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3.9 out of 5 stars
3.9 out of 5 stars
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on 24 November 2001
I loved Age of Empires and the follow up Age of Kings. Whilst Microsoft look at producing their next offering (if they do?) LucasArts has used the Engine and produced the Ultimate, Age Of Futures (or pasts to follow the nature of SW).
What you get is the same mix of units with the same mix of pros and cons (as any other AOE game). There are two subtle differences. Firstly, it is Starwars. Can you stop an AT-AT assault, without investing in Snow Speeders) and most significantly, FLIGHT. In the Age Of Kings, how many desparate attempts to stop Trebuchets involved racing Horsemen at them. Now, the so called Blast Cannons can be bombed with a Wing of Tie-Bombers.
All in all this is a very good game (although the lack of the usual 12 civilisations is a little limited). I like the mix of old and new enemies (Naboo, Gungans, Trade, Empire, Rebels, Wookies?) and I love the style. But no 5 stars, it is another variant of the excellent AOE games.
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on 20 December 2001
At first i was highly disappointed with this game. The whole thing was just a mod for Age of Kings, and I felt cheated about paying twice for a game that could really have been released as an expansion set for the original.
I was unimpressed with the tutorial missions (largely because very little was new from AoE2), but once I had worked my way through them and onto the Trade Federation (Campaign 1), I found myself becoming increasingly absorbed by the game.
The music is, obviously, from the films, and I found myself humming away as I churned out workers.
Next, you get the heroes/villains from the films, who all have some natty catchphrases that they quote as you move them round the map.
The bonus missions (which become active on completion of each campaign) give you the chance to re-enact "historical" what-if? Star wars battles, such as the struggle for Hoth (Empire Strikes Back opening sequence for the uninitiated).
Unlike AoE2, all units do have a weakness (in AoE multiplayer I ALWAYS got nailed by huge packs of cavalry and trebuchets, no matter how many of my own I produced) - this is largely due to additional fortress units (bounty hunters (anti Sith/Jedi unit)) and AIR POWER. Gone are the days you can just park a cannon outside someones base and reduce it to rubble, because now they just pop over their wall with a few fighters and turn you to ash.
Each race has its own unique abilities and upgrades, making your choice important for the map type (Imperials are usless at sea good on land, Rebels good in the Air etc etc).
Admittedly, it could do with a few more races, but I expect there will be an expansion pack for this game on the cards (depending on initial sales).
The computer AI is improved from AoE (it seems), although it does still like to launch suicide missions with little trickles of single file troops attempting to attack heavily defended turrets (eg one of my scores revealed over 3000 kills for less than 50 losses on Moderate difficulty), and it also suffers on island maps or heavy air/sea dependent missions, where the computer obviously believes that one transport full of troops will do the trick against your entire base.
The real joy comes from playing multiplayer, although I must admit the LAN experience works better for me as I find the MSN zone clunky and awkward to use.
In summary, I found this game better and more interesting than AoE 2 (I only wish it had been released first). If you don't like Age of Empires, and/or you are not a Star Wars freak, then your money would be better spent elsewhere. It needs an expansion set with new races, and an enhanced AI that utilises the tech tree properly to increase the challenge, and GIVE US SOME CUTSCENES ALREADY!!!!!
Enjoy, and if you meet me on the multiplayer battlefield, prepare to get hosed :)
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on 26 November 2001
For those people who know Age of Empires, and Age of Kings you will be able to pick up the game pretty quickly. The game is based on this engine but the guys at Lucas have replaced the majority of the graphics, units and buildings with Star Wars units. This in it's self makes the game worth buying, imagine ordering around 100 R2D2 units to make them build a Troop center, imagine sending 10 AT-AT units to attack you enemy, Imagine flying an x wing fighter over the country side, imagine sending 10 Jedi's to convert your foe. You can play in normal mode and build up your bases, progress through the Technical levels and win by gathering all the Halocrons, building a monument or destroying all your enemies. Or there are loads of scenarios to play like, keeping Princess Leia alive during an attack from the federation, save Chewy's dad from the Gungans and loads and loads more.

