior original cut that Fox extensively edited for the ratings board, Conquest is a revelation . Dark, oppressive and filmed in a hand held documentary style this is strong allegorical stuff. Detailing the revolution of the apes lead by Ceasar, (McDowall playing his son from the previous film) against thier tyranical human masters. Conquest packs a wallop that far exceeded what Fox executives were expecting. McDowalls performance in this movie is incredible. Even more so considering the thick latex that covers his face. Featuring extensvely more violence and blood than the theatrical version and the original hope destroying ending this movie is the suprise trump card of the set. There is evidence of extreme penny-piching however but the film is powerful and unrelenting.
The usual slew of exras. The featurette is very interesting as it details the censorship problems and also the theatrical cut which is a bit redundant after seeing the unrated version.

Battle for the Planet of the Apes.

Last time out for the original films and Battle also is presented in an unrated version but fails to keep the impetus of Conquest as Fox were wary of losing the child audience so mortified by the tone of the last film. This can really be blamed on the drastic scaling down of the budget with each film costing substantially less than the previous until veteran director J. Lee Thompson (who also helmed Conquest) had the budget of a T.V. movie to portray man vs ape's final showdown. Shots of trees and cars exploding are filmed from multiple angles and replayed through the final battle scenes to give prodiction value but it's a dated trick that never really convinces. Still McDowall is his dependable self and Claude Akins nasty gorrila General Aldo is good fun, especially when he knocks Ceasar's son out of a tree and kills him which leads to his final undoing. Ape shall never kill ape!
It all ends with an unprobable harmonious finale and some fine ham from the Lawgiver (John Huston).
Battle also has similar extras to Conquest including the theatrical cut.

The set comes in a slip case with a very nicely produced book that features lots of information. My only critcism would be that the book is more or less verbatim from the featurettes but it's a very minor quibble.

The UK blu-ray set is a fraction of the price of this US couterpart but is cheap looking and has no book and most importantly does not contain the unrated versions of Conquest or Battle. So if you intend to go ape and have region A plaback (please note this will NOT play in a standard UK player) this is the only way to go.
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on 27 November 2013
I was so pleased to find that all the early films were available as a collection, with extra features. Of course the firs tin the series is the best (IMO), but any Sci-fi fan would be remiss if they didn't get the whole collection. I've still not watch a couple of them, but do remember them from when they were originally released.

I do think the more recent versions are better, but that may be because of the special effects, plus many of the supporting actors seem better.
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on 21 December 2015
The original classic five movie set from 1968 to 1974 containing many documentaries, extras and narration on each film.
A superb collection and at a great price to this is a definite five star purchase.
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on 25 August 2015
First two films excellent, with the sequel perhaps surpassing the original (a rareity indeed) but the thirds film was weak not helped by a particularly lame script. Still, got the last two films to to go however.
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on 29 May 2017
best films around
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on 25 August 2017
a brilliant set at a great price.
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