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4.2 out of 5 stars
4.2 out of 5 stars
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VINE VOICEon 5 January 2005
This is a great sleeper. Given great reviews on release. Shown on TV and then takes ages to appear on DVD.
This has everything that you could wish for in a good crime caper. A plot that keeps you guessing. Atmospheric settings. A good backstory and romance.
The acting is superb from the entire cast - including Damon Albarn. The script flies along and you sympathise with the frustrations and desires of Robert Carlyle. From his misspent life to his annoyance of the need to carry his backward friend through life.
You empthasise with the lives of the characters. Winstone and Vaughan are absolutely superb in their portrayal.
Rent it, buy it but definitely see it.
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on 28 September 2003
this is a real english gangster film,not a special effect bullets flying every where and no one dies crap.excellant acting and story, shame theres not alot more films like this one.
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on 2 January 2001
Never mind all your indecipherable cockney banter, cheeky-chirpy-happy-go-lucky gangsters and real life criminals making special appearances, this is how to make a British crime thriller. The uncovering of the culprit was a real surprise and the final act in the motorway service station was pure heartfelt acting at it's best. Even the last few minutes with the Police Jeep in the car-park will keep you on the edge of your seat. The action sequences of the film are fast-paced and set to a soundtrack of bassline driven dance tunes by the likes of Fluke et al, yet the film manages to change gear perfectly for the more emotional scenes. All in all, one of the best British films of the 90's. It's an abomination that this hasn't seen a DVD release yet.
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on 3 December 2000
A small time London crime gang is assembled to pull off a big time job. In short, after excellent planning and execution of the operation, the monetry gains from the robbery fell well short of the expectations. After stashing their gains , the gang go about their normal business, unfortunately someone had other ideas as to the ownership of the money haul. In a series of twists and amongst some violent action the gang through a process of elimination seek out the culprate. The movie contrasts between the gentleness of love within a family versus the violence that people are prepared to inflict to protect and care for the family.
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on 5 March 2001
Well, it's obvious to see where Antonia Bird has got her influences from. The whole film has a big 'Resevoir Dogs' feel to it, and the gunfight scene in the street almost seems like 'Heat'. However, this is no bad thing, as when America wants to they really can produce fantastic ganger films. The same, however can not be said of Britian. Ever since 'Lock Stock...' we've had a whole host of very very poor imitations, and even before 'Lock Stock...', british Gangster films were something to shy away from. However, 'Face' is a decent enough effort and in an overcrowded genre has something that just lifts it above the crowd. Sure, the script has cliches flying left right and centre and it's not the most original of films, but it is enjoyable and that's the main thing. The plot is engaging and the little twists that are added keep you watching right until the end. Okay, so I won't win most Orginal Screenplay at the OSCARS, but that's not really the point. It's highly watchable and the film keeps your interest well enough to cover up it's deficiences (of which there are quite a few). I could think of a lot worse way to spend a couple of hours.
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on 14 September 2006
Watch this film purely for laughs, and the crazy robbery and police shoot-out scenes.

Don't expect an 'in-depth' gangster movie.

You will enjoy Peter Vaughan's over the top character 'Julian', whose final demise is also amusing to watch.

Annoyingly, the robbery scene on the DVD copy is censored, removing much of the bad language, which becomes immediatley obvious if you have seen the un-censored VHS version.

The vocals are not edited particularly well.

However, a decent film worth watching.
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on 19 August 2009
Antonia Bird delivers a stylish, adrenalin-driven action-thriller with Face. And the cast certainly boasts an impressive, phenomenal line-up with the ever-excellent Robert Carlyle as the "face", the always-brilliant Ray winstone delivering another power-packed performance, plus Philip Davis is a darkly humorous role, Blur singer Damon Albarn in his acting debut (and immediately impresses) and Steven Waddington, Lena Headey, Peter Vaughan and Sue Johnstone are all enthralling in their characterisations.

The plot goes that Ray the "face" (Robert Carlyle), having recently been released from prison, is now ready for the "big job", and the "last job" that will see Ray and his team of villians financially set up for life. However, though the job goes smoothly enough, the gang soon discover, much to their obvious dismay, that the "take" from the "job" falls far short of the £3,000,000 they had each anticipated. So follows a fraught tale of how the gang members begin gradually turning against each other, how paranoya escaltes out of control and greed takes over leading to murderous consequences.

There are plenty of surprise twist and turns to keep you glued throughout. The stylish, high octane action is always riviting to watch, not least at that intense, exciting climax. A film that keeps you in suspense, a stellar cast line-up that all shine their talents to full effect, and superb direction by Antonia Bird, Face defintely, therefore, gets an easy 5 star rating.
Ian Phillips
August 2009
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on 3 April 2002
This film is a brilliantly made English film. Very realistic, a lot of bad language, Ray Winstone is superb as the leader of the gang ! Damon Albarn makes a good appearance. There is suspense and thrills all the way through. I was very impressed
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on 17 August 2015
Robert Carlyle and Ray Winstone are a safe pair of hands, you know you're going to get that tough, gritty, emotional screen presence they have consistently delivered over the years, and this film is no different. Steve Waddington's performance is convincing, but for me, Phil Davis's portrayal of loose cannon 'Julian' steals the show. He gets the best lines and most of the action. He's the sort of guy you'd love to hate.

Being a fan of this genre, I can say, although not a classic, definitely worth a night in.
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TOP 1000 REVIEWERon 10 September 2014
Believe it or not, Britain did make decent gangster films prior to Guy Ritchie’s arrival with ‘Lock Stock’ style of film-making. And, one of those that has and probably always will be eclipsed by Ritchie’s way of film-making will be ‘Face.’ And that’s slightly surprising as it has two – reasonably – big names in British cinema in the lead roles – Robert Carlyle and Ray Winstone.

Perhaps one of its ‘flaws’ (and I put that word in quotes because, personally, I don’t consider it a flaw) is the way it’s directed. It’s hardly an exercise in style. Ritchie’s ‘Lock Stock’ films were that rare breed that seamlessly blended style AND substance. Well, Face does have the substance to be a great film, it just doesn’t have the style.

It feels a bit like a ‘made-for-TV’ movie (perhaps because it was made by the BBC?) with its *slightly* bland style of direction. There’s no snappy montages or cracking tunes to heighten the mood and atmosphere. This is probably why it never really appealed to the masses.

It’s about a bank robbery gone wrong (yes, I know that brief summary also sums up Reservoir Dogs, but, trust me, it’s nothing like that). The criminals get away with the loot, but someone wants it all and are prepared to use – lethal – force to get it.

Okay, so it doesn’t have the style of Lock Stock or the instant cool of a Tarrantino movie, but it is a good little number in its own right. If you’re into your gangster films and aren’t looking for something ‘uber-cool’ then you could do worse than watch this one.

You’ll probably find it on TV late at night, or as part of a TV/Movie streaming service. If so, it’s definitely worth a watch.
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