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4.5 out of 5 stars
4.5 out of 5 stars
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on 23 October 2007
I am a huge fan of Minder, I own all ten series box-sets on DVD and these specials are a perfect addition to anyone's Minder collection. On the first disc we have Minder XMAS special which was aired on 26 December 1983, which features clips from the first three series of Minder put together with fifteen mintues of Arthur Terry & Dave in the Winchester remembering old times & the second XMAS special is Around the Corner which was aired on 26 December 1984 where Arthur is given a greyhound to cover a debt, while Terry spends time trying to try it and Arthur gets conned over some non-existant video recorders.

The second disc features An Officer & a Car Salesman which went out on 26 December 1988 and features guest stars Richard Briers (The Good Life & Ever Decreasing Circles), Diana Quick and this is also the last time Patrick Malahide appears in Minder as Chisholm, this time Terry has a spell in prison after being found in possession of some hooky videos that Arthur left in his flat, it looks as though their partnership is finished. Then Terry gets a job working for Caplan, an ex-army colonel who runs a survivalist school who Arthur is supplying army surplus equipment to, which reunites the pair when they stumble across a plot by Caplan and his men to rob a security van. The second is The Cruel Canal featuring Gary Webster as Arthur's nephew which was aired on the 26 December 1991, Arthur has a consignment of video recorders which he needs to deliver to a punter but his van packs up, so he borrows a canal boat to deliver them instead. I preferred the 1988 XMAS special to the Cruel Canal.

And the third disc contains the 1985 XMAS Special Minder On the Orient Express, where Terry saves a woman from being mugged and in return she gives Terry two tickets for the Orient Express, however the girl Terry rescued turns out to be the late Jack South's daughter Nikki and all his associates are on the train trying to get hold of Nikki's inheritance. I recommend this, if you like Minder, this is definitely worth buying!
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on 27 October 2001
Brushed and tidied up for DVD technology the first series of Minder is over twenty years old now. However classic story lines, drama, and comedy never go out of fashion. This DVD combines all 11 episodes in one box set, that starts with the dramatic first episode featuring a hold up in a launderette, and progresses along, developing the characters that became an institution during the eighties and nineties.
This first series started originally with the main focus being on ex-con, ex-boxer Terry McCann and his struggle through the darker corners of the black economy. However by the end of series one "Arfur Daley" - Terry's self confessed mentor comes into his own. Would you buy a car from this man?
While some of the episodes in this series one such as "You need friends" are a little obscure and not among the show's best, Minder fans won't be disappointed. Other episodes featured here like "the Desert song", "Monday night Fever", and "the smaller they are" show why Minder regularly pulled in 18million paying punters through the eighties.
A great start to a great series.
You know it makes sense.....
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on 11 November 2008
First aired in September 1985 the sixth series is the penultimate 'Terry McCann' release. With only six episodes (compared with eight in series five and up to thirteen in the first four) value for money compared to earlier releases is not so good. The individual episodes are consistently enjoyable with the droll DS Chisholm arguably stealing the show in a number of them. Dennis Waterman's Terry is maybe getting a little long in tooth as a hard man whilst George Cole's Arthur is as good as ever. At the time of filming this was possibly going to be the final series finishing with the brilliant Xmas special 'Minder on the Orient Express' (available on the 'Specials' collection).
In brief an excellent, though to be harsh past it'd peak, series and a natural purchase after working your way through the previous five sets - you will certainly not be disappointed (apart from the limited number of episodes). I do not intend this review to come across as negative, this is nothing but thoroughly enjoyable television and part of perhaps the best ever Britsh TV (comedy) dramas - Its simply not quite as good as the better earlier series four and five.
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on 18 March 2004
Even though old school 'Minder' fans might not like the fact that the second of these special episodes features Terry's replacement 'Ray' - Arthur's Nephew, one of the newer episodes, the first feature length episode is worth the price alone.
Aside from the usual hilarity Arthur & Terry concoct, Patrick Malahide as Chisholm deserves a special mention for his hilarious performance.....this is truly classic tv, a must!
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on 17 November 2008
Another nicely packaged box set containing all five Xmas specials from this classic series spread over three disks. The first 'special' form 1983 is not an episode in the sense its Arthur, Terry and Dave in the Winchester Club looking back, with the aid of flash backs, at the scrapes they've got into during the early series of the show. The second and third specials from '84 and '88 are 'proper' stories (they run a little longer than those in the normal series) and include the final appearance of Patrick Malhide's excellent Albert 'Charlie' Chisholm. With Gary Webster's Minder appearing in the 1991 xmas episode this completes the first two disks. The gem of this collection though is the full movie length 'Minder on the Orient Express'. I remember watching and enjoying it when it was first aired, watching it again I enjoyed it even more. Terry and Arthur at their usual best with an excellent supporting role from the affore mentioned Detective Chisholm. If I had one criticism of the set it would be the lack of information regading the dates when the shows first aired, this is fairly easy find out but I do think it should have been included. It goes without saying that Minder fans will buy this release and they will not be disappointed. I watched the episodes in Tandem with the series releases slotting them into the correct timeline (hence my comment above), whether you choose to this or not its an excellent collection of stories.
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VINE VOICEon 17 October 2004
From Autumn 1985 this is another great series of Minder. George Cole and Dennis Waterman are on top form throughout the six episodes here.
The only black mark is that there is no appearance of Peter Childs' DS Rycott, with Patrick Malahide appearing in all six as DS 'Cheerful Charlie' Chisholm.
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on 20 October 2006
Every series of Minder contains wonderful episodes. My personal favourite from series 2 is 'Diamonds are a Girl's Worst Enemy' where Terry finds himself once more having to mind Rose Mellor, who he encountered in series 1. Still as tricky as ever, she is now working in the dodgy diamond trade, and her car together with a consignment of diamonds is stolen while Terry is driving for her. Naturally Rose's employer is not very happy about this, and both Arthur and Terry come under suspicion. "All About Scoring, Innit" is another classic episode, where Terry has to mind footballer Danny Varrow, who is hoping to sell the story of his tangled love-life to the papers. His amorous adventures have got him into a lot of trouble, and Terry has to contend with more than one outraged man bent on vengeance. "You Lose Some, You win Some2 is another episode featuring gambler Maurice (Anthony Valentine) who, having promised his wife he won't gamble any more, has opened a school for gamblers. "Whose Wife is It Anyway?" brings another new experience for Terry, minding an antique shop when the owner is in hospital, and Terry gets to meet the kind of people he doesn't normally mix with. Very un-PC and very funny.

Every episode is worth watching, and as always Dennis Waterman and George Cole are magic together. Not forgetting the supporting characters like Dave the barman, and venemous Sergean Chisholm (Patrick Malahide) permanently thwarted in his desire to charge with something, anything. I never weary of 'Minder' no matter how many times I watch it. I love everything about it, the characters, the humour, the seedy West London locations. When I'm tired of 'Minder' I'll be tired of life.
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VINE VOICEon 11 April 2005
Series 7 of Minder is the last to feature Dennis Waterman as Terry McCann, it is also the weakest of any of the 10 series broadcast between 1979 and 1994. Series 6 of Minder broadcast some 3 years earlier was in many ways the peak for the programme, with massive viewing figures, good storylines, and plenty of humour. Had the programme finished at this point, it would have bowed out on a high note. Instead it was resurrected, but despite the long break, the production team seemed to have simply ran out of steam and didn't really know what else to do with Terry and Arthur. An over reliance on guest stars does not help the series, with familar names such as Billy Connelly and Ian MacShane appearing in various episodes. Although in fact the episode to feature Ian McShane, The Last Video Show,is actually the best of this series. It concerns Jack Last, a local armed robber, trying to locate a videotape which incriminates a high ranking Police Officer on his trail, thereby getting him off the hook. Ofcourse Arthur gets dragged into this, when the tape gets mixed up with one Jack Last hired from his videoshop.
Terry's last episode is not a particularly great epiosde, and as the production team did not know that he was planning to leave it has no sense of the end of an era about it. Waterman does appear slightly bored with the programme at this point, perhaps unhappy that the series was now forcusing on Arthur rather than Terry.
The Gary Webster years would freshen the series up, and take it into the 1990's. The end of one era, the start of another
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on 29 August 2001
Although gettting a little dated the quality of acting combined with the charaters and storylines make it still a pleasure to watch. You can see the charaters developing as you watch all the episodes in the first series. It's a bargin at this price and completely pucka and has no way fallen of the back of a lorry as Arthur would say. Watch out for Dave the owner of the bar for the great dry comic moments. In summary a must to own and now available as one complete box set providing better value.
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This is the first three episodes from 1979 ("gunfight at the ok laundrette", "bury my half at waltham green",and "the smaller they are")and they really are great! id forgotten how good minder actually is! The story's are really good and each one is hillariously funny!- And of course, Arthur is up to all his usual tricks! Great video!
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