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4.9 out of 5 stars
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on 29 October 2001
This game is fantastic. It's a turn based strategy game with land, sea and air units to command. Each unit has its own strengths and weaknesses. Some units can only attack land targets, whereas others can attack land and sea, and so on. Each unit has a defense, speed, range of sight, attack range and damage rating. It is important to know what each unit is capable of, because the game is very strategic in later levels.
There are three player characters to choose from, each with their own unique special ability. These abilities can only be used by charging up your power. This is done by causing the enemy enough damage.
Depending on how well you perform in each mission, you are awarded a varying amount of money. This money can be used to buy additional game maps for both single player and multiplayer. There are also other surprises to unlock.
Multiplayer adds an entirely different experience to the game. Firstly, there are three different multiplayer methods. The game can be played using multi game packs, one game pack or taking turns on one GBA. The thing that makes multiplayer so different to single player is fog of war. You can only see what is within the sight range of each of your units. This is also affected by the terrain. There are several types of terrain; grass, road, forest, mountain and water. Each has different strategic advantages and disadvantages, and not all units can go on all types of terrain.
To top it all off, there is also a map editor, which allows you to create custom maps. You can save these maps, and trade them via gamelink with your friends.
This is easily the best GBA game I've played so far. It's easy to get into, and highly addictive. Great replayability. I highly recommend it.
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on 26 October 2002
This is definitely the best GBA game I have played so far. It's a great strategy game with loads of levels, a great campaign mode which gives you different missions depending on your choice of C.O., plus when you complete it you can play through a special campaign which is harder. It doesn't stop there though; you can design your own maps and there are dozens and dozens already available, which you can play against an AI opponent or against a friend even if you don't have another GBA available.
The game itself is a turn-based strategy game where you take control of the standard range of military units like submarines, bombers, choppers, infantry, tanks, artillery etc. Where competing C.O.'s battle for territory, i.e. cities, factories and airbases which they capture using infantry. There are neat little battle sequences and a lot of different terrain types each with their own defense, movement and visibility factors. There are even weather effects and ammo/fuel supplies which you need to take advantage of if you want to win.
Also, there are four graphical variations of each units; these are merely eye candy, but each unit is different in the battle animation for each of the 4 nations.There are also several unique C.O.'s, which have their own disadvantages and advantages, and even a C.O. power they can use to repair their units, make them more powerful, move faster etc, depending on which C.O. they're using. Some C.O.s have a better artillery range, while some excel in air combat, which adds a layer to the strategy you must use against them.
Overall, a very good have with almost infinite replayability thanks to its map editor and varied units, terrain and C.O.'s.
Gameplay: 4/5, may get boring for some, but still good
Graphics: 4/5, not really breakign any boundaries, but the battle animations are nice.
Replayability: 5/5, There's a map editor, 'War Room' (skirmish) mode, extended campaign and multiplayer..
Sound: 4/5, each C.O. gets their own theme music and the battle sounds are ok, but the music can get irritating.
Overall: 5/5, replayability tips the balance, I would have given it 6/5 if I could.
Cons: umm.. Well it eats up batteries
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on 17 January 2002
Advance Wars is quite simply a hybrid Command and Conquer with chess. With three versatile multiplayer modes requiring just one GamePak, an involving single player experience, colourful graphics, great sound, superb gameplay , it is gaming at its best. Advance Wars is deep, addictive and easy to learn, and contains a level of replay rarely witnessed in handheld gaming. Nintendo and Intelligent Systems have created the greatest consummate handheld strategy sim and an instant classic which should appeal to all gamers alike. Strategy fans, buy this immediately.
If that has not convinced you otherwise, the unanimous reviews on the web should,
CVG:9/10, Gamespot:9.1/10, IGNpocket:9.9/10, AdvanceGB:10/10, GBadventure:10/10, GamecubeAdvanced:9/10, GBAcentral:10/10, N-Sider:29/30
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on 18 April 2002
I picked up advance wars as the 3rd game in a 3 for 2 offer, and to be honest didn't really have high hopes for it. However, when you start playing it, time seems to move ten times as fast. Quite simply, it has become the biggest threat to my social life in recent months! Even if you dont think turn based strategy is your thing, this will grab you and not let go until you are planning scouting missions and sending your foot soldiers to block a Med tank, just to save you anti aircraft guns that need more time to be fully supplied. It is deep enough to allow serious thought, but colourful and fun enough to keep you hooked. Pure brilliance.
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VINE VOICEon 25 March 2002
I bought this game as I had read so many good reviews, but was totally unconvinced that the GBA could manage a strategy game. WRONG!
Advance Wars is turn-based and the maps are relatively small, but given the size of the GBA's screen and the length of time usually spent in any one go playing on it, these are actually good things. You can also save game at any point, which is very handy.
There is a pretty broad range of combat units with some cool little animations showing shots fired, etc. Various Commanding Officers assist you in the game, each with their own 'special power' (increased range, etc.) which comes in at certain points according to points accrued etc. Here lies Advance Wars biggest problem, in my view, and that is the opposing CO's power often arrives at a very opportune moment, allowing them to undo all your clever tactics by using their power for a turn and decimating some of your forces!
But you also have these powers and must use them carefully. And sound tactics win over luck every time. A quality game, nice graphics and sound, and will keep you glued to the GBA for hours!
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on 11 December 2002
If you like strategy games then I would recommend you buy this game!
Turn based combat with different units and bases to capture as well as some nice battle scenes giving it a more cartoon feel to it.
Once you finish the campaign (Storyline) there are a whole range of maps you can buy with your hard earned credits as well as make your own. Completing the maps opens up the usage of better commanders who have special powers.
You can also create your own maps to play.
Lastly and my most favorite part about the game is the multiplayer. Up to four players can either take turns on the one GBA or you can link it up (which to be honest isn't that great, 1 GBA is better).
That alone is why I recommend it.
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on 20 February 2002
So often you buy a game, think it's fantastic and then, after a week, never want to play it again. Advance Wars is not like that. I've been playing it for 4 weeks now and can't imagine myself ever growing bored of it. It's simply the most addictive game ever - although I have to add a warning to that: my girlfriend sometimes spends three hours playing this without pause, and if I try to speak to her while she's playing it or, God forbid, suggest that she turns it off, she snaps at me like a dog guarding a bone. I've never played a turn-based strategy game before, but can't imagine that there has ever been one as good as Advance Wars. With the possible exception of The Legend of Zelda, I think this might be the best computer game I've ever played. But if you value your sleep, your social life or your girlfriend, it might be best avoided...
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on 29 April 2002
An extremely compelling turn-based strategy game, where the player commands land air and sea units over a huge number of maps. The (typically for Nintendo) cute graphics and the addition of CO powers set this game apart from traditional strategy games. It's not the deepest game ever, but it certainly has a massive range of options (including a map editor) and the hotseat mode allows up to 4 people to play on the same Gameboy. A must-buy for any GBA owner.
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on 23 January 2002
I've been wanting this game even before I had a game boy advance, I saw 2 pictures on a magazine and I decided that I had to own the game! I tried to buy it everywhere but it isn't even avaiable in Portugal, after ordering it by Amazon and receiving it, I nearly could hold my breath! BEAUTIFUL GRAPHICS WITH AN INCREDIBLE GAMEPLAY! First, you must go through one quick tutorial to learn the basics of the game, after that you will unlock the campaign mode where you play as the orange start team and try to drive the enemy away from your territory, Vs mode (loved this) where you can play up to 4 players or computers in just one GBA. Each time you win a game in the campaign mode you win advance war coins, then you can go to a shop and trade them for new maps! You can also make your own maps! In total there are 114 maps to test your abilities as a CO. A must have!
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on 9 March 2002
So many strategy games these days take so long to become good at, with so many complex menus to learn. Nintendo have outdone themselves this time with pure ease of use: Just press 'A' to do everything! Of course there's always 'B' if you make a mistake, but this really is one of the most inventively simple titles ever. However, it loses none of its strategic cunning or charm. Whereas PC titles such as Command and Conquer so often can be won simply by building as many tanks as possible, but with Advance Wars this simply isn't possible, so you as the player are forced to use your unis to the best of your ability, squeezing every last ounce of firepower out of them before they pop their collective clogs.
This is the main reason Advance Wars is such a success. There's also the impressive, if not outstanding graphics, the traditionally catchy Nintendo tunes, and of course the dodgy English translations for you to ponder over. Throw in an adequate storyline in Campaign mode, a comprihensive (and compulsory) training option PLUS loads of great multiplayer options and this really is bordering on essential. Until Mario Advance 2 arrives, this is THE game to own.
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