Great game keeps you wanting more and playing over and over again.
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on 25 February 2002
Having never played the Age of Empires this game is built upon I didnt really know what to expect. My knowledge of strategy games involved a brief visit to one of the Command and Conquer (sp) incarnations but the lure of being able to control Tie fighters was just too great so I shelled out. After playing the practice missions with the smelly hairy Wookies I got into the game proper and straight away chose the empire. AT-ATs storm troopers Sith Knights and masters, they are all here and the action is pretty fast and furious. This game has replaced CM 01-02 in my drive which is no mean feat, go on buy it you wont be disappointed.
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on 19 February 2002
If you are the kind of kid who likes to take control of an army, blast his way through troopers, tanks, cannons and artillery then this is the game for you.Starwars galactic battle grounds can provide you with fun ,joy and thrills as your army grows.
This game has got excellent graphics so as you blast Wookies,Galactic Empire or what ever civilization your opponent is you will love it.
I give this game ten out of ten because it is the best game ever.You can also make your own customised battle field so you can either travel by air,water or land.
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on 26 November 2001
If you loved the original Command and Conquer, and you love Star Wars, then i'm sure you'll love this.
I was blown away all those years ago by C&C (and most of it's incarnations), but was bitterly disappointed by games which hyped themselves as a decent alternative to the line, all except for one, Warcraft 2.
Star Wars Galactic Battlegrounds follows where Warcraft 2 left off, but with Star Wars characters! There are 6 different races to be, from empire and the rebel alliance to episode 1's trade federation and the annoying gungans.
I have only played the tutorials so far, but the attention to detail is what you'd expect from Lucas Arts, impeccable. They have also wet my appetite for more and i can't wait till i have the time to get into the main, more complicated campaigns.
It has been too long since a 'fairly' original game has followed on from C&C and Warcraft 2, but Star Wars Galactic Battleground is it, I can hear my PC calling me back to it (i'm at uni right now if your wondering!), and it has been too long since i have found a game that has done that.
If you are a fan of these types of games, and of course a Star Wars fan, then buy it now, you won't be dissapointed.
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on 26 August 2002
This has to be one of the best games I have ever played. I bought it a couple of years ago and are still playing it. The Scenario editor is brilliant and offers a wide range of Things for your level. The campaigns are alright, but I don't like playing them very much, so I just make levels, which is exceedingly fun, because you can have anything you want and you don't have to collect anything to build up your base. I recommend this game.
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on 19 May 2012
Star Wars Galactic Battlegrounds (SWGB) is a real time strategy game based on Age of Empires II: The Age of Kings (PC CD) (AOK) engine. Typical for the genre, you gather resources so can you can build structures and units and research upgrades. SWGB for single player, you have 5 campaigns (29 total missions) and one tutorial campaign. The game is straightforward enough that after playing the tutorial you should be able get right into the game. The campaigns are inspired by events from star wars movie episodes I, IV, V, and VI. The campaigns are as follows:

-Trade Federation attacking Naboo and Gungans
-Gungan civil war and later battling Trade Federation
-Darth Vader and the Empire attacking the rebels
-Princess Leia and the rebels battling the Empire
-Chewbacca and Han liberating Kashyyyk

The graphics and sound are not good. The best looking units are the Empire's. I like the AT-AT and walkers. I played all the campaigns on hard difficulty and found the game challenging. There were several missions that I was defeated (usually by losing hero character) and replayed. Generally speaking the AI is very aggressive at the beginning, but if you weather the initial assault, you can slowly wear down the enemy. The objectives of the missions are a bit varied, but they still felt somewhat redundant. There are six civilizations that you can play, but they are mostly the same except the units look differently. I think this is more of a nostalgia pick for fans of AOK or Star Wars. Definitely not the best Star Wars or strategy game I have played.
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on 23 November 2001
This game, was what I think is a very good game, the graphics arnt terribly good, in fact there the same as age of empires, yet the gameplay is completely enjoyable. If you want to see jar jar binks wiped out of existance by hordes of jedi and AT-AT's then this is your game. If you like Age of Empires like me, and Star Wars me. Then what are you waiting for, buy
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on 9 November 2001
Based around the Age of Kings engine anyone who has played Age of Kinks will feel at home. The mission in the LucasArts demo allows you to play as Darth Vader and wipe out the remaining rebels from Yavin.
Darth is a cross between a Hero and a Priest from the previous games, allowing him to convert opposition and have high hit points.

If you don't already have Age of Kings or have to own every LucasArts game then it would be a good purchase. If not or if you didn't like the Age games then there is not much new here
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