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on 7 December 2001
In my oppinion this knew expansion pack has the most to offer out of all the packs available. Each neighbourhood gets it's own down-town area, this is a place where, ounce you have built decent shops for your sims to enjoy, your sims can kick back and relax and any thing can happen. You could send them alone on a shopping trip to buy clothes or magazines, or maybe they could hang out with a friend or even go out for a meal with their favourite pal. It includes allot of knew objects to add to your downtown areas to make them function properly and look nice. Included in these objects are things such as hot dog stands, clothes racks and stop signs. When you go down-town there are a whole bunch of "townies" for you to meet and interact with, these new charactures. This is by far the best ever expansion pack yet. Buy it!
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HALL OF FAMETOP 500 REVIEWERon 3 December 2002
The Hot Date expansion pack adds a whole new dimension to The Sims. What with working all day and constantly fighting off hunger and fatigue, our sims just don’t have a lot of time for romance and fun. Wouldn’t it be great if you could simply stop time while you work on building your sims’ social lives? Well, now you can do just that. Oh, time passes for your sim while he/she is out painting the town red in the new Downtown area, but you arrive back home just after you left, giving you a much-needed chance to rest and recover from your daring exploits in town (not to mention entertain any date that actually agrees to come home with you).
The new Downtown area is great. Now your sims can go out dancing, hit the bars, dine out in fancy restaurants or just grab a hot dog and ice cream cone, shop for new clothes, buy gifts for one another, etc. If you want to buy a new outfit for your sim sweetie, you can have her try it on and model it for you before deciding to fork over the simulated dough. As for dating, you can simply dismiss your date if things go badly (or a more attractive prospect happens along). When things are really clicking, though, you can lay a number of different lip-locks on your lucky date, including the aptly named passionate kiss, play footsie underneath the table, and/or cuddle up and neck (right there in public, mind you). Even a seemingly casual encounter can become exciting when a sim quite taken with you suddenly jumps up into your arms. These sims are not easy by any means, however—convincing a date to come home with you requires skill and a little bit of luck.
One really great thing about Hot Date is the fact that it greatly expands your world of potential friends. Once you meet a new character downtown, you can call that individual up from home to invite him/her over, ask him/her out on a date, or just talk. This makes it much easier for you to win enough friends to qualify for that big promotion you’ve been after at work.
Hot Date is really great, but there are a couple of minor drawbacks to it. There is one bug in particular that continues to plague me. In a busy restaurant with tables placed close together, one of the NPCs can get in the way of your date, making him/her essentially freeze in place while you are stranded at the table all alone. At the best of such times, you can cancel the dining transaction, get your date moving again, and make a second attempt at ordering a meal; there have been times, however, when my sim became stuck in the Downtown area, unable to even return home, and I had to shut down the program manually or reboot. More importantly, though, Hote Date is pretty hard on the old processor. You can play the game on a PC running the minimum system requirements, but your game will be agonizingly slow at times and will continue to run slower and slower until such time as you exit, reboot, and restart the program. Overall, though, this expansion pack is by far the best of the bunch and makes possible a brand new kind of experience sure to delight all fans of The Sims.
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on 31 March 2002
When i first saw the game i thought that it would be the same as the other games - a bit more furniture and more career paths - but i was wrong.
The sims are now able to leave their home and explore the possibilities of seeing someone else.
Just pick up the phone, call a cab and then choose a downtown area for them to go to.
Buy clothes, candy, flowers, magazines, games, jewellery and much more there.
When you meet someone you like, talk to them and then invite them to eat. Cuddle up and make out with your date, and when it's time to say goodbye, hug them goodbye and they'll tell you that they'll miss you. Keep it up and you'll have another lover.
But, watch out. If you have a family already (a wife, husband), they are usually spying on you in the mall, so make sure you don't kiss your date in public, otherwise you'll end up breaking your family apart!
The only bad thing about this game is that you can't invite the whole family to the mall, and the kids can't come.
The townies are also very cold, and it's hard to get close to them.
But it's really good, and i strongly suggest that you get it!
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on 24 November 2001
This is the best expansion pack yet!
Livin Large added objects, neighbourhoods and jobs - which was cool. House Party did the same - but added a "Throw Party" button. Sadly - although fun, the parties suck. The people only dance when you force them to join you, and all they end up doing is eating and then getting bored.
But anyway - onto Hot Date! The reason this is such a good expansion pack is because instead of just giving us objects, it adds a whole new dimension. You can now go downtown.
Firstly you build your downtown area (maybe you want a beach? A shopping mall? Restaurant and Bar maybe? Its up to you), and then you send one of your Sims down by cab.
