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4.6 out of 5 stars
4.6 out of 5 stars
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on 12 March 2002
I have absolutely no idea why people mention Slipknot every time they review a heavy band. I love Slipknot's music and I love American Head Charge's music but the two styles are chalk and cheese. What American Head Charge have in common with Slipknot is a grade-A vocalist but that's where it ends. This is a fantastic debut album and if we are going to make any comparisons, let's talk about Faith No More. AHC are basically a heavy FNM. Period. Listen to most of their tracks and that's what they are - they've taken all the best (i.e. heavy and Mike Patton's voice) elements of FNM and stuck it through a meat grinder to procude the BEST heavy album of last year (and this is against some pretty stiff competition). If you like your vocal range from soft to scream, guitars heavy and loud and rythym tight and varied, this is for you. BUY IT, you will NOT be disappointed.
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on 26 March 2014
Check out their FB page, they're crowd sourcing for their latest album :)

Why you need a minimum number of words is beyond me. Buy This, Its Really Good If You Like That Sort Of Thing.

No, they're nothing like Slipknot.
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When people review Heavy Metal albums, critics have a nasty habbit of always compairing to Slipknot. Which I think are a ridiculous, nieve audience aimed band (try getting them to sell when they don't wear those ridiculous masks.)American Head Charge have a reputation after only being around for a short period..these guys are psychos...the singer will actually give the child audience of Slipknot the nightmares that they themselves couldn't give.
This is by far the best Nu-Metal band to come out since everyone had a craze on Limp Bizkit which everyone regrets now.
They have everything a new starting band could ever need to make it big...crushing riffs, hard vocals...but under the Hard Rock shell lies something different that no other Hardcore band has previously been able to offer...and that's melodys so beautiful it's almost scary..refer to the songs Just So You Know and Shutdown..
If you like bands like Spineshank that use Techno Samples and New Wave SFX in their music you will undboubtedly fall in love at first sight of these guys.
Oh yeah go to their shows aswell...I saw them on the Kerrang! stage at Ozzfest 2002 it was so good...I missed System Of A Down for them but it was well worth it!
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on 31 August 2001
this is one hell of an album and it comes from the band setup to suppport the mighty slipknot in november. That bagins to tell you that this is not an album for the faint at heart. Lots of growling all the way through this album, and if thats your thing, like it is mine. One of the best songs on this album has to be never get caught, which really displays how good this band are. They have a lot of potential, and having seven members, i think they could go a long way in this business.
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on 3 May 2003
It's been quite some time since a very good, impressive and maybe even vaguely original metal album was a big Pantera fan, I watched Re-Inventing The Steel crawl by me, in disappointment...we all know what's happened to Metallica...and of course poor old Alice In Chains, bit the dust not so long back...So it's an unlikely source that I turned to, to find the best metal album in years.
American Head Charge are a heavy metal band, with catchy nu-metal attributes (which made me slightly concerned), and they're also Slipknot approved (which just made me frown)...
But I had a feeling that this was something slightly special, and different from quite a lot of the tosh around. Opening track ''A Violent Reaction'', put my mind at rest. Brutal, unforgiving, vile and painful, There was more to come...vocalist Martin Cock seriously must have one of the finest voices in heavy metal today. I've always loved vocalists who can not only scream and shout coherantly, and successfully, but who can also sing...Phil Anselmo springs to mind for another great heavy metal vocalist. But Cock's vocals are sublime. How he keeps it up I'll never know. He can scream and go straight to singing with great ease, and that's astounding to hear.
The album is full of surprises and another rarity is that it does keep you guessing. The very good elctronica used throughout keeps you entertained, on tracks such as the opener, ''Never Get Caught'', ''Just So You Know'', ''Seamless'', ''Fall'' etc. And not only that from a guitar riff point of view it's also quite stunning and compliments the electronica, and vice-versa.
This is also incredibly intelligent for a debut. The lyrics are not only amazingly technical, but also eternally fascinating.
The pace never really slows down, but in a way, you don't want that from a band like this, as most of the people buying this may well be metal-heads (no offence, just a term) and Slipknot fans. For the record, I hear that AHC were Slipknot's opening band on a recent tour. Well hopefully in the future we shall see Slipknot opening for AHC, as AHC are the far superior group, both musically, lyrically, technically, electronically, and vocally. The full set. Slipknot fans will like this, and it might even give them something more, because that's exactly what it is.
So overall, an exhausting, intense album which is perfect if you need adrenaline, or if you just want to mosh in your room and can't be bothered by the fact that your parents are trying to sleep in the next room. Don't get me wrong, this is a very grown up album. Very grown up. That's why I think it would appeal to kids. But for the open-minded grown up rocker, I think they would get a kick from this too.
I don't classify this as heavy metal, nor nu-metal, nor hard rock, or anything else. This is just a pure intense musical experience, that I recommend for anyone searching for this sort of thing. Very impressive. 4 stars.
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on 30 June 2005
When i first heard this i was in awe, like nothing id heard before, the production is flawless, the music is intense, powerful and intelligent.
A few songs stand out on this album, namely "self", my particular favourite, filled with intense sounds and a highly emotionally charged vocal.
The rest of the songs are almost as good, this is one album you really must own, a groundbreaker.
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on 11 November 2003
Behold an aural assault of brutal emotion writhing and intertwined in the cruel complexities of life.
This album is a sign of how metal is supposed to be. Not for the faint of hearted on TWOA AHC take hold of you by the throat and subject you to a majestic mash of deadly sound that forces you to deal. Martin Cock displays here a range that outs the majority of singers on the planet; from piercing screams that stretch and distort aural pleasure beyond all recognition to melodic crooning that touches the soul. Beware some of the subject matter is dealt with in sickeningly effective manners (eg.NEVER GET CAUGHT) that forces you to think long and hard... but thats good.
Needless to say there are a number of stand out tracks but you've probably heard of them by now (Just So You Know,All Wrapped Up, Song For The suspect,Effigy 23,A Violent Reaction), so this album good, no, it's amazing, i like this album so much i've bought my 4th copy coz everyone around liked it enough to steal the other 3. this album is easily one of the 3 top albums i have heard or owned. This is heavy, complex, honest music made by people who live for music, if this sounds like you then seriously consider this as a future purchase.
for fans of: slipknot and mudvayne
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American Head Charge's debut album The War Of Art is a much-underrated release from 2001, at the height of the oversaturated Nu Metal scene. The band gained some publicity when Slipknot's Shawn Crahan remixed their single `Just So You Know,' but never broke as big as they initially seemed to be destined for, and eventually collapsed.

