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4.5 out of 5 stars
4.5 out of 5 stars
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on 23 July 2003
The sims hot date is, by far, the best expansion yet. Exciting new features include the love couch, a heart shaped hot tub and the ability to leave your house and go downtown. You there find a date and ask them their interests, and with a bit of luck you will succeed in asking for a date. A whole new range of lots are introduced, from the sassy, posh restauraunt to the fish bar. Dance or have a drink in the pub, make your relationship go sky high or let it topple. Just talk, or you might want to kiss, play footsie under the table or ask your date home. When you get home though, you could scrape a goodnight kiss or more.
Anyway, by far the greatest expansion yet and if you are a sims lover, this is for you. However, the game has some bad sides. It is a highly detailed game and could freeze for a dozen seconds or so. My friend had to reboot to play again after his computer refused to move. It can be tough on the computer so please don't buy it if you have less than the average megabites. (100mb)
I love it though and you will too. THE BEST!
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on 22 April 2004
After about six months of having the original Sims, i decided it was timeto try getting an exspansion pack. If your feeling the same, then this isthe one you want.
The main feature is that of course you can takeyou and your Sim downtown.Theres plenty of verieaty (Excuse my spelling)ranging from restraunts and parks to normal corner shops and malls. On thenieghbour hood screen, you actually have the option to delete a downtownshop, and build your own, only with many added downtown items which cann'tbe use in your home. Theres plenty of other little things which come withthe Sims Hot Date, hidden things which you don't always see. One of thesethings is that you collect well over one hundred items around the home touse. Another is the social side of it. There so many new options whentalking with another Sim tha'll keep you addicted to the game for ages...
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This is the best sims expansion yet. u can go downtown to shop eat or just hang out or u can build and edit ur downtown and make it bigger and better. There are loads of new actions to play around with and there are 3 more neighbour hoods to build houses in. There are new characters to find love with or just live recklessly with.There are over 125 objcts to have fun with and there is a larger variety of floors and walls. This is the game to get if u like the sims and have the other ones but is a great game to get even if your not into that type of game.
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on 5 July 2002
This is the third in the series of four different add on packs for the highly popular game The Sims. Hot Date at first seems fresh with a new area to explore in the Sim World, don't expect huge amounts of freedom or much more to do. In actual fact what you are looking at is several new character interactions (to aid you in your dates)and houses you can visit with new furishings. The novelty of being able to spend money on clothes, magazines and ice creams wears off quickly and you soon realise that the fun in going "Down Town" disintergrates. Sadly the designers also fail to realise that when you go into town your Sim gets tired quickly and you have very little time before the Sim gets tired or bored.
However, the Sims is without doubt very enjoyable. No one is unlikely to complain about the Sims to begin with but it does start to grate given time. The length of time needed to build a house is huge, the in-game time to use your sims is tiny (about 10 minutes a day of which 5 will be your Sim working), and the difficulty in controlling your Sims over long periods of time are all flaws that should be ironed out.
So then, scores.
The previous packs (Livin' it up and House Party) were cash-ins that gave nothing to the game of any importance and to be honest this offers little. On the surface I would give it 2/5 but the extensive character interactions and the amount of new personalties boost it to 3/5.
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on 23 November 2001
This is the best expansion pack maxis have set out yet! You are able to go into town and eat, buy, and meet hundreds of new people. The age says 11+ but my whole family loves this game we argue every night on who gets to play it!
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on 21 November 2001
Ah a taxi can whisk you away to a choice of venues. There's more options in interacting. Your Sims have a choice to talk about topics, gossip or interests. Typically (like life) it took 3 calls for the taxi home to turn up to return home.
It's a good opportunity to meet your fellow sims outside of the garden/home. There's toilets, no worries. Energy isn't a problem.
To be honest, one of my Sims got bored, and naffed of home. My other Sims enjoyed getting out and about.
So different to the previous expansion packs. If you have House Party installed, keep the cd handy for installing hot date.
I'm looking forward to my Sims new experiences.
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on 7 September 2004
Hot Date is an excellent expansion pack, if you have the time to play it. It comes complete with a lot of new objects (although, I hate to say, I found these weren't as interesting as the objects that came with the two previous extension packs) and 5 new career options (major hurray for the journalism path). Plus, there's the new downtown area where you can build shops, cafes...well, practicually anything that takes your fancy. Unfortunately, with all this new stuff, it DOES take a while to load....espically if you're not using the newest of hardware. Some players may find themselves having to keep their downtown lots to a minimum of objects due to slow loading time.
Because the expansion pack focuses around dating, there are also a bunch of new social interactions. Unlike in the old games where you got the very plain "kiss", you can now choose to kiss "passionately" or "romantically" or just to "peck". However, I did notice that children were being phased out a bit with their social reactions. The hug option for kids is gone!
All in all, I give it four stars. It's a great game but there are somethings about it I just don't like.
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on 21 July 2002
This is a fanmtastic add on to the rest of the sim family.
You can build your own areas of downtown or visit the incredible ready made ones. Items can be purchased solely for downtown or you can evn bring downtown home with you and add a few sizzling items to your house.
This game offers you the chance to meet new Sims from all around and hopefully get a date with them. To win them over take them to a posh restaurant or if your a bit short of simoleons go for a slice of pizza, hotdog or burger.
There are new skins which are groovy!
There are alot more interactions. Therefore more ways to entice your new date. Kids have more interactions with other kids and adults.
I would recommend if you are building your own area of downtown that you place a bed there. The Sims do get tired, which is not good in the middle of your HOT DATE when you get cranky with them and then risk losing your friednship.
Definitely worth the money and amazon is the cheapest i have found.
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on 2 December 2002
The Sims hot date is a great game. You are given many new objects, you get more neighbourhoods and a downtown lot where you can build your own shops, parks and restaurants. You can use loads more interactions and there is more choices of things to do and say. You can take your friends into town or have a romantic evening with someone you like. You can build on grass or on the beach too. Overall I think this game is good fun and it is fantastic when loaded with all the other expansion packs too. I really enjoy playing on it.
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on 15 December 2003
The Sims is already the most popular Pc game of all time with this expansion pack it gets even more exciting!
The first notable changes you will realise is "downtown" part of the sims neighbourhood. Downtown you can meet up with friends, go to a bar, go shopping and meet singles.
This add on pack gives the gameplay a total new direction with so much more than just looking after the family, friends and career, it gives you a lot more complex disecions to deal with.
Sometimes you might want to use the money cheat so you can really spoil your dates!
This is easily the best sims add on pack because it gives you the power to play cupid! 5/5
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