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on 20 November 2003
Compared to the lighter more melodic moods of Toronto, Deep Dish's first Global Underground mix Moscow was a bit of a murky tribal-a-thon. The main emphasis here is on dark beats and bass ... those used to the fare which the likes of Steve Lawler pump out will find themselves right at home here. The atmospheric opener from 16b and Deep Dish engineer Richard Morel quickly changes into minimal percussive led tracks, subtle synths before Shhh and John Creamer & Stephane K on Monday Waiting take us down that familar US tribal/prog sound that was so popular around the time of this mix. It works really well on the first disc, the blend of subtle synths and percussion led tracks doesn't get boring, and by the time you've hit the Deep Dish mixes of their Grammy winning Dido mix and the chart smash which was Rapture ... things are pumping along nicely. Plus you even get a secret outro of Morel's Cabaret with Dish and Morel having a wee chatter before it.
Its a shame that the 2nd disc kinda lets things down, it hardly features in my CD player at all. Where disc 1 kept a similar theme and mood, disc 2 tries to chop around the genres a bit more (not a bad thing, but it has to be done right). It starts off promising with some nice dubby breaks action before moving into the territory of Envy and Mara ... raved about at the time by the prog tribal fans, but for me, lacked spark in percussion and melodic synths over the top. The more dull prog sound. Autoporno RAMPS things up quite nicely though ( even if it IS a blatant rip of H-Foundations mix of Silicone Soul's Chic-o-laa and KC Flight's Voices ;) ) and the firing bass of I Feel Stereo was a 'must have' track for Yoshitoshi fans everywhere. The rug is pulled from under your feet a bit though when Marcus Shultz's take on Fatboy Slim's Bird Of Prey chills things out completely ... a bit TOO much of a sudden stop for my liking. Plus, although starting nicely, this and the following Shultz remix of Luzon aren't some of his more inspired moments. ALMOST hitting the right buttons. The 16b mix of Creamer & K's I Wish You Were Here is a classic, but for my money, the latter half of the CD seems to be full of tracks that just don't go anywhere. Not really the climax you're looking for. Compare it to the EXCELLENT ending of Toronto with the electro inspired Youngers and prog house spine tingler Nothing from Holden & Thompson.
Don't get me wrong, for me this is 75% bliss, and its probably because I'm a Dish fan that I can be overcritical, but for my money there are FAR better Deep Dish mixes out there to buy. GU Toronto, Yoshiesque 1, Renaissance Ibiza. But if you've found yourself liking the world of Deep Dish house and you've got the rest, you won't be disappointed with this.
If you really do like the Deep Dish sound, do make sure you check the In House We Trust series, its about to enter its 4th volume and represents the best talent from Deep Dish's Yoshitoshi, Shinichi, DDR and YO! record labels.
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on 7 November 2001
For once the second CD is actually infinitely superior, or in this case beyond words...It's progressive just the way I love it - with just the right amount of vocals and a kicking beat which helps get me through my day at work ;-) A perfect compilation
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on 26 April 2015
DEEP DISH are probably in my top 3 fav producers and DJ's and so it is easy for me to get carried away here, so I will. I will say that particularily Dubfire never lets me down and always comes up with the goods when mixing. Dark and sexy tech dub sounds that will transform you right into that warehouse that you always saw yourself in even though it never existed. Make sense? Well, I have been in some great dirty warehouses so I guess you could have been in some aswell. Anyways I am gonna shut it now, Just Buy It! :)
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on 1 November 2001
These boys very rarely dispappoint. A superb mix of deep percussive soulful progression from Deep Dish. Fantastic live and their CD mixes also exude quality. A darker and tougher mix than the more diverse Yoshiesque 2, but top quality without doubt! Global Underground keep the quality rolling!!
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on 11 February 2003
This proves to be a tweener release, not quite in line with what Deep Dish fans or the Global faithful may have expected. Prior Dish sets Renaissance Ibiza and Yoshiesque 2 were spirited rides through house music, smoothly produced and infectious. Moscow burrows much deeper, while offering the most singer-centric collection of tracks on a Global Underground to date.
Plowing through largely vocal-based work is a refreshing change, though with such pieces you’ll soar higher or fall flatter based on the treatment. Thankfully, the usual line-up of prog tarts come through: Dido, Iio, Mecha’s sticky sweat “Hot,” and PMT’s thick funk “Deeper Water,” with Tori Amos sound-alike in full swoon. That rarity of dance, the male singer, has a solid showing as well. Fatboy Slim with Marcus Schultz rework a Jim Morrison sample into a stripped-down nugget, while BT shows with “Shame” he can craft a stirring song when not ensnared by computer overproduction. On the opposite end (and apologizes to superb stylist Morel) his addition does little to 16B’s “Escape,” while “Falling” simply drops and the vamp acappella of “Hold that Body” seems out of place.
Atypically, the flow’s a bit choppy as Deep Dish squeeze in some of their surprises like “I Feel Stereo,” a clever bouncing re-edit of Chaka Khan’s “I Feel For You.” And if Moscow’s not quite their best work, nor in the top tier of some other Global releases, that’s essentially a testament to the high quality control of these groups’ efforts. Disc 1: 3.5 stars Disc 2: 4 stars
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on 30 October 2001
The 21st edition in the only credible dance music series around features that talents of Deep Dish again. To me this album typifies the american house sound which is very layered and builds up from minimal sounds to a whole myriad of lush sounds and melodies. Personally i dont want to call this american house as i find that a boring genre of music and this is so much more. The highlight for me was the Deep dish 'space' remix of IIo-rapture which ended a house fuelled journey through disc 1.
Disk two continues the passion and quality from the first disk but starts off a bit funkier than expected ! then gets a bit harder, deeper and more tribal. The Dino Lenny track is a new take on the Chaka Khan classic 'i feel for you' which was quite a nice surprise and worked really well in the mix. Well theres not a bad or duff mix on here and it is total perfection (as always!)
These guys never fail to impress and im still undecided if this mix is as good or even better than their last global underground outing - only time will tell!
This aint no Ministry album.
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on 30 July 2007
Two totally different CD's for me, where CD1 is a more, almost typical Deep Dsih remix with various highlights, using an array of tunes only they can produce...yet CD 1 is for me a 5+* warm-up for CD 2
Chicken skin is CD 2 for me: deep, on some parts even dark, progressive and a built-up line of tracks from 1 to 13. Highlight when the tracks move from 'Skin Deep' from Pappay & Gilbey over to the soft, fabulous vocals from 'I wish you were here' with that funny tune on the back ground...A dark room, nothing but your stereo full out and feel Deep Dish giving you goose bumbs. An more than absolute master piece of these guys.
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on 24 November 2001
Just listened to this yesterday and I have to say this is VERY GOOD. Ive heard a few other GU's such as Paul Oakenfold's, Sasha's and Dave Clarke but this just tops them. Its worth buying just for the first track :).
Its funky throughout with a good baseline and its gonna be in my steroe for some time :)
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on 15 December 2008
a great album, after buying GU 025 first i was hopeing this was going to be more upbeat and it was! from the first listen the album just gets better and better, long journey this is a must have for the vehical!!!
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on 16 June 2010
I just bought my third copy... One got stolen, one got ruined, I've been playing this since it came out and I still love it. Recommended.
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