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on 25 October 2002
This is one of the best games for the gbadvance I have played! The gameplay is similar to the old sonic games. The controls are very easy to use. The graphics are brilliant, and are very colourful and lively. The only downside to the main game is that it's a little too short, although, once you've completed the game with one chaaracter, you can try completing the game with 3 others.
The multiplayer is also brilliant, and you only need to use one game cartridge to hook up to 4 players. My friends and I became addicted to the multiplayer!
Another extra to the game is the Tiny Chao Garden, which is where you can look after your very own cute little pet. You can play games to earn coins to be able to buy food and toys for it. The Tiny Chao Garden feature is also linkable to the Game Cube sonic game.
This game is brilliant for anyone who owns a gameboy advance!
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on 8 July 2004
First of all, Sonic The Hedgehog games are always best in 2-D, because this was Sonic that created the term of "Platform" games.
As a true Sonic fan, I love the originals and this just gives you what you want. It is brilliant to be able to play as Sonic and Tails once again in 2-D but we also get powerful Knuckles and sweet little old Amy to play with as well.
As usual Sonic has the power of the speed with hiugh powered jumps and spin attacks. Sonic can obiviously get to place that need speed and can clear an act quickly. Only Sonic and Amy can ride the grinders as Tails and Knuckles have their flying abilities.
Tails is just always Tails. A good runner with the ability to fly and good jumping skills. Tails is usually the person that can get to the most hidden places and secrets in the game. Also, Tails can attack using his tails but since Tails cannot fly underwater, he gain the ability to swin which is really handy if anyone remembers the Labirinth (sp?) zone in the first Sonic.
Knuckles introduces a whole lot of new controls for the game play. Krucles can glide over the level which is useful for get over spikes and what not. But Knuckles can also grab and climb walls which can really save you at times. Knuckles lets his fist do the talking which makes him a bit slowly but he is one of the best characters when fighting Eggman (Robotnik).
Last but not least is Amy. Now, Amy may be the slowest character and is not a very good jumper but her Piko Piko Hammer makes up for this. Amy can do many things with her weapon as she can use it in the air, do double hits with it and even use it as a protection shield. But one really useful thing is, that Amy can go flying high if she hits a spring with her hammer. This can get her to reach extremely hard to get places.
The zones are very colourful and has lots of tricks and trap and power ups but also has lots of high speed action. Special stages introduce many new ways of how to clear them and they are very well hidden so you'll have to look for them.
As usualy you'll only get the secret ending if you collect all seven Chaos Emeralds but this is Sonic we are talking about.
To close this review, I'm offering a cheat.
If you want to get Tails following Sonic like in Sonic 2 and 3...here's what you have to do.
At the character selection screen, prees up at Sonic, then move to Tails and press down, then go to Knuckles and press L and finally to Amy and press R. Then go to Sonic and selected him, if you hear a sound which is like you are collecting a ring at the stage selection, Tails will follow Sonic wherever he may go.
Just one thing, Tails rules! ^_^
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VINE VOICEon 21 June 2002
This is a staggering conversion on the GBA. The graphics are crisp, detailed, colourful and clear, and the music and sound is also top notch. In fact, this looks at least on a par with the old MegaDrive versions, and possible even better in places.
The gameplay is classic Sonic, you can control Sonic himself, Tails, Knuckles or Amy. Controls are straightforward if a little fussy at times. It can be quite a hard game if you are out to collect all the emeralds, etc. and some of the boss battles are frustrating, but then that's to be expected with a platform game. By its nature, the game is repetitive too.
But it is good fun and passes the time. It's longevity is in question, but Sonic Advance is a solid game that would especially appeal to the younger gamer.
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While I liked Sonic Adventure I was not very keen on it's sequel or Sonic Heroes. The blue hedgehog and his pals simply do not belong in a 3D world and I was more than eager to get this game as it is a return to good old days of Sonic's previous incarnations on the Mega Drive.

Everything you would have liked about the old Sonic is back. The level designs, the power-ups, the cool music and gameplay that next-gen consoles lacked.

However fun the game is to play, it doesn't have much replay value. There are secret entrances in every level to the special stage and I only found one of them. Sorry, but I'm not going to replay every level looking for the special stages. The special stages themselves are kinda hard and there's no way I'd be able to get through all of them. Although turning into Super Sonic, as a result of winning them, would have been cool.

Included on this cartridge is the Chao Garden. If you have a link cable to your Gamecube and you have Sonic Adventure 1 or 2, you can transport your Chao onto your Gameboy and keep it as a sort of Tamagochi. When transporting them a pipe will appear on both screens and suck them up and plop them down. It's really quite cool and one of the few reasons to keep going back to the game.

