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on 14 August 2017
its so crap its good
but to give it credit the special effects are fantastic considering there was no CGI back in 1979 or 1980 when it was made
this cd or video back then was classed as a video nasty because it made people kill others according to the press
give it a go you might be lucky like I was and get it for under £3 including postage
I am going to get the other 2 to see if the actors have learned to act
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on 23 June 2017
5 stars thank you very much
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on 23 July 2017
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on 4 October 2015
Wat a great DVD it is just as I remember when I was younger wen I saw it on VHS. Still just as good. Wall worth the money.
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on 26 January 2003
The Evil Dead, this film has absolutely everything that a great horror film should have, the gore is repulsive and flowing freely, the script and acting are of a good quality but never too high so it never loses the ever important cheese factor, the camera work is legendary, this film could not be filmed better and the background score is a big part of how scary this is.
This DVD package is pretty much perfect, it shows this cult classic totally un-cut in it's tree raping, eye gouging, leg slicing, pencil tearing glory and now it even looks and sounds better, the picture is clearer and the sound is freakier than ever before.
Features include:
Commentary from Sam Raimi/Rob Tapert
Commentary from Bruce Campbell
Talent biographies
Theatrical Trailer
TV Spots
Fan anaylisis documentary
Discovering Evil Dead featurette
2 Deleted Scenes
Photo Gallery
2 Easter Eggs
There is only one film that has bettered The Evil Dead (Rocky Horror Picture Show) and there is no film scarier.
I have watched this film about 11 times, it gets no less interesting and it gets no less horrific.
This is definatly the best movie in the series, although both sequels "Evil Dead 2: Dead By Dawn" and "Army of Darkness" and the 'prequel' "Within The Woods" are all excellent movies.
Buy this movie, you will not regret it.
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VINE VOICEon 9 October 2007
Sam Raimi's genre-defining splatter-fest still remains one of the most inventive and entertaining horror films ever released. I rather ashamedly admit I only saw this gem for the first time quite recently and I immediately wished I had discovered it years before.

It is quite evident that 'The Evil Dead' has shaped an enumeration of horror flicks across the years and the teenagers-trapped-in-a-remote-cabin them has been recycled to death. Even with its low-budget, and decidedly eighties effects, this film hacks and splices glossier rivals into itty-bitty pieces for sheer entertainment value. More of a serious chiller than its sequels, there is a nice line in black humour pervading the script nonetheless and, of course, Bruce Campbell is utterly fabulous as geeky hero Ash. In fact, I challenge you to come away from this film without uttering the words, " Bruce Campbell is a legend"! His bemused look of incomprehension as the blood count rises (and rise it does, my friends) is one of the film's many enjoyable moments and it is easy to see why Campbell has become such a cult hero.

So, in short, this is one of the greatest horror films of all time. In terms of pure and simple fun, things don't get much better than this. So open up the Book Of The Dead and unleash The Evil Dead onto your DVD player tonight!
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on 15 March 2004
Sam Raimi's black-comedy horror masterpiece is finally delivered in its proper uncut form without being sliced and diced by the BBFC. The Evil Dead is THE video nasty, the one that pushed the censors to the limits and was banned and re-released in edited forms. Now it's all here - ultragore, tree-rape and pencils in ankles! This is a cult classic. Everything about it oozes class. The only film that surpasses it in the way of gore is Peter Jackson's zombie-mutilating bloodbath "Braindead".
The story's simple - a group of young adults take a trip to a deserted cabin in the woods. They discover a tape and book which unearths the evil dead. All hell, quite literally, breaks loose! The special effects are great. This is just sick and brilliant. Buy it, it's a legend. If you like this then check out the extreme gorefest "Braindead" which is similar. But get this one now.
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on 10 July 2006
Avoid the Anchor Bay edition of this movie like the plaque. The picture quality is atrocious. I must admit that the picture has never looked brilliant for this low budget movie, but I did a side-by-side comparison of this movie between the Elite Entertainment and Anchor Bay editions.

With the Anchor Bay transfer the colours look all wrong and the picture is darker and muddy looking.

The Elite disc the colors look more crisp and the picture is clearer and brighter.

On the Anchor Bay disc the picture has been re-framed from it's original fullscreen 4.3 ratio to fill a 16:9 display. The movie was never shot in widescreen, black bars have simply been added to the top and bottom of the picture resulting in the loss of a lot of picture information and it looks terrible.

The best version and correct version to buy is the Elite Entertainment edition which was released in the U.S. several years ago. It's also region 0 so will play in any DVD player.

Don't let the fancy packaging and cheap extras tempt you into buying the dreadful Anchor Bay editions.
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on 23 March 2002
Being a massive horror fan, i'm always on the lookout for a great horror movie & I can definately say i've found 1 in the form of "Evil Dead".
Sure enough the acting isn't brilliant & some of the effects are a bit dodgey but it all adds to the movie. Set in a romote cabin in the middle of nowhere, Ash (Bruce Campbell) & his friends unwittingly awaken evil spirits that lie in the forest. 1 by 1, they're are possessed & die gruesum deaths. In the end, only Ash remains & he must defend himself agaisnt the demons & fight to stay alive. Its got blood, tension, fear & a little bit of comedy. The extras are really good & like all good horror movies, theres a twist at the end.
If your into horror then I would definatley recomened "Evil Dead"
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on 3 September 2001
Evil Dead finally makes an uncut DVD appearance in the UK, and if you haven't seen this, it is well worth a look. Raimi's unique comic book visuals, which are evident in almost all his work (dying off a little with A Simple Plan[1998]), give the film a strange edgyness, low angles and sprinting steadycam shots raise the pulse as the demons race to, through and around the cabin. But don't expect Rick Baker make-up effects, they are extremely ropey (like the acting) but that only adds to the charm of the movie. This is is a movie by a man (and his friends) who loves the camp horror genre, going over the top on limited resources. And nothing is better than watching Bruce Campbell pretend to take this sh*t seriously. In fact Raimi has only really taken his content seriously in the last few years, his recent work proving his talent and silencing his critics (check out the aforementioned A Simple Plan). Go watch this film, keep in mind that Spiderman is about to be released and begin drooling over how good it will be. If he can do this with a few thousand dollars.......
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