Their style draws influence from artists like Ministry, Nine Inch Nails and Marilyn Manson as well as touches of early Korn and Deftones beside their normal heavier metal influences. These influences can be heard in the actual songwriting and structuring as well as just in the use of samples and keyboards. For the most part, this is one of the heavier albums to come out during the Nu Metal era and still sounds good to this day.

Singer Cameron `Martin Cox' Heacock has a superb voice and vocal range, handling harsh and melodic vocals equally well. The band are all competent musicians who deliver fun and memorable riffs and simple pounding drumbeats from a former Keyboardist who turned-drummer quickly in the wake of a line up change.

The album is full of great memorable songs, with very few weak moments. If you were deliberately looking for flaws it wouldn't be unreasonable to say that they are a little derivative at times and that the album is perhaps overlong. As a whole though, this is a solid collection of great turn of the century metal songs.

Standout tracks include `Americ*nt Evolving Into Useless Psychic Garbage," which evokes some of the feeling of Irresponsible Hate Anthem as well as "Never Get Caught," "Seamless," and "A Violent Reaction" all of which are great examples of the album's overall sound.

In summary, The War Of Art is a fantastic album that still holds up remarkably well today. It is sort of a shame the band never got any bigger because then this record would likely be hailed as the classic it seems like.
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on 21 June 2002
It's time for something special, this album rocks. It starts in a great way, with the majorly infectious 'A Vioent Reaction', and never reduces the quality at all. It can often happen that an album more than an hour long can get a bit boring towards the end, but this really doesn't. It finishes on the same level as it starts, but with a different style. Tracks which stand out are 'A Vioent Reaction', 'Song For The Suspect', 'Never Get Caught', 'Just So You Know' and 'Seamless'. And yes, I do realise that they are all at the start, and that I've said it doesn't get boring towards the end, but that's just because these five are totally top quality songs in a very high quality album. The style of the singer varies from song to song, with changes in songs. He goes from unusually intelligible screaming to great singing throughout the album, as shown in 'Just So You Know'. Heavyness and great singing are the two weapons adopted by AHC, and they mix brilliantly well. The music goes from little electric piano parts (in 'Song For The Suspect') to simply heavy (most songs) to a little bit of what seems to be industrialist metal ('Seamless') to just mindless banging and screaming ('Americ**t Evolving Into Useless Psychic Garbage'). this album is possibly the strongest debut album to come from almost any nu-metal band, and should be bought straight away by anyone. And just to finish off, the other reviewers are right in getting frustrated at comparisons to Slipknot, because these are nothing like them, and should not be compared to music of an inferior nature to themselves. Not that I have anything against Slipknot, it's just that this is soooo much better.
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on 21 November 2002
American Head Charge's debut album was produced by Rick Rubin, and some people seem to think that he was trying to create 'his own Slipknot' with them. There are some similarities, but they have more to do with the band's image and how they have been pigeonholed than their music, which is much more interesting and original than that of the Masked Fools, though perhaps not as intense. The three stand out tracks are, in my opinion, 'All Wrapped Up', 'Americ*nt' and 'A Violent Reaction'- a fantastic opener. While most of the other songs on the album are good, with some brilliant moments, they do not consistently have the intensity that these three songs do, the album does have weaks spots and a couple of poor songs which spoil the flow and prevent the album from being worthy of 5 stars. Live, this is completely not the case. American Head Charge are able to play even their average songs with a rare intensity, and the best tracks on the album are always insane.
This is an album that i have listened to regularly since i got it after seeing them supporting .......... Slipknot, in Febuary. I have also seen them play at the Underworld and Garage and supporting Rammstein, when in my opinion they vastly upstaged the headliners and their Hellfire and Dildos shennanigans.
Hopefully their will be a follow up to this album at some point, and if you get the opportunity to see them live TAKE IT, as they are spectacular, and very nice young men.
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