Still, I will without a doubt be getting Sonic Advance 2 and 3, regardless.

Graphics A
Sound A
Gameplay A
Lasting Appeal C
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on 15 August 2002
Well i never! who would have thought that Sega's Blue hedgehog would be blazing his way across a Nintendo machine? In Sonic Advnce, you can play as either Sonic or one of his friends Amy, Tails or Knuckles and run, bounce and jump through each stage, all of which have been crafted with typical Sonic Team flair. The gameplay is fast, frantic and addictive, as the usual Sonic themes- loop-the-loops, bouncy springs etc all make a welcome return, as do the multiple routes through each stage encouraging replay and exploration. Animation is excellent, much more detailed than on Sonic's previous megadrive outings, and the sound is great too. This game is an excellent addition to anyone's gameboy advance collection, and although a lot shorter, i would recommend it even to die-hard fans of Super Mario World as a faster, hyperkinetic alternative. Who knows- some, like me, might even PREFER Sonic over the moustachioed plumber...
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on 2 December 2002
This game marks a return for Sonic for his 10th birthday (has it really been that long!?!) anyway, this game is fast and furious and instantly playable. The great thing about sonic is that it can be enjoyed by adults and children alike. It probably won't take you too long to glide through the levels, but collecting all the chaos emeralds is a much greater challenge! Once you pick this up, there is no going back!
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Sonic advance is the best sonic game, that has ever been made, no question!! It even manages to out perform the amazing sonic 2 on the mega drive. Believe me, if you want a platformer for yer advance, then leave mario and rayman behind and get sonic. There are 4 characters to play as, either Sonic, Tails, Amy orKnuckles, they all play through the levels in different ways and have a variety of moves. The speed is amazing and the advance handles it with no problem at all, THERE IS NEVER ANY SLOWDOWN!!
The music and sound effects are also very good, comprising of new and remixed tunes, with the invincibility sound effects still remaining.
The graphics are also very nicely done and the animations for the characters moves and their finishing poses add even more to the atmosphere.
There are many modes of play, such as time attack, normal mode,vs and you can even raise a chao and then transfer it back and forth to the GAMECUBE!! The lifespan of this game is endless, as the time attack is very addictive and if you've got a mate with the game then it will last forever.
Every single zone is also designed perfectly by the sonic team, with the usual set of loops, springs and speed pads that have made sonic so COOL in the past
SONIC TEAM have returned sonic to his 2d roots and have succeeded in PURE STYLE !!
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on 29 July 2001
if you are a sonic fan, then this is a game for you. its like the old mega drive game, with smoother much more groovy graphics. it may not do much for those who like sonic adventure on Dreamcast but it shows off the GBA again, and thats what we want!
for me, sonic was always better than mario. faster, cooler and no plumbers in sight! (sorry Nintendo fans) thats one of the reasons i would choose this over mario or wario. the graphics are smoother and curvier, the music is great, and the game somehow keeps pulling you in for another try at finishing it. YOU WON'T WANT TO PUT IT DOWN! the games strongest point however, is the speed it travels at. blink and you smash into a bad guy, loosing all your rings! you'll almost become sonic as you run upside down through a loop-the-loop. its that quick.
theres no downers about this game, even when you finish it you'll just start again!
so, forget mario, pinobee and rayman, wait for sonic and have the most fun for ages!
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on 6 April 2002
Yes,Sonic is on Gameboy,you would think that with the releases of Sonic Adventure 1&2 that Sega had given up on 2d games.This is the best Sonic 2d game.The graphics are extremely colourful and there are 4 different characters,Sonic,Amy,Knuckles and Tails.There are different routes in the levels,so it is almost different for every character.6 zones per Character,7 Emeralds and after that a Final Zone means this game will last a long time.On multiplayer you can race with other characters through the levels.There is a Chao Garden built in to the game so you can raise these Tamagotchi like things until they become adults.The music is effective and helps the gameplay.
Sonic on the Gameboy Advance is a good idea!
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on 28 May 2002
This is a staggeringly good conversion. The graphics and sound bring back fond memories of the MegaDrive/Saturn versions and are a great demonstration of what the GBA is capable of. Full of bright colours, very clear and sharp and some good animation.
The gameplay is classic Sonic The Hedgehog (so if you hate it you aren't going to like this!) and it licks along at a fair old pace. There's quite a lot to do, with four playable characters and a lot of levels. Plus you get the 'Tiny Chao Garden' which is like having a virtual pet in your GBA. You can even connect your GBA to a GameCube and port over the little Chao or something but as I don't have a GameCube I can't comment on this!
A top game, good platform action and makes a nice change from Mario.
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