They go down and do what you tell them to. If they want to score, you introduce yourself to a Sim you have created that happens to also be donwtown - or one of the characters that live down there. Take them for a meal, buy them choccies (and hope they don't stamp all over them!), sit on the swing seat. Then try and cuddle them and get rejected - or get kicked while trying to play footsie.
If your Sim was just bored at home, or you had money to blow - go and buy some magazines, some gifts (incase you get a date - you can be prepared), some bedwear, swimwear or formal wear.
Overall - a great add on that will keep you spending more time donwtown that at the house!
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on 29 November 2001
Finally a new expansion pack with a difference. For all you Sim fans outthere this expansion pack is great. Not only does it give you more functions, topics and areas within the main game but you can tootle downtown with your sim to pick up a local, take them on dates and make new friends!
If you ever had the problem not being able to advance your sims career because of the lack of friends then Hot Date solves this for you, however you can't always take them home!
The downtown shops allow you to buy gifts, clothes and magazines, as well have a gourmet meal! Not happy with the pre made shops then make your own!
I have had hours of fun with this expansion pack, it has helped revive what was becoming a flagging game! Don't take my word for it - BUY IT!
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on 17 December 2001
I've has my Hot Date expansion pack for one week now.I would recommend the expansion pack to any current owner of other Sims products.It is a lot harder for a Sim to have a succesful relationship on Hot Date.You have to buy gifts for your loved ones,take them out for a meal or for a picnic in the park.You have to take a general interest in the object of your affection by asking them questions like; 'how are you' 'how is work' 'what are you into' Unlike previous Sims games where as after an hour of talking you were married with a child.You really do have to work on your relationship.Your Sim can order a taxi and go downtown.Downtown there are bars,restraunts,shops,parks,beaches and boardwalks.Your Sim can go shopping!When they are out shopping they can try outfits on,buy a diamond ring or roses (for a loved one)Also they can buy magazines so when out on a date they can chat about whats Hot!There are many characters downtown that you can bump into-there's a old lady who is a prude-if she see's you getting lovey dovey with another sim she will bat you with a purse!Look out for flirts,romeo's and party animals.There are many new objects.The best bit about the game is being able to design downtown area's.Also its good having a lot more interactions,one of my sims asked another back to his house and he was dumped as it was too soon!Another favorite bit is when your sim goes to the wardrobe a screen pops up to show you all of the different outfits and what your sim would look like with them on.If you buy clothes downtown they automatically go to your home wardrobe.The game is a must for all Sims fans!
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This is the best sims expansion yet. u can go downtown to shop eat or just hang out or u can build and edit ur downtown and make it bigger and better. There are loads of new actions to play around with and there are 3 more neighbour hoods to build houses in. There are new characters to find love with or just live recklessly with.There are over 125 objcts to have fun with and there is a larger variety of floors and walls. This is the game to get if u like the sims and have the other ones but is a great game to get even if your not into that type of game.
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on 23 November 2001
This is the best expansion pack maxis have set out yet! You are able to go into town and eat, buy, and meet hundreds of new people. The age says 11+ but my whole family loves this game we argue every night on who gets to play it!
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on 15 December 2003
The Sims is already the most popular Pc game of all time with this expansion pack it gets even more exciting!
The first notable changes you will realise is "downtown" part of the sims neighbourhood. Downtown you can meet up with friends, go to a bar, go shopping and meet singles.
This add on pack gives the gameplay a total new direction with so much more than just looking after the family, friends and career, it gives you a lot more complex disecions to deal with.
Sometimes you might want to use the money cheat so you can really spoil your dates!
This is easily the best sims add on pack because it gives you the power to play cupid! 5/5
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on 23 July 2003
The sims hot date is, by far, the best expansion yet. Exciting new features include the love couch, a heart shaped hot tub and the ability to leave your house and go downtown. You there find a date and ask them their interests, and with a bit of luck you will succeed in asking for a date. A whole new range of lots are introduced, from the sassy, posh restauraunt to the fish bar. Dance or have a drink in the pub, make your relationship go sky high or let it topple. Just talk, or you might want to kiss, play footsie under the table or ask your date home. When you get home though, you could scrape a goodnight kiss or more.
Anyway, by far the greatest expansion yet and if you are a sims lover, this is for you. However, the game has some bad sides. It is a highly detailed game and could freeze for a dozen seconds or so. My friend had to reboot to play again after his computer refused to move. It can be tough on the computer so please don't buy it if you have less than the average megabites. (100mb)
I love it though and you will too. THE BEST!
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