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on 20 October 2001
Welcome back, to the world of Red Alert 2. This game is the official add on missions and I can say as a Command and Conquer veteran it is totally awesome.
This game is set just after the Allied liberation of Soviet Russia and the imprisonment of Premier Romanov in the Tower of London. There are mysterious readings on Allied radars and strange structures are appearing all around the world and there is one on Alcatraz. The Allied Harriers try and destroy it but unfortunately fail and put it out of action by disabling it's power.
Then it is left up to you with the choice of either Soviet Russia or the Allies. Both sides have a variety of new units to combat the evil forces of Yuri. To stop Yuri's conquest to take the world you travel back in time! The missions take place in Egypt, Seattle, Hollywood and even on the moon. There are also new characters like Flint Westwood and Sammy Stallion to control on the Hollywood mission.
There is the oppotunity to be Yuri in skirmish. I suggest if you do anything, that you choose Yuri's faction and have a go with his army, using the Incredible Hulk creature named the Brute and the Virus Sniper.
With a variety of new units, people and maps I definitely recommend this for any Command and Conquer fan who owns Red Alert 2.
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on 26 October 2001
Being and avid fan of the Command and Conquer series, and having all the C&C games, I waited and waited for this expansion to come out. I surfed the internet daily to find out more info of the game, and all the hard work paid off!
When I got Yuri's Revenge, I immediately installed it into my computer and started the Soviet campaign. I was so engrossed that I played for 3 hours straight! As I am a veteran commander, I finished the game in 2 weeks. And it was really amazing. The plot was also interesting. If you have Red Alert 2, buy Yuri's Revenge. If not buy Red Alert 2 than buy Yuri's Revenge. You won't regret!!!
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on 27 July 2001
Adds new units not just for the new side but to both existing factions, and whats more units added and moved make sense with the plot line. A little disappointing that you can't be the new team in the missions but it's all the more interesting for skirmishes and multiplayer as you will have had no experience of having been Yuri's team before. Speaking if the missions, in briefing the orginal cast have returned unlike C&C tiberian sun: firestorm in which the entire cast was changed. All in all I rate this game as the best expansion ever. It adds new missions, new maps, a new team, a whole load of new units and improved ones, new civilian tech structures, and not forgetting what it add most, more C&C.
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on 26 November 2001
it all goes back to the same story, where people thing that no matter how good the add on pack, the original still remains the better game. Thanks to various recent releases, i was beginning to think this was i silly thing to say. But since I bought Yuri's revenge I have once again realised that too many of today's add on packs simply tweak the original game and add a few extra units. Im afraid, no matter what westwood say about a whole new extra side, you are still only getting around 20 new units and structures for allies, soviets and yuri put together.
Single player was short but sweet, with the average mission being somewhat more interesting than the original although they seem to lose difficulty simply if your enemy in the mission is just yuri.
Some great new features in multi player, especially team alliance and the ability to choose your start location which are both great for team play. I was dissapointed to find that the allies are now significantly better than the soviets, as this defies the classic moral from the first red alert, that the allies were 'outnumbered and outgunned' and all fronts.
Overall this game is a good add on that is most suitable for diehard C&C and Red Alert 2 fans. - Like myself!!
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on 11 June 2004
I have been a faithful CnC player for many years and I have to say that RA2 is a vast graphical and gameplay improvement on the first. Now that Yuris revenge is available it just gets better. Mixing modern militery units with yuris estranged troops is brilliant, catering for users who liked tiberian sun or the classics. There are some great units and as the role of the spy has greatly improved (you can steal units!) you can't have too much fun with chrono-commandoes and Psychic commandoes. There are many more buildings and other technology buildings such as a macine workshop which fixes your vechicles regardless of their position. The only thing this upgrade lacks is missions where you play as yuri defeating the allies though this would be a good idea in the future. I also recommend you download the map editor which includes all the lastest updates. Cya - BUY IT!!
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on 26 August 2001
In Red Alert 2 you could save the world with the Aliies or conquer it with the Soviets, but now the world is being threatened by Premier Romanov's ex-chief advisor, Yuri. Using his psychic powers he plans to take over the world. There will no longer be any 'free will' only his will. Playing as either the Allies or the Soviets you must destroy Yuri's Psychic army and save the world from Yuri's Revenge! You can control Yuri's team in either Co-Op missions or in Multiplayer mode in a skirmish battle. This is the only Command & Conquer expansion pack to add a whole new side to the war and return with the original cast. A war has never been so exciting!
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on 4 November 2001
I must say i am dissapointed with the missions, they are way too easy even on hard diffiuclty and some of yuris units need to be improved.
However the main reason I like this title is the internet play which is greatly improved. You can now have 6 players online instead of 4 and you can choose your starting area which makes great stategic play with your allies. Also there are many new maps which are great.
Overall I recommend you buy this yes its not perfect but if you liked RA2 you will love YR.
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on 18 November 2001
The first thing I noticed about this game is how long it takes to load. Now I've got a 933mhz with 192meg of memory so it should load pretty quickly, just as RA2 did. But what it should do and what it does do are 2 different things. The game itself is excellent, a huge improvement on the multiplayer and skirmish features means you'll wait that bit longer just to see Boris' MIg's blow up the enemy base or see Yuri's Boomer subs launch their cruise missiles and then disappear back into the watery depths (if you have no idea what I'm talking about then wait until you play the game I know you wont be dissappointed).
All in all the game is greatly improved, but it is still the same game with not much change in the plot or gameplay. If you already have RA2 then go get it if not don't go and buy RA2 just so you can play this.
P.S. If anyone wonders why i've given an average to bad review yet still given the game 4 stars then you should remember that this is still Red Alert 2 and that was a game worthy of 4-5 stars.
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i am a big fan of all of the c&c games in both the red alert and the tiberian (dawn/sun) universe. and i would like to say that westwood has created another masterpiece. with the creation of a new army there has been many new ways to play and stratagise your way through the game. another note is its skirmish facilities, this game has got an undoubtedly brilliant, one would almost say perfect skirmish ability with the abilty to create the game you want down to the last possible detail, and then play without trouble and get the the most enjoyment out of it. but with the upcoming, and entirely new (in oh so many ways, just read the previews) addition to the c&c universe called Command and Conquer Generals that should set new and fantastic benchmarks in gaming, so if you liked (you had better of loved)this game then you should definetly get the new c&c. great game red alert 2 YR, great game.
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on 27 December 2005
Since 2001, this game has been the best PC game out, you may find all the latest games with super duper graphics look good, but the playability, and lastability of them, do not come close to Yuri's Revenge!
Red Alert 2 was fantastic, but YR is much better, the multiplayer aspect is the best part about it!
This is the best game I have EVER played, and until they make Red Alert 3, it will remain the best of all time!
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