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Anastasia [DVD] [1998]
Format: DVD|Change
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on 31 January 2006
Now it may sound a little odd that a nineteen year old student likes watching Disney and other animated films of the same genre, but me and my four other cartoon-fixated friends all gathered round to watch this in eager anticipation - for only me and one other person to be left watching it by the end and I have to admit that by that point all we had to say was 'thank God thats finished!' I hate to spoil the run of positive reviews this film has received but we all found this quite a painful experience. None of us had the faintest clue what was going on Rasputin, who seemed to have been made into some kind of evil bogeyman who was entirely unbelievable and not even scary - not a patch on Jafar or villains of that kind. The songs were cringeworthy and the plot so far-fetched as to be simply ridiculous try as we did to suspend our disbelief. If you're after any kind of historical accuracy then I'm sure you already guessed that this is not a film to watch, but believe me I can't find any reasons why it should actually be watched at all. There seems to be no real feelings in it at all. Definitely one to miss, if its cheesiness you want stick to Disney, or go one better and turn to Dreamworks instead.
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on 2 September 2001
I find Anastasia a terrific picture! Because it has a lot of good elements in it: action, comedy, drama, romance etc. The songs are absolutely fabulous! The effects and style of drawing are great, not to mention the voice talents! Definitly a must see!
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on 17 January 2017
Part musical this children's drawn film is based on the story of Anastasia.

The way the film was created was very artistically done with a fantastic group of voices and some memorable music.

Anastasia is an orphan, a grifter wants to audition for an Anastasia, finding no one yet he repairs to the palace where he squats. Inside he finds a girl who could be what he is looking for.

Taking her to Paris and teaching her all she needs to know, they both find out that she may be what he was looking for all along in more ways than one.

It has a few harsher scenes when the bad guys hit the scene so might not be suitable for the very young but the story is endearing and beautifully told. Certainly worth a look. It has been one of my favourites for a long time.

Picture and sound amazing with the Bluray.
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on 20 September 2017
Oh My Goodness - This Bluray is FANTASTIC! It is awash with so many extras including BARTOK THE MAGNIFICENT, which is a whole extras film. Also, as this is both Bluray & DVD you'll be able to watch it on any player. I love this film. Presented in its proper ratio(s) it is such a joy. Myself and my girls love this. It's the film Disney wish they had made and ex-Disney animator Don Bluth (An American Tale / The Secret of NIMH) actually did make. The songs are genuinely fabulous, ad the animation is excellent. Meg Ryan, John Cusack, Cristopher Lloyd, Kelsey Grammer, Hank Azaria, Burnadette Peters, Kirsten Dunst and Angela Lansbury make this an all star cast and a wonderful film.

2.35:1 Anastasia
1.33:1 Bartok (this is its original ratio)
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on 4 August 2005
Firstly I have to admit that I am 21 years old and this is my favourite film of all time. I know this may make me seem a little immature but I just absolutely love this film. I must have seen it way over 30 times.
I think what appealed to me the most in this film was the growing relationship between Anya and Dimitri. In addition I have always been interested in the legend of Anastasia and I liked how the film dealt with this. The characters were all excellent and I loved the songs, especially 'Journey to the Past' and 'At the Beginning'. Although I have to admit that the character of Bartok does annoy me slightly (but I think he's created more for children to laugh at.)
A wonderful, wonderful DVD and in my opinion, I enjoyed it more than any Disney film I've seen (I keep crying at the end as well, no matter how many times I've seen it.) For children and adults.
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on 31 August 2015
Although this isn't a Disney film, for my money it belongs in the same category, and what a lovely film this is. It was a rather strange journey that brought me back to viewing this. I remember years ago - more than I care to admit(!) - I bought my daughter a music box which played a very beautiful and very haunting melody which I knew came from the film Anastasia. I was also aware of the tragic story and the legend surrounding the one Romanov it was hoped had survived. When I was in Finland I saw an old boat that had been through the wars (literally) and was now docked in the harbour in Helsinki and had been renamed Nikolai II and is now a restaurant. Upon reading its history, I suddenly remembered the story about Anastasia and the 'December' tune came to me and I realised that when I got back to England, I simply had to look this movie up again and view it. I was not disappointed.
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on 2 February 2013
I got this for my friend, this was her favourite film as a child so I know she'll love it. Fast delivery and a great price, I'd definitely recommend it!
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on 25 June 2013
I have no recollection of ever buying this ... probably purchased for a pal ... it's Disney ... so it must be good!
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on 13 March 2017
First off, this is not Disney. People seem to be under the impression that it is when it really isn't.
It has about 2 songs that are really good, (In The Dark Of The Night I think it's called and the other, I can't remember) the characters are a bit forgettable. The bad guy and his bat thing are good but they're not quite on the same level as other bad guys like Scar and such.
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on 10 January 2002
Who would have thought that you could ever be entranced so much by computer generated characters...well I didn't, but I have been now through watching Anastacia. Learning about the demise of the Romanov family has always been one of those thing which I have wanted to do but have never got round to, until now, and although in a 'cartoon' form, the whole experience was thoroughly enjoyable and rewarding. Amazing songs which could grace any West End theatre with due credit and superb characterisation by voices of acclaimed actors such as Meg Ryan, John Cusack, Kelsey Grammar and Bernadette Peters who should all be congratulated. Probably the best and most memorable moment was the singing voice of Kelsey Grammar who provides a truly oustanding moment in one of the film's romantic scenes (I won't tell you who between!).
The film tells the story of the Romanov family and the separation of Anastacia from her family during the demise of the Romanov family at the hands of the evil Rasputin. Anastacia loses all memories of who she is, and on returning to St Petersburg some years later, having lived in an orphanage, meets up with two characters of the Romanov court. Anastacia needs papers to go to Paris, which is the only place which has a link to her past, from a necklace which she has always worn bearing the words' together in Paris'. The two chacters played by Cusack and Grammar see a remarkable resemblance in the feisty young girl they meet to the long lost Anastacia and persuade her to pose as Anastacia in return for travel papers to Paris, where she will be passed off in front of The Grand Duches Marie as Anastacia in the hope of getting a reward. As you can guess the story unfolds and realisation hits that she is infact the real Anastacia. The storyline involves romance, friendship, humour provided by Rasputin faithful sidekick an albino bat called Bartok (Hank Azzaro) and moments of evil and terror from Rasputin himself, played by Christopher Lloyd. A memorable and unforgetable piece of animation which I have watched over and over again - don't miss out on this wonderful piece of escapism - you won't be disappointed.
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