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Customer reviews

4.5 out of 5 stars
Kittens and Thee Glitz
Format: Audio CD|Change
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on 2 October 2011
This one's not BAD but I struggle to understand how it can garner the excessive praise it has received both on these pages and elsewhere. Felix is a great producer, with a good ear for a vintage sound and a big beat. What's missing from this album is TUNES! Felix is not making repetitive trance, where a lack of a tune can be an asset - he's making pop music, cool and groovy pop maybe, but still pop. This album's fantastic producion sheen leaves an excellent first impression, but on repeated listens the lack of melody becomes swiflty boring, then on several tracks actively irritating. Many of the tracks have repetitive monotone female vocals in a clear reference back to classic 80's pop like Visage. Here, they are over-used and so annoying that the skip button gets frequent use. Listen with caution.
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on 17 January 2017
Classic house. A good mix of styles as usual from the housecat.
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on 27 April 2015
Cracking album. One of my all time favourites. Felix at his best. Had it years ago and bought it again as lost it. I just love the whole album.
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on 10 November 2015
this is a brilliant album!
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on 23 November 2006
If you like dance music then you must own this.

If you don't then you must own this.

It is simply a stunning record that has all sorts of retro sounds in it.

If you like new order then you must own this.

If you like 80s music then you must own this.

If you hate 80s music and are into upbeat dance music then you must own this.

I honestly can't recommend it highly enough.

Every good home should have a copy
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on 4 November 2001
This is an album that grows on you more and more with each listening. Felix works with an intriguing web of collaborators to produce an electro album that is often smooth, funky and, as it delivers sneering viewpoints on the album's concept, Hollywood glitz, gleefully catty! A synth-music spread of digital sounds and selected interwoven Moog from the grabbing opening track, to the new take on "Football Fight" off the Flash Gordon soundtrack in the shape of "Magic Fly", and also the hidden bonus track: the sublime "my life musik" by felix's alter ego, thee madkatt courtship three, this is a digital and analogue patchwork quilt to enjoy. Any criticisms? Slightly fragmented in that songs chop and change style, but otherwise, highly enjoyable. Buy it and be won over.
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on 26 August 2001
I tried this on a chance after listening to a few tracks (I had been looking for the new Human League CD). That was three weeks ago and the CD is now almost fused to my player. It has taken me this long to try to figure out all the different styles on it. Harlot sounds like 80's Human League (Freaky ??), other tracks reminded me of Jan Hammer (of Miami Vice fame) Air and of course good old F.B.S. Just when I think I have it sussed the next track comes out of nowhere and gets me thinking again. Definitely the best CD I have bought this year. Go and buy it, you'll definitely find something for yourself here.
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on 23 July 2001
Totally wicked album form Felix. Unrelentless Chicago funk from the go, in similar vein to Thee Maddkett Courtship - I know Electicboy. Very 80's sounding, Prince being the obvious reference point. Yet this album is contemporary to the maximum. Da Housecat looks back to bring us electic dreams of the future. Silverscreen (Shower Scene) being the highlight although saying that doesn't diminish how good the other songs on this album are...... A must.
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on 22 July 2001
Well the Feline one has crafted one of the best albums of thee year so far.
Yet on first listen it could easily be cast in 1981. Or 1981 kitsch Europop to be more precise. And oh so refreshing for that! Kicking in with 'Harlot' sounding like an early Vince Clarke keyboard stab, moving swiftly to 'Walk With Me' and the lush tones of 'Pray For A Star' moving ever deeper and darker with clinical vocals set over a electro-esque beat. Then enter Miss Kittin into 'Madame Hollywood' and 'Silver Screen - Shower Scene' to set an overall backdrop of excess and indulgence. Soft Cell collide with OMD on 'Happy Hour' and 'She Lives' nods at Jean Michel Jarre or perhaps some long lost German synth-porn act!
Despite the 80's backdrop, this has all the hallmarks of a Felix album and is still startlingly original. For anyone who has sampled any of his previous work, they will be pleased to hear there are pounding beats intwined with subtleties that link perfectly throughout, climaxing with the delicate vocal and strings of 'Runaway Girl' delivered by long time collaborator Harrison Crump. And then cheekily enough, the tracklisting ends, yet the CD plays on for a minute or two and there is a reprise with the fabulous 'My Life Muzik' borrowed from his last long player 'I Know Elektrikboy' (also lending heavily to his pre 90's experiences!)
If you loved 80's synthpop, you'll love this. If you love dance music, you'll love this, if you are new to both forms of music, you will adore this - overall it is Felix's most accessible work to date but that means acceptably accessible retaining that quirkiness that makes him so interesting in the first place. 5 Stars indeed!
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Mr Housecat and his talented menagerie of kittens delivers a unique hybrid of quirky soundbites and 8o's synth loops to deliver you a punchy, fresh sound for summer 2001, full of crunch, electronic soundcapes and a genuine album to dance yer pants off to.Harking from sounds produced by the likes of Kraftwerk and the Human league, the Cats, create their own brand of simplicity and effectiveness.It's a real upper to, each track designed to give you that positive:Life is great feel.I found my heart lifting and I couldn't stop smiling. There is a humour here.The simple, forulaic melodies insist on reminding us of what was interesting about the 80's era, how we laughed and danced(How embarrassing to recall), but this cunjuring is delisciously enhanced by Cats own appreciation of a damn good sound. Massively recommended for those who are looking for something bright and fresh in an otherwise stagnant mainstream.And to those of us who wanna have a good time.Do yerself a favour and enhance yer record collection and your life!
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