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Customer reviews

4.7 out of 5 stars

on 19 March 2004
May I compare this album to a Summer's day....a picnic of styles and soundz,..."it's daytime yet I feel like dancin..!!"
A Super Furry Cataclism of Vibes. When I hear (Makin) Rings Around the World I hear Hawkwind in Welsh!(Ivor's got a llanfyddedthanferrorlythngowan Machine ... It's silver but some would say that it's grey)
SFA fans know what the above means! If you're not into them, this is THE best introductoty album. BUY IT!
Can't wait for the next album John
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on 20 July 2010
This ambitious album marks their major label debut, is the best record of the band's career and an immaculately conceived pop masterpiece. Written mainly by frontman Gruff Rhys on guitar and piano its also the first album by any artist to be simultaneously released on both audio CD and DVD. Its an eclectic Album incorporating pop, prog, punk, jungle, electronica, techno & psychedelic. The lyrics are inspirational and are supposedly "about Earth, and the pollution of space". Opener, Alternate Route To Vulcan Street, its an orchestral psychedelic Beatles number. (Drawing) Rings Around The World reprises Hawkwind's Silver Machine. Single It's Not The End Of The World? Is an uplifting ballad that suggests there's no point in being dragged down by what is trivia in the grand scheme of things. Things come to a brilliant, stunning climax on "side 2" after a little interlude with a mini suite. Juxtapozed With U preaches tolerance over a beautiful white soul song complete with orchestra; Presidential Suite, with its uplifting chorus, denounces trivia while Run! Christian, Run! Builds to a staggering crescendo which if youve ever seen live is one of the great achievements of 20th century pop. Also features Sir Paul McCartney on carrots.
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on 8 May 2009
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on 13 January 2004
Having read a number of the more carping reviews by the band's more venerable listeners, I can't say I agree with any of them!
Taken on its own merits this is just very, very good. Period. Accept and move on.
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on 22 September 2001
I bought this feeling a little skeptical, I'd never really heard that much of the Furries, and the mercury hype made me cynical. On my first listen (through headphones- essential since this is at times surprisingly subtle) I was absolutely blown away. This is undoubtedly the best pop albumn since Radiohead gave up doing what they did best and tried to compete with the avant garde. Like OK Computer this is a perfect combination of studio technique, pop history literacy, and above all musical intuition. After listening to this it was no surprise to hear that the band began as a techno outfit, much here suggests the furries could compete alongside the outputs of Warp and Braindance on the level of innovative electronica. In addition the Furries have the inimitable pop art knack of taking the junk music of the century and reassembling it so as to provide a fresh perspective; single "Juxtaposed with you" is ostensably an updated late 60s/ 70s love song, yet lyrically it describes the tensions of living in todays stress ridden and depersonalised society, demonstrating the shifted concerns of our age and our distance from the 60's and 70's Amazing
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on 4 October 2001
Imagine Radiator made with more money. Out of the mix comes... my god, we've created a monster! This is certainly a lush sounding record but, alas, no where close to the standard set by the triple bill Radiator/Guerrilla/Mwng. Is this progression or treading water. The best moments are where SFA do their usual trick of gluing together musical elements that shouldn't work (check out "Receptacle" for possibly the best track on the album) and lovely bits of ambient techno. By contrast we have the horrid title track and SFA-by-numbers "...End of the World". So, final word of advice, go for something earlier before reaching for this. Despite the ecstatic reviews above, sadly it's good, it's not great
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on 4 August 2001
How do they do it?. Barely five years recording and this is the fifth work of genius from the Welsh quintet. Layers of harmonies,strings and eccentricity make this one of the best albums of the year.Trumpets abound, guitars are strummed not thrashed and the amazing voice of Gruff Rhys keeps the whole thing boiling over nicely. In many ways this is a major label album but little touches embellish this and make it a more warm and intimate listen. As usual the subject matter doesnt let you down with death row and christianity among the issues covered. Ambitious and soaked in a very Welsh flavour, this is evidence that the Super Furries are among the best bands of our times and have developed their sound beyond some of their less adventerous contemparies, into a realm that is somewhere near what some critics may call "greatness".
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on 30 July 2001
this has to be the super furry's weakest album to date, it lacks some of the magic of their other albums on several of the tracks. still, this is still a great album and has many highlights which include some of the less epic moments such as '[a] touch sensitive' and 'miniature'. by the SFA's standards i would file this under 'must try harder', but still manages to kick other bands asses without trying.
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on 2 August 2001
I have bought every SFA release since the beginning... I heard a sample of Juxtaposed on XFM a few weeks ago and was really curious about it... I have listened to the album several times now, and Juxtaposed is the only really good song on it... The rest isn't bad, it's just ordinary. So, if you are buying it because of the single - be warned!
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on 6 August 2001
One of the best albums of the year so far, if not the best. This is their first album released under Epic Records (following the demise of Creation Records); and with the extra resources from a corporate label such as Epic Records, you definitely notice the increased quality in production. And the songs are still of the highest quality too... intelligent lyrics, superb melodies, and diverse instruments... like all SFA songs. Standout tracks include "Receptable For The Respectable", "Shoot Doris Day", "Presidential Suite", and of course, the wonderful single "Juxtapozed With U". Another great album from SFA!
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