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  • Mono
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Customer reviews

3.9 out of 5 stars
Format: Audio CD|Change
Price:£5.77+ Free shipping with Amazon Prime

on 3 June 2001
Q: What happens when you cross the power and fury of Black Flag with the experimental mentalism of The Stooges?
A: You get The Icarus Line
Finally, a new band has come that is actually interesting, can write decent riffs and is *gulp* different. The songs that accompany this album cannot be described, only heard, as there is so much going on in them its hard to pin-point a moment where the record is actually stable. Hardcore vocals and car crash drumming mixed with punk (almost groove based) guitars and a unstoppable bass-line is the only way I can describe the sound, add all that to more time changes than you can shake a stick at and you've got one hell of an album on your hands. Oh yes, and do remember that "fast" and "slow" mean nothing to this band as, most of the time, they like to have the best of both worlds in one of their songs. In short, if you want your music to be boring and predictable, stick with your Papa Roach's, Deftones and SlipKnot's, however, if you want your music to be daring, experimental and just down-right amazing, then approach The Icarus Line, its gonna be a bumpy ride!
Album Highlights: "Love Is Happiness", "Enemies In High Places", "Feed A Cat To Your Cobra", "Oh Faithless" and "Keep Your Eyes Peeled"
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on 24 August 2002
LA 5 piece Icarus Line are heading for trouble, you can just feel it. The first 5 tracks on their Cargo/Sweet Nothing debut are played with such awesome intensity that reminds you of the mixtape Satan made for your Christmas party. Mono has been described as Stooges influenced, California hating, fast paced hardcore. However is also broken up by longer, more spacey, soft to hard explosions. Although they may resemble the Hives with
their black shirt/red tie attire they sure aint the new Monkeys. Get it before your Mom bans you from doing so.
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on 28 August 2002
This is one of the most important rock albums of its time, whether it be recognised as one, or not. It's clear from the very beginning that The Icarus Line are not faking anything. It is genuine feeling throughout. It is raw and agressive, yet very accessible, and wanders down many musical avenues due to regular tempo changes and vocal variation. The Icarus Line have presented the rock scene with a gift capable of defacing the pretentious nu-metal that plagues the music scene nowadays. As brutally honest as it is energetic, this album is a wake-up call to anyone who lost faith in the spirit of rock'n'roll and a hard-working ethos. With the live show to back it all up, this band are a breath of fresh air capable of carrying the flame for honest rock after the demise of At the Drive-In. This is the soundtrack to rock's revival. Buy it. This band works very hard indeed and deserves every fan it gets. Thanks goes out to them
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on 24 July 2001
I'm going to make this very clear: you need to buy this album. It is the debut CD album from the Los Angeles hardcore crew, but you would never guess it. Despite the slightly dodgy start, it is an incredibly accomplished album. There is always a sense of urgency, a sense of passion, an electric current running through the music. The tracks all feel very similar in atmosphere, but are actually quite different. The thing that binds them together is the incredible voice of Joe Cardamone. It is sheer howling at times, but then becomes very quiet and taut, like in Keep Your Eyes Peeled. One thing that the band have already got mastered is the quiet/loud effort. This is used to devastating effect several times. They employ Tool-like repeats in tracks like In Lieu and the final SPMC. These extend to around 10 minutes, but still fly by. Unlike most punk bands, The Icarus Line don't fob you off with a half hour album, instead Mono is a full fifty minutes long. And believe me, it is fifty minutes of genius. At the end, you feel like your breath has gone, you feel exhausted, but you feel exhilarated. This is the best album I have ever heard, and it will change the way you listen to music.
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on 17 February 2015
very well recorded in H.D. Audio sound with good surround sound although not to my taste a bit to heavy for me but if you like your sounds loud and heavy you will like this that is the only reason i am giving this D.V.D Audio disc three stars as this has a very heavy punk metal sound to it i my get used to it if i play it a bit more although it was excellent vale for money on the Amazon web site.
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on 3 May 2001
The icarus line are a must for any lovers of grunge/heavy punk and just good music. With brutality to match that of at the drive-in and jesus lizard, the icarus line deserve to be mega-famous. It is a happy change to the likes of Limp Bizkit and Papa Roach. Buy this CD now, or you won't have lived
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on 15 April 2002
unintentionally this album has a very raw sound, the band were not allowed to have the studio time they required and all the tracks were just played straight off.
the icarus line are possibly the most important band around today, they keep the "punk" motion alive through their energetic and emotional stage performance and you can feel the energy from every track on this album. stand out track? all of them to be perfectly honest, though i would say that the most accessible for deciding on whether you will like this or not is "feed a cat to your cobra" - the band can turn a song on its head and one song can span several musical ideas as is shown by this track alone.
i really can't describe how much of an impact this album will have on you, it really is that essential.
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on 13 October 2002
First of all don't get me wrong i think this album is fantastic, really good raw album, but something about it spoils it. The constant screaming mental guitar seems become a bit tiresome towards the end and you left ever so slightly unimpressed, but when they do get the songs right on this album (E.g Track One) they really get it right.I highly recommend this album, but if your after something quite similar but not as mental, Refused is the band for you
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on 26 December 2001
This album is amazing! It is pretty undescribable as it is so unique. The songs all have so much energy and are very unpredictable which makes a change from a lot of bands around today. The band are obviously very talented musically, the guitars pumping out brilliant riffs, frenzied drumming and Joey Cardamone's vocals all blending beautifully. The tracks vary from the wild screamers (love is happiness/feed a cat to your cobra) to much tighter but still aggresive numbers (in lieu/keep your eyes peeled. My personal favourites are "feed a cat to your cobra" and "please fire me". This album is a